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September 10, 2010 10:11 PM UTC

Having a Hard Time With 60, 61 & 101? Here's a Video That Explains Things

  • by: TheBell

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 are almost as complicated as they are potentially damaging to Colorado, its economy and our way of life. But the Bell and ProgressNow Colorado are here to help. We’ve teamed up to explain how they would work and what they would do — in plain English.  


62 thoughts on “Having a Hard Time With 60, 61 & 101? Here’s a Video That Explains Things

    1. You can’t actually explain how the necessary cuts would be made and what the state would look like if they passed.  Not a single proponent has done a study to determine what the effects would be and how Colorado would be different.

      That risk might be mitigated by the ability to leave the state on a whim when things go bad, but it’s not such good news for those Coloradans who don’t have that option.

      1. Please feel free to read prior posts or search for them – I’ve never hidden from what I think should be cut

        In brief – prison systems are sucking up way too much money, repeal 3 strikes, legalize MaryJane, stop Medicaid and instead start a Colorado healthcare initiative (which would save billions and still get healthcare access to those who can’t afford it), and a freeze on state employee hirings, with private companies contracted

        enjoy 🙂

        1. You want to constitutionally mandate all of this stuff, and then you’re just hoping the state legislature will see it your way? Do you think there’s political will at all to do any of the non-insane things (marijuana legalization and taxation, and prison spending reform) you mentioned?

          Wouldn’t it be wiser to do your second step 1st? That would probably make changing the constitution so that it mandates schools, roads, bridges, and public works projects could never be built pretty much unnecessary.

          I’m with you on some of this stuff (not 60,61 and 101 obviously) Ali, but I think you’re going about this in a completely ass backwards, government-killing manner. If that’s your plan, that’s fine, but don’t pretend like this is just “tax relief” and not the most reactionary laws anyone could ever think up.

          1. This is in no way just “tax relief”

            Colorado is addicted to borrowing, and with everything that is happening with big banks, we can longer rely on their healthy amounts of credit in order to function – we must make our own rainy day funds and pay our bills up front, ending the dependency on big banks

            Amendment 61, while serving as a tough transition, will force the State into that direction

            Regarding what the legislature will cut – I agree, I have no authority on that – the suggestions above are what I would personally advocate, but ultimately, the Legislature will have to make tough decisions…. and I like putting them a in a position where they must cut spending, rather than find ways to increase it

            Just being honest…

            1. It is your right to have an opinion, even if it is dangerously wrong.

              Amendment 61 isn’t ‘a tough transition’.

              Do you know schools need to borrow money to pay teachers since they rely on property tax revenues – which aren’t collected until later in the year? 61 would not allow them to borrow, period, so class sizes would increase, teachers would lose jobs and schools would close.

              And, I’m mildly surprised you support 61, since it goes against TABOR. 61 overturns votes communities decided for themselves. Communities voted to increase spending for specific instances and 61, over a period of years, nullifies those votes, returning the tax rate to the previous level or below.

              Completely against the Republican local control idea.

              Ali, it is easy for you to stand up and say you’re principled in arguing for these since they wouldn’t affect your life. It is cowardly to spout your principles without taking ownership of the problems they would create. The impacts wouldn’t affect you, you’ll be in California making films.

              You don’t have kids in school, you live in California. Your parents are rich – you have yours. Thank God no one takes you seriously.

              So do us a favor, Ali, move back to LAla land and take your other California transplant Doug Bruce with you.

              Leave Colorado to the people who actually care about what happens here.

              1. a kind of pudgy, bellicose, unsympathetic Norman Bates.  Hollywood’s next big thing?

                (Ali, I’ve got David Lane’s phone number, in case you ever want get a good word to Dougy.)

            2. Hey Ali, without looking it up, about how big do you think Colorado’s annual budget deficit is? Just order of magnitude. Ten million? A hundred million? Ten billion?

    2. why don’t you take all of your rich-guy money and talk to the feds?  our tax dollars are generally going to waste in the hands of congress (regardless of which party is in control, you fuckers deficit spend on bombs and we deficit spend to help poor people go to the doctor).  

      You should know that Colorado’s taxes are the lowest in the nation, and your reasoning below (oh we can just legalize pot, because there’s not enough blight around the existing dispensaries in Denver already).  Please stop trying to strangle my state because your mommy and daddy want to have more cash to funnel to crooks like McInnis for no fucking reason at all.

      You’re a smart guy Ali, please stop this madness.

      1. There was no need to use that kind of language and/or insult

        If you wanna have a dialogue, I’m more than happy to do it – but I don’t care for the ill-sounding language

        RSB gives a great example of how to talk tough and intellectually, but without insult

        1. But so was a donation to these clowns that are running the 60, 61 and 101 campaign.

          I mean, really?

          Every estimate of these measures shows them destroying our state.

          Why, Ali, why?  

        2. I apologize for my tone, but my underlying point remains.  RSB is a master of not getting emotions involved in these things, and I sadly am not.  I really care about Colorado, so honestly, pardon me for getting heated.

          Please answer the underlying point/question though.  

      1. Conservatives are very afraid that someone, somewhere, might be getting something they don’t deserve (though it is a bit tautological because they define deserving as someone they feel should be getting things from government).

        Liberals are very afraid that people are homeless or starving or sick or failing to be given the opportunity to succeed.

        Conservatives are willing to starve someone to make sure undeserving people don’t get money and liberals are willing to have undeserving people get money in order to keep someone from starving. You decide which is more ethical.

        1. That is; it is better that 10 guilty go free than it is to incarcerate one innocent.

          so it is better for “undeserving people get money in order to keep someone from starving”.

          As it is now the Welfare in this country goes in two directions. the largest is defense where all the republicans get their Money. The smaller yet most targeted is General welfare straight to the people.  

          Republicans like their welfare to be laundered through the defense department. yet it is the same tax dollar as general welfare but without the scrutiny of oversight. Fraud is much more rampant in Defense than say in “ACORN.”

          1. LOL! Yes folks, our brave men and women in uniform are more corrupt than the underage illegal immigrant prostitution ring also known as ACORN. Fro you have really lost your marbles this time.

            1. or blackwater’s misplacing 10 Billion?

              KBR and the missing 5million?

              oh and don’t forget tall those helmets that our soldiers went into COMBAT wearing… yeah all those “Kevlar helmets” that don’t stop bullets? NOT anywhere nearly as effectively as the old steel pots.

              or the inadequate body armor?

              I care about the Armed forces. YOU care about dinner parties and Oil company profits.

              yeah BJ Defense is republican welfare… Just laundered tax dollars.

              again if I wanted YOUR opinion… I would watch Fox News.

                    1. answering his facts are somehow beneath you. But doing that just proves another of his points:

                      Arrogance, just like a republican.

                      Also you do know that the ridiculous claim of “the underage illegal immigrant prostitution ring” was absolutely and completely debunked don’t you?

                      Probably not since Fox didn’t cover that part of the story. You just make yourself sound even more ignorant (if that’s possible at this point) by repeating this claim contrary to all facts and evidence.

                    2. Rather than look at the evidence, you simply parrot the Obama flunky who pardoned ACORN. You can’t handle the truth, and you don’t know how dumb you look trying to stick up for ACORN. As I recall, the corruption was so bad that a government completely controlled by Democrats defunded it and shut it down.

                    3. who could find no criminal behavior in the various offices of ACORN. If you refuse to see the facts or truth of the situation, at least stop trying to spread the same Fox disinformation. Especially on a site like this one where most people actually know the truth.

                      Have you noticed even Fox doesn’t bring up the ACORN debacle anymore??

                      Here’s another fact for you to ignore, ACORN may have been de-funded by a reactionary Legislature who were to irresponsible to wait for an investigation, but the have not been shut down.

                    4. How about the $2.4 million Randy Cunningham stole?  At least that he admitted to stealing.  Perhaps it was more – but he pled out.  Where did the money go?  I know Mr Cunningham is in federal prison – but where did the money go?

                    5. in short, it was spent. Mostly in the US, though the global economy is interrelated so some of it definitely got out.

                      Highways, teacher salaries, lots of things.  But you know that.

                      In fact, you just want to scream and pout and MSU. glwt.

                    6. highways would have been maintained and teachers paid regardless. And we’d have our trillion dollars back.

                    7.  You pay for stuff with appropiations, but even if  you didn’t  that stuff would still get paid for.  Uh-huh.

                      Thanks for the education.

                    8. How ever did we survive for the last 200 years without a trillion dollar stimulus every year? Yeah. Teachers still would have been paid, roads still would have been maintained.

                    9. By your budget math, we could cut $2trillion or even $3t right out of the budget, losing only hippie art and basket weaving.

                      It’s a little surprising no one thought of it before.  But, hey, your the math wiz.

                      oh… wait a minute.

                      This is one of those “rounding error” unicron thingies, isn’t it?


                    10. the same 12 Trillion republicans try to lay on Obama?

                      not one but 12T there Beej. Get your propaganda straight!

                      oh and BTW the ACORN Reference was a trap you walked straight into.

                      so let me let you off the hook AGAIN…

                      “Fraud is much more rampant (with dollars) in Defense than say in the Bernie Maddoff scheme.

              1. How many years will it take of Obama’s utterly disastrous epic failure before we can stop playing the stupid “blame Bush” game? Bush had nothing to do with my post. And if you’re so upset about Bush’s spending, why would you favor more of it?

                1. What bothered me about the Bush Cheney deficits was they chose to spend it on a war of choice in Iraq while cutting taxes.  Irresponsible.

                  As a nation, our deficit is getting to the bad place.  We’ve been here before, but we paid it down. How? Taxes. Yes, spending restraint too, but mostly it was taxes.

                    1. We were still naive enough to think Bush/Cheney wouldn’t outright lie to us about something as important as war. We were naive in thinking they wouldn’t prey on our fears and anger at the 9/11 attackers to convince us they attained help in Iraq. It never crossed most of our minds to doubt the “intelligence” our President and his Administration were giving us.

                      So, yeah we deemed it necessary but only because Bush made a deliberate choice to take us to war in Iraq.

  1. side note but relevant…

    A majority of those polled by Gallup agree with President Obama that Bush-era tax cuts for the rich should be phased out.

    Forty-four percent of those polled want tax cuts for individuals making less than $200,000 and families under $250,000 to be extended, but favor phasing out tax cuts for people who earn more than those thresholds.  


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