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September 10, 2010 03:25 PM UTC

an apology to BJWilson83.

  • by: Barron X


hey, friend, I figured you would see that “[redacted]” letter heading thing and smirk in appreciation of my sharp wit, and know better than to respond.  I sure didn’t think you would trip over that.

I didn’t mean to set you up, but you’ve got to learn to pull a punch once in a while.  

I am not your adversary.  We merely disagree over who would make a better Governor (and Congressman from CD-5.)  




and just so you know, I did not use “guidon” to trick you, either.  It’s a fairly common word, especially since I was using a battlefield metaphor.  

When I don’t know what a word means, which happens more and more, I google it.


When I first started posting here, under another handle that I forgot the password to, I used lots of arcane terms, because I like precise language.  

I was accused twice of using a Thesaurus to compose my posts, which was false.  

As a result, I have dumbed down my jargon a little.  So do several others with better vocabularies than me.  “Guidon” is not unusual.  

Folks don’t use big words or unusual words to impress or put others down; they do it because they enjoy the richness of the English language.  



42 thoughts on “an apology to BJWilson83.

      1. on a plaque, tracked down the owner to learn the meaning, and wrote it down.   I had it in mind for a certain poster that is no longer with us…dear fellow, who had a slight propensity to stray, on occasion, in that direction.

  1. Even thought BJWilson83 is a sometimes adversary, as a fellow Pol I am compelled to speak on behalf of is honor.

    What you did yesterday to casue BJWilson83 to completely and utterly humiliate himself was unforgivable.

    That disgraceful episode now must be forgotten and never read or spoken of again by any decent human being.

    In case there’s anyone out there who’s not clear on what should never again be read or spoken of, I have posted this link to Barron’s dastardliness.

    Barron . . . “you have done enough. Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

    1. Even though BJWilson83 is a sometimes adversary, as a fellow Pol I am compelled to speak on behalf of his honor.

      Still working on the morning’s first cup of coffee.

  2. Your command of the subtleties of English (and several other languages) is evident, yet again, in this very clever diary.

    How long will it take The Beej to determine just how he’s been humiliated this time?

    My guess is it will be at least 225 minutes after his first comment today (assuming no one spills the beans first).

    You are a sly one, Mr. X.

        1. I’m voting for Senator Bennet…for all the reasons previously stated.

          If Bob Kinsey knocked on my door or came to my neighborhood and convinced me he was a better candidate, it might be interesting.  But he hasn’t. And I doubt very much he is going to.

                    1. You think corporations should be treated as persons when it comes to political speech? You favor war? You favor subsides to oil companies instead of investing in renewables? You don’t favor taxing the rich? You support nuclear weapons? You don’t support lowering our carbon footprint?

                      I must have missed something…

                    2. it’s the law of the land.

                      When necessary.

                      define subsidies.

                      I favor taxing everyone.

                      When necessary.

                      not his way.

                      Must have – oddly, I’m not surprised.

            1. It doesn’t bother me that you self identify as having a conservative viewpoint.  What bothers me is the lack of rigor in your expression of it here on CoPols. Perhaps elsewhere you are careful with facts and information. Perhaps you could do so here if you chose to do so.  

              But here on CoPols, the only place I know you, it’s all talking points and ideological one liners.

              I challenge you to write a diary about why you are a “conservative”  and what being a conservative means to you.

              Meanwhile, if you can explain how and why Maes values higher ed that would be a start.

              1. I would refer you to Reagan’s three pillars – fiscally conservative, socially conservative, and in favor of a strong national defense. As a businessman, I’m sure Maes understands the need for a skilled workforce. Now when it comes to underwater basket weaving or artistic expressions of climate change for hippies he may have a different opinion.

        1. Instead of bragging about what a brilliant well educated guy you are, try showing it in your posts.

          Was your posts supposed to somehow impress me?

          You’re either a liar or our education system is in a worse state that I had previously believed. Either way, I’m not impressed.

          1. It obviously didn’t teach you to conjugate verbs correctly. “Was your posts…” Normally, I would understand typos. But since you want to make it an issue and call me stupid, I think it’s appropriate.

            1. It says quite a bit about you. As usual you missed the entire point of my post. Big surprise there.

              Do you even know how to think critically? This seems to be a recurring issue with you. As usual, all you can do is talk about your education instead of using it. Pathetic.

              As for your oh so witty dig at my lack of conjugation – I’m not obsessed with bragging about my superior education so a typo insult means nothing. Nice try.

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