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September 03, 2010 03:44 PM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Get your philosophy

From a bumper sticker

–Green Day


138 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. Labor Day weekend starts the reasonably accurate polling/predicion season.  The numbers look like Republicans take over the House with about a 10-20 seat majority and fall just short 51-49 in the Senate. The Colorado take: Buck wins the Senate seat (Sabato), Markey and Salazar seats are toss-ups (Cook). Perlmutter is lean Dem.

    My take: Republicans win Senate and two house seats, Markey’s and one of the other two.  I think the national numbers are the best case scenario for the Republicans in ’12.

        1. Can you imagine breakfast at the mansion these days ….Gov and 1st Lady Ritter sit down for breakfast every morning saying holy shit the Democrats are totally fucked and to think we should have stuck it out and not let Obama’s Kingmakers force us out of the race.

          They could have had 8 years of the Ronald McDonald House paying rent on their little McMansion by DU, nearly free travel and the finest non profits taking care of the rest.

            1. You know, as a hard working Colorado conservative with a strong commitment to small town values and the concept of community, it irks me to see Greg Brophy ordering $10 glasses of wine :


              Not only does he demonstrate an average taste in wine, but he fails to acknowledge that we are in a budget crisis and that MOST of us cannot afford to sit down for a few hours over our lunch break and sip wine. I mean, what is this guy going to do next- go play some cricket for 5 days straight while the rest of us debate if we should buy the $5 bottle of Gallo or the 6 pack of Bud Light so we can drown our sorrows (and stimulate spending like the Russians, apparently).

              I noticed a minivan the other day with a sticker that read “Elect Greg Brophy;” it was right next to a picture of a bicycle that read “I love Colorado.” Ah the irony…(Brophy is an avid biker). I wonder what Brophy’s bike cost him. $900? I have the same one from 1992…

              1. You have to wonder his motives- certainly they are not in the best interest of the environment…If Brophy really agreed with the Post that the bike program was ‘window dressing,” he would be supporting real sustainability then.    

    1. I do think that the analysis is probably correct.  The country is in an economic crisis and the Obama administration has failed to communicate with the public what it was doing and why.  The repubs have a scenario to explain what happened: It is all the dems fault.  Plus, repubs control the most efficient, effective means of mass communication: radio.

      Plus the repubs are helped by the foreign money going into Fox as well as the foreign genius of Murdock.

      1. It is deeper than that.  What has the administration done in the past 20 months to address job creation in the private sector?

        Seems to most people that has not been considered very important.  With 9.6% unemployment and real unemployment at 16.7%, it is the behavior, not the message, that is at the heart of it.

          1. The day the Democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009 — it was actually January 3rd 2007.

            The day the Democrats took over the House of Representatives and Senate, the start of the 110th Congress. The Democratic Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.

            “For those of you who are listening to the liberals propagating the  fallacy that everything is “Bush’s Fault,” think about this:

            January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and  the Congress:

            At the time:   The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77 — The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5% — The Unemployment rate was 4.6%.

            George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS  of JOB CREATION!

            Remember the day, January 3rd, 2007.

            January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.

            The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy? BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES!

            THANK YOU DEMOCRATS for taking us from 13,000 DOW, 3.5 GDP and 4.6%   Unemployment to this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping 5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOS!

            (BTW: Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting in 2001 because it was financially risky for the US economy).

            And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie  Mac? OBAMA

            And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie? OBAMA & the Democratic Congress

            So when someone tries to blame Bush Remember January 3rd, 2007 THE DAY THE DEMOCRATS TOOK OVER!

            1. Because this isn’t a real article, or op-ed, or anything remotely based on fact. But that would be why you didn’t provide a link to it.

              This pure Repub spam at it’s emptiest.  

              1. He’s just a dude that make a payroll … you like to call him a small business. Actually he’s an investor and job creator who is sick and tired of the failed Democrat policies.

                1. We all know Tom stands for clean government, investment, job growth, lowering the poverty rate and government  accountability.

                  Of course Illegal Aliens and the Democrat policies that enable Sactuary Cities like Denver…are killing people and raping children.

                2. with the abortion/creation/Christianity thread.

                  Also, posting on Pols is just losing that special something. Many people have their heads in the sand and refuse to look at the facts no matter what you say. As a result of this, along with the Democrat death spiral, Pols is losing a bit of its relevance. For example, the constant Buck bashing articles which are front paged despite being factually incorrect, etc.

                  Never fear though, I’ll stick around through the election to defend the honor of my main man Buck. However PPC and facebook are where the real debate is at.

                    1. that when I logged in after lunch that the collective intelligence of CO Polsters had just increased dramatically.

                      Just shows how skewed the distribution was and how removing the lower tail promotes a higher mean.

                    2. that there has ever been an instance where I have stated anything about my IQ anywhere, then, H-man, you might be granted permission to speak for anyone other than your ideologically-blinded self.

                      Really, who talks about IQs? I have no idea if anyone has even claimed to have “measured” my IQ, not to mention having “stated” something about it. Do people really discuss IQs in polite company?

                      Is this yet another Dunning-Kruger topic?

                    1. The right leaning equivalent of Pols. They just had a story on how they got their name – apparently they used it so that no one would ask questions when they covered the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and the name stuck.

                    2. I’ve glanced at it, but the name suggests uber-left.  I didn’t realize they were being sarcastic.  

                  1. I also find that everyone I’m friends with on Facebook agrees with my politics and thinks all my political posts are astute and clever. What a coincidence we should both find that to be the case.

                    Try to get some work done during your hiatus.

            2. Then Repubs can’t give Bush credit for anything that happened after Jan. 3rd 2007. Anything good that happened after that day would be credited to the Democratically controlled Legislative Branch.


        1. I never suggested that a speech or two would do it.  From the beginning, Obama should have spelled out the  economic rationale behind the stimulas, etc.  He should have educated the American people and he should have updated them on a regular basis.  That is what I meant.  

          Confidence is one of those intangibles which does impact economic recovery.  Obama should have addressed it.

  2. It’s amazing how an election can finally get Washington to pay attention to the horrible unemployment situation. So they’re now on the job. Except…

    Via TPM we have Christina Romer

    “[W]e, like virtually every other forecaster, failed to anticipate just how violent the recession would be in the absence of policy, and the degree to which the usual relationship between GDP and unemployment would break down,” she added.

    As she leaves the White House, Romer says that the country really needs (but is not likely to get) more fiscal stimulus from Congress.

    And from CNN we have:

    Senior aides confirm the president recently asked his economic team to come up with various proposals he could roll out to show that amid high anxiety across the nation, he’s still working hard to jump-start the economy, including more federal spending on infrastructure projects and tax cuts popular with the business community such as a permanent extension of the research and development tax credit.

    But top officials from Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on down are shooting down a Washington Post report claiming the president’s economic team is considering a second stimulus package on top of last year’s controversial $787 billion package.

    So it looks like they know we need to do something and they know what will have a positive impact. But they’re not going to do it.

      1. scared of the Republicans.

        So it looks like they know we need to do something and they know what will have a positive impact. But they’re not going to do it.

        (Screw it, I’m not letting anything buzz-kill my weekend.)

  3. I think education is one of Obama’s best success so far. The change is slow but he is effecting positive change. From Ruben Navarrette Jr. we have:

    When Obama and Duncan arrived in Washington, the Harvard-educated, basketball-playing buddies stormed onto the field of education reform like a pair of Chicago Bulls in a china shop, and appropriately so.

    They went off on teachers unions, graduate schools of education, underperforming districts and those self-serving “educrats” in the system who resist accountability because they’d rather not know what students don’t know than find out and have to do something about it.

    But races can be tough. So some teachers unions –like the one in California — decided they’d rather stay stuck on mediocre, opt out of the competition and lose out on the free money. All so they wouldn’t have to sign off on the accountability measures that came with it.

    1. He then gets a teachers union saving stimulus bill through that does not require any change.

      Academics can identify problems.

      Leaders can solve them.

      Seen any leadership?

  4. Life under Pelosi-Reid-Obama is not so swell. Businesses have been forced to react contrary to their interests as Democratic policies have put national change (redistribution) above jobs and people. Business tycoon Bennet surely understands this, yet has led the charge to cripple jobs, thus driving government tax revenues to the floor.

    Now we enter the phase of government slashing jobs and services due to the forced decline in consumer buying and business production. Sure some governments will come forward with tax hikes and fee gimmicks, but at what cost to the business cycle?

    If forced to come with new and or increased taxes, government bureaucrats would do well to take these increases to the people so that they understand the value. Continuing to tax businesses and thus the citizens with these  hidden business taxes not only kills jobs, but increases consumer costs. Sure you get away with it for a year or two … but even the Denver Post must report on Anti-Business activity at some point.

        1. The U.S. jobless rate rose to 9.6% in August, but the government’s broader measure of unemployment rose even more to 16.7%, the highest rate since April.

    1. Business taxes are not the problem, lack of demand is the problem. You’re making the same mistake Obama is making – from the Washington Post

      White House officials cautioned that no tax cuts have been settled on and that a more limited measure could emerge. Policy staffers are debating a range of options. For example, a payroll-tax holiday – a top priority of many business groups – could be applied only to new hires or extended to current employees. It could be limited to small businesses or extended to larger firms.

      I have never heard a single business executive discuss taxes when deciding if we should hire additional people. The discussion is always around will the additional hires lead to additional sales.

      1. ….over a mere year ago.  Something like 25% more.  Many businesses are running in the black, some are expanding.  Even here in one of the High Unemployment Capitals in SW Florida, there are businesses hiring.

        But how do we get to get business to let go of their hoards?  The employees are scared of losing any jobs they have, so they will gladly work harder instead of the company hiring new workers.

        This would have been avoided if we had done the German model of reduced hours, the government paying corporations directly to keep employees. The economy kept moving since those funds went to employees and the candlestick maker from there.  Now the German economy is cranking back up, they don’t need to train new workers; Sweden is setting export records.

        Sigh.  It’s not a mystery.  It’s just politics.  

          1. And the “boy/girl most likely to” construction is embedded in my head from high school yearbooks of my era (that would be the buggy whip era).  I meant no offense to either H-man or Laughing Boy, and apologize if I did offend.

            Why did you ask?

            1. Who is sending out talking points?

              I have to work at this stuff.

              If someone else would do my thinking for me, ah those must be the advantages of being a Democrat.

            2. No biggie.  It’s just something that’s common for Sir Robin, Froward, et al, but you usually kick ass without being insulting.

              Didn’t know if there was something else to it.

              1. And am glad H-man wasn’t offended, because in re-reading my original post, it was personal and probably insulting.  (Sorry H-man, and thanks for being a bigger person than me about it.)

                I went to school back in the day when yearbooks designated the boy most likely to succeed and the girl most likely to … I don’t recall, get pregnant before graduation and live out her life in a trailer park?  Anyway, I was feelin’ kinda anachronistic this morning and reverted back to that phrase.

                Now, as soon as I’m done with my coffee-and-talking-points-email, I’m going to head out to the mailbox to see if my check from Soros has arrived yet.  It is waaaaay overdue….

  5. all the fascist, oligarch, Nazi republicans pat them selves on the back… (all three of them)

    What the rest of us are witnessing is a literary circle jerk. One would tink it was pulled straight out of Penthouse Forum.


      1. at least we never called for “open season” on hunting down the remnants of their party. To be eliminated like they did in 2001 & 2004. saving the last few to be housed in universities to be gawked at. (re; Coulter, Limbaugh, Beck)

      1. you, Libertad, bj and H-man are so deluded in your ideology… you cannot step back and see just how close to being Oligarchical Fascist Nazis you really are. Elements of those three and your ideology align, especially in practice.

        sad you cannot see the Forrest because of the trees.

        1. I’m pretty much done with you.  

          Good luck calling half the population Nazis.  It should be helpful to you as you go through your life.

          PS You misspelled “forest”.

          1. HA a third possibly, with another third Democrats. leaving the remaining third (U’s) to decide between our ideologies. of those republicans prey upon ignorance and misinformation. to pull in votes. Whilst Democrats Find ourselves always defending the truth.

            If the U’s believe that this stalled recovery is because Dems did not stand up to the bullying tactics, so be it… I agree with that assessment. Republicans should be treated like they treat others.Yet Obama being the human being he is, treated republicans with kid gloves.

            Everyone knows that should republicans gain power… Still NOTHING would get done except

            “Open season” on investigations and prosecutions of Democrats. not to mention the impeachment of president Obama because of (insert false BS impeachment claim here).  

            Citizenry, and the plight of the country be damned.

            1. sitting on the corner of his shit-filled sandbox trying to find the words to blame others for not making his radical and illogical policy dreams come true.

              Froward69 missed economics on his/her way to that likey degree in creative arts where the principle is first deliver the entitlements promised.

              God I wish there was a button to hit on this site that would play old Mike Rosen re-runs. And buttons for Caplis & Silverman and Boyles too. Heck a forth for Sirota … he spins your shit pretty good assuming you value entitlements over a job.

              1. I am not in elected office…

                Yeah I blame Democrats for playing nice with republicans and I blame Republicans for placing political power above country.

                Democrats got themselves in this position.

                Like I said republicans should be treated like they treat others.

                one day just before you retire Libertad… I do hope republicans succeed in gutting and then privatizing Social Security.

                1. (which, as I have explained before is due to liberals unfairly protecting everything else from cuts), CSU is less and less dependent on tax revenue. We have the Campaign for Colorado State raising private money from alumni, and students pay tuition in case you hadn’t noticed. Get off your high horse and look at the facts.

                    1. There has been a complete lack of proof shown that he has this degree in any of his posts. He doesn’t seem able to grasp basic concepts of grammar. To my knowledge, and I could be wrong, CSU doesn’t have a “Letters” program.

                      I would certainly be interested in reading about CSU’s Letters program, if someone has a link to information.

                    2. (not saying where or what department)

                      I’m assuming that the University vetted him before offering him a slot.

                      They might live to regret it, but that’s not for me to say.

                    3. the faculty at CU vetted Churchill and found him wanting. The faculty recommended against hiring him, and especially against hiring him with tenure.

                      The administration chose to micromanage and hired him.

                      There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

                    1. Are you suggesting that DoEnergy doesn’t award grants to faculty in mathematics? And that said grants are then used to support graduate students?

                      Or, are you denying that Buck has promoted reductions in DoEnergy?

                      Brush back.

                    2. In fact, when Reagan got elected, he wanted to totally shut down DOE (it was a Carter creation, after all).  Then someone whispered in his ear that he probably didn’t want to do that because that was the agency that made all the nukes.  He backed right off.

          2. the Founder of the Ku Klux Klan and hence of the Republican Party.  Oh, wait, this just in.  Forrest and his fellow KKK were Democrats who hated the Republicans for freeing the slaves.  

      1. And did everything we could to get through the really bad part including across the board pay-cuts. And we’re hiring now (if anyone knows a really good enterprise software sales person and/or a sales engineer/tech support person –

        But we are limited by the economy. If companies aren’t buying more, we can’t staff up more. At the end of the day we have to be profitable. So I’m happy to do anything, including lobbying for higher taxes on me in return for more stimulus spending and a G.I. Bill for the unemployed. But there’s not anything I can do unilaterally.

        1. the government is the only entity that can emerge to break through the chicken egg – business needs more paying  customers to create more jobs while more jobs need to be created to produce more customers –  conundrum.  

          The fact is FDR’s projects did put the country on the right track even before the war and the faltering year was the one in which he was talked into backing off. If all those shovel ready projects our infra-structure needs so badly had actually materialized the picture would be different already.  

          Unfortunately, half assed stimulus, like half assed health care reform, is only enough to give Rs the opportunity to point to spending without anywhere near the promised results. Dems should have taken FDR’s words, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, to heart from the start.  

          The watered down crap we’ve been getting on all fronts , while averting the even worse disasters that would have ensued with the GOP in charge, isn’t enough.  It would have been worse is a lousy campaign message.

          At this point Dems have to go on the attack and show the public just what it is he GOP has in mind; privatizing social security, revoking the tax cuts for 95% of us in the stimulus plan while clinging exclusively to tax cuts for the rich as the top priority over everything else including caring for our vets, and repealing all bank regulation.  

          Ask people to imagine what the recent financial implosion  would have looked like if GW had succeeded in privatizing social security.  It really would have been a repeat of the Great depression and that’s what the next one, with the return to dregulation, will look like if we ever give the reins back to the GOP.

          Two months is long time at this stage of an election cycle but the window for changing the message is closing.  Tea party induced fiascos for the right in various races combined with an all out aggressive change in messaging can still keep Dem losses below worst case scenario. Time for a wake up call at the top and enough courage from the Dem candidates to stop cowering and dithering. They have the weapons if only they’d climb out of their bunkers and use them.

        2. Grab some other liberal business owners and head back to DC for a caucus visit. You can hold a presser with Bennet, Udall, DeGette, Markey, Permutter, Salazar and Polis standing behind you as you articulate:

          “So I’m happy to do anything, including lobbying for higher taxes on me in return for more stimulus spending and a G.I. Bill for the unemployed.”

  6. There’s an Interstate exit in California that lists the two schools at that exit:

    Cal Tech

    Pasadena Community College

    So a couple of students from Harvey Mudd (where my daughter goes) changed it to:

    Cal Tech

    (Pasadena Community College)

  7. John Dingel is asking his contributors to max out for him because his seat is at risk.  He is the longest serving Member of Congress and his family owns the seat in the same way the Kennedy’s owned the Massachusetts Senate seat.

    From Politico:

    That poll, an internal survey for Republican Rob Steele’s campaign, puts the challenger in striking distance, down just 51 percent to 42 percent, in a matchup against the longest-serving member of the House.

    “Come November 2nd I intend to make sure he is sorely disappointed,” Dingell tells his donors.

    But Dingell’s professed concerns underscore just how bad the climate is for Democrats.

    The seat has been in his family’s hands since 1933, and Barack Obama won with two-thirds of the vote there in 2008.Only once since winning the seat in a 1955 special election has Dingell won with less than 60 percent of the vote.

    Read more:

    1. John David Dingell, Jr. (born July 8, 1926) is a Democratic United States Representative from Michigan and is currently the Dean of the U.S. House of Representatives. He is the longest currently-serving Congressman and the third longest serving Congressman ever.

      Dingle Jr. assumed office December 13, 1955 and was preceded by John D. Dingell, Sr.

      John David Dingell, Sr. (February 2, 1894, Detroit, Michigan – September 19, 1955, Washington, D.C.) was an American politician who represented Michigan’s 15th congressional district from 1933 to 1955.

      Dingles: Jamming Bailouts and government spending down Americans throats for nearly 80 years. Redistributing wealth for over 75 years of the Republics 222 year history.

      1. …kinda like we are seeing in the US these days.

        The Underground Economy

        Illegal Immigrants and Others Working Off the Books Cost the U.S. Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Unpaid Taxes

        By Jim McTague


        America has two economies: First, there’s the legitimate economy, in which craftsmen are licensed and employers and employees pay taxes. Then there’s the fast-growing underground economy, where millions of nannies, construction workers, landscapers and others are paid off the books, their incomes largely untaxed. The best guess as to the size of the output of this shadow economy is about $970 billion, or nearly 9% that of the real economy. It could soon pass $1 trillion.

        read more here:

  8. …all the while making KBR rich.

    Oregon Guard suit against KBR goes forward on hexavalent chromium exposure

    A federal judge ruled Monday that a lawsuit by Oregon Army National Guard veterans against war contractor Kellogg Brown & Root can proceed.

    The decision makes the federal court in Portland the apex of a legal battle that stretches from Oregon to West Virginia, and from Indiana to Texas, over who is responsible for exposing American soldiers to a known cancer-causing chemical early in the Iraq war.

    Already, the Oregon case has opened a window into the government’s unprecedented use of private companies in Iraq and the lucrative contracts that have remained secret until now.

    Beginning in May 2003, hundreds of U.S. and British troops guarded KBR workers as they worked to restore Iraqi oil flows. At a decrepit Qarmat Ali water treatment plant, piles of a toxic orange-yellow powder stained the soil, water and walls.

    The powder was a rust-fighter, sodium dichromate, which contains hexavalent chromium. Exposure to 40 micrograms of hexavalent chromium per cubic meter — about the size of a grain of salt in about a cubic yard — has shown a high increase in lung, stomach, brain, renal, bladder and bone cancers.

    And guess what folks, if the Oregon National Guardsman win their suit, it’s the TAXPAYERS on the hook for the damages, not KBR/Halliburton.

    “Details of the 2003 Restore Iraqi Oil contract have already raised congressional concern. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., has written the Secretary of the Army demanding details of the agreement because American taxpayers — and not KBR — would pay if the war contractor is found to have harmed Oregon veterans. ”

    1. The story was the basis of the movie Erin Brockovich with Julia Roberts. Basically the towns water supply was poisoned with hexavalent chromium by a nearby PG&E plant.

  9. Not a damn thing.

    Cut spending? They never have before, why start now? Which programs will they cut in the middle of a recession? None. Besides the only meaningful spending cuts would be to entitlements: medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. Who’s going to kick granny to the curb?

    Cut taxes? After raising a stink about the deficit, they’re going to borrow more money to pay for tax cuts? I don’t think so.

    Eliminate earmarks? Earmarks exploded under Republicans early during the Bush years. Republicans love them some pork. Remember, Wasilla, Alaska, when Sarah Palin was Mayor, had its own lobbyist in DC. That’s right, a town of 5000 employed a full-time DC lobbyist to get them some more pork. Colorado taxpayers built Levi’s hockey rink.

    Repeal Health Care Reform? You can’t. It won’t even get out of the House, much less reach Obama’s desk. How are you going to sell the OLD system to taxpayers? Tell us again why it was so good.

    On the up side, having Republicans control the House will ensure Obama’s re-election. With all the Teabaggers stomping their feet and throwing tantrums, it’ll be apparent who’s the grown-up.  

          1. I can only say good luck to them. They have spent the last two years ostracizing the Hispanic vote with SB 1070 by not speaking out against it or fully endorsing it, speaking about “anchor babies, and threatening to repeal the 14th Amendment. They’ve also pushed away the Muslim community with widespread anti-Islam sentiments. There have been very very few conservatives or Republicans who have spoken up in support of Muslims or even speaking out AGAINST all the violence and protests aimed at Muslims.

            With stories like ACORN, Van Jones, and Sherrod the conservatives have already started pushing the African American voters away.

            Can you imagine what would happen if they attempted to impeach President Obama? How long would it be before they won that demographic back?

    1. And then there is this quote from the wiki: “Regardless of how pervasive the phenomenon is, it is clear from Dunning’s and others’ work that many Americans, at least sometimes and under some conditions, have a tendency to inflate their worth. It is interesting, therefore, to see the phenomenon’s mirror opposite in another culture. In research comparing North American and East Asian self-assessments, Heine of the University of British Columbia finds that East Asians tend to underestimate their abilities, with an aim toward improving the self and getting along with others.[14]”

      American hubris, American “exceptionalism,” certainly indicate a national Dunning-Kruger effect.  All the American fools who think we lead the world in just about anything, except declining just about everything, know nothing.

  10. Internet Petitions Stephen Colbert To Hold ‘Restoring Truthiness’ Rally At Lincoln Memorial

    A grassroots campaign has begun to get Stephen Colbert to hold a rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to counter Glenn Beck’s recent “Restoring Honor” event. The would-be rally has been dubbed “Restoring Truthiness” and was inspired by a recent post on Reddit, where a young woman wondered if the only way to point out the absurdity of the Tea Party’s rally would be if Colbert mirrored it with his own “Colbert Nation.”

    Now with its own website and Facebook group with over 8,000 members, the call for Colbert to hold a rally is spreading through the Internet like wildfire. Aside from being a satire of Beck’s rally, the petition claims the rally is necessary because, “Recently our nation has suffered a truthiness drain.”

    The website gives a history of the newly founded movement, with links to news stories and a poster for the rally, which proposes the date “10/10/10.” The website also states:

       “Restoring Truthiness is a true grassroots movement propelled by YOU, the citizens of the internetz. Our goal is simple: Petition Stephen Colbert to hold a Restoring Truthiness Rally for the American people.”

  11. The following is from, a site that features mind-boggling reports from people who work with The Public:

    Sketchy Ballots

    Polling Center | Bloomfield Township, MI, USA

    (I am an election inspector for the 2010 Primary Election.)

    Customer: “Why isn’t there a Tea Party choice on the ballot? I don’t want to vote Democrat or Republican!”

    Me: “Ma’am, only the Democratic and Republican parties are having a primary.  You can’t vote for the Tea Party. You can choose not to vote the partisan section of the ballot, if you wish.”

    Customer: “Well, how about if I just draw a big teapot on the ballot?”

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