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February 28, 2020 11:34 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“True praise comes often even to the lowly; false praise only to the strong.”



56 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. I dunno about that quote from Seneca.  These days, the *resident often praises "his" minions — at least for awhile.  And they are pretty lowly in MANY people's estimations. 

    Looking forward to getting South Carolina results tonight.  54 delegates and a campaign narrative or two rest on the outcome.

    Polls in the state will open at 7 am ET and close at 7 pm ET.

    Because the 2016 race wound up being a landslide, results then were apparent as early as 7 pm ET, according to exit polls at the time. Since the outcome is set to be much closer this time around, it could take longer for a clear winner to emerge.

  2. Trump and Tea Partiers are urging their supporters to vote for Sanders today in S.C. Probably for the same reason that Putin supports Bernie.  Get a clue.

    1. I love that bernie is still pissed at the dodgers leaving brooklyn.  Da bums was my team and I'll never forgive them!   After the Great betrayal I switched to the Pittsburgh Pirates and still cherish their defeat of the yankees in the world series.

      1. Hey V. 

        I am doing a little spring cleaning and came across an old cassette that made me think of you. It is a Wagner piece I haven’t listened to in a number of years…yep, you guessed it.

        It is good that it is preceded (on my cassette at least) by the “Siegfried Idyll”. It is good to prepare mentally for “the Ride”. Quite stirring and it leaves me asking myself…What is gonna be the best part of a President Bernie?

        I’m thinking, all the free stuff.😉

        1. I think you may be being rhetorical.

          But if we are going beat Trump it will help more to motivate turnout of left leaning voters.

          Best part would be: Inauguration Day.

          Followed closely by stabilized Social Security Old Age Pension.

          1. The other route to victory is taking voters away from Trump with a rational candidate.  New voters like unicorns might really exist but are really hard to find.  It is a big 'if they show up' bet at a time when all we need to do is beat Trump.

      2. The Los Angeles Dodgers.  I'm in my mid-50s.  They moved before I was born.  Get over it.  And go blue.  And BTW, a game at Chavez Ravine beats the hell out of a game anywhere in NYC.  

            1. Did you mean St  Louis Cardinals?  They are not a runaway team.

              May the gashouse gang live forever!

              Where have you gone, Connie Mack? Kansas City turns its lonely eyes to you.

      1. Thanks MADCO.  I don't want a revolution as much as I want a D win.  Same goes for senator.  If you want to beat Cory Gardner vote for John Hickenlooper.

      1. Aren’t they going to be surprised when they roll up to the Pearly Gates looking for #WhiteProsperityJesus only to discover Jesus is a black woman with impeccable records, takes the “vengeance is mine” thing literally and can’t be bought with their riches?

  3. Universal healthcare.  Free at the point of service.

    A patient was held in mandatory isolation at a hospital due to suspected Coronavirus.

    He's received nearly $4,000 in bills from providers that treated him — hospitals doctors (who reversed the bill when NYT inquired), radiologists, an ambulance company.

    — Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff) February 29, 2020

        1. We have more of a plutonomy. Or oligarchy.
          Capitalism works well  – especially with a democractic style of government – until the distribution gets distorted.

          In any economy output is the result of some positive function of capital, labor and innovation.
          Y = f {K,L(a)}

          The math has been done (Gini Piketty, Solow, Veblen and others) and the distribution of that output will determine whether the economy is fair and growth oriented less so.


  4. Wave goodbye to Tom Steyer … guess we'll need to get along with only one billionaire still in the mix.

    at about 10:20 local time, 90% reporting,… maybe the comparison in speed of results will be noticed and we can expect more jurisdictions to dump their caucus?

    in 2016, entire turnout was 371k.  Sanders got 96,498 votes, for 26%, and 14 delegates. 

    In 2020, 90% reporting and voter turnout is already 461k. Sanders has almost 92k, so he's likely have have more votes than 4 years ago.  The Green Papers site is estimating the delegate split as 39 Biden, 15 Sanders, everyone else blanked.

    1. To me, the interesting question is…whence goes Steyers' support and money?

      If he throws in with the progressive wing of the party, which seems likely to me, could his wealth tip the scales significantly?

    2. Mayor Pete’s out, too. I am sorry/ not sorry to see him go…he was evolving into a demagogue, spewing half-truths and distortions….but man, what an orator. Nice to see an openly gay man flustering all of the hypocrites, too.

      I’m sure we’ll see more of him in the years to come. 

  5. I’ve always liked Joe Biden. I never saw him as presidential, but if he is the nominee, I’ll get behind him.
    Oddly – no one is bitching now about he’s too old.

    I woke up shaking me head about the hypocrisy of Americans, specifically thinking about things that are socialist that Americans love.

    Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security

    Public education – elementary through 12th grade

    Transportation infrastructure 

    • Roads

    • Bridges

    • Federal Aviation Administration

    • Federal Railroad Administration

    Regulated utilities

    • Water

    • Electric 

    • Gas

    Libraries, Flood control, Environmental standards, National parks

    And hundreds of other areas of our lives. Socialist.
    I and millions of other veterans have had government run, single payer healthcare all of our adult lives.

    Sometimes the for profit motivation of a free market (suppoted by socialist institutions) is awesome:
    consumer electronics, cars, food, movies and entertainment, clothes, etc.
    Other times – introducing a profit motive distorts what should be the goal.


    Americans love socialism. But Americans hate anyone who says so.

    1. The big con job was the fabrication of the mythical "Free Market". No such animal.

      It really is simple.



      Back to Old Deal!

      Milton Friedman is chortling in his grave.

      1. Friedman was wrong about almost everything- and all the plutonomists know it.

        "We are all Keynesians now" ~ M Friedman
        He got that right.

        Smith was right, and should be taught in middle school.

  6. WOTD from Dylan Matthews at Vox: "How are Bernie Sanders’s elite Democratic opponents this incompetent?"

    Perhaps most important, one-on-one polling suggests that Biden actually stands a chance against Sanders, while Bloomberg doesn’t. YouGov found after the New Hampshire primary that Sanders would clobber Bloomberg, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar in one-on-one races, by 15, 17, and 21 points, respectively. By contrast, Biden is only 4 points behind Sanders in a one-on-one matchup. Only Warren does better against Sanders, and the Democratic elites who are trying to coordinate a centrist nomination fear her just as much as Sanders.

    If swing-district House members and party elites really want to stop Sanders, their next steps are obvious. The Clintons, Pelosi, and Schumer, and all the Bloomberg backers among the frontline House Democrats, should formally endorse Biden as the best hope for defeating Sanders. They should hit the campaign trail and hold rallies convincing rank-and-file Democrats that the Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Bloomberg campaigns aren’t viable options, and Biden is the only moderate capable of holding up against Sanders. They should have done this weeks ago, if their intention was really to stop Sanders, but at the very least they should do so before post-Super Tuesday high-delegate races in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania.

    And if party leaders don’t want to do this, that should tell you something about how serious they are about defeating Sanders.

    1. It is no surprise the DNC and Democratic party establishment are beginning to panic. If Bernie, or for that matter Elizabeth, become president, the Washington DC/NYC political/corporate money machine will be turned on its head.

      They can see the writing on the wall.

      Joe Biden is running to maintain the domination of the Democratic party. Bernie is running to re-establish the domination of the American people over their government. 

      “This is a big fucking deal”
      -Joe Biden-.

      1. Where do you see "panic?"  There are people concerned — but I suspect there are just as many people, if not more, with a similar level of concern about Sanders losing again.

        Things will change … no matter who is nominated as President.  If Sanders is the nominee and wins the election, glitzy dinners by the DNC for fundraising will go away — as far away as needed for the PACs and Super PACs to take them over.  If Biden wins, national campaigns may not do as much "crowd-funding" — but someone will inherit the mailing lists and use them to fuel political careers.

        1. If you say they are not panicking, I will take your word for it. I am sure you have a better read on the party establishments' frame of mind. I have effectively become a hermit. I don't hang with Democrats like I used to.


          If you add Elizabeth Warrens' numbers to Bernies' you get just short of half…

          You think Biden can consolidate the remainder?

  7. Dave Krieger in the Colorado Sun takes an unsparing look at the candidates, the media and the dilemma we face in choosing from among too many alternatives when there does not appear to be an obvious "Goldilocks" running.

    As Republicans found out in 2016, our political parties, the media circus and our primary process are all ill-suited to dealing with a fragmented field of candidates.

    1. Down to 7 "major" candidates now, and one of them makes no appreciable difference (Gabbard got less than 7,000 votes, 1.3% of the total).  3 were already triaging Super Tuesday, trying to find places to maximize their chance of getting delegates with limited resources. 

      We will know a great deal more on Wednesday morning.

      1. Why is Gabbard still in this? She isn't much of a big D Democrat. and she doesn't seem to have much of a platform. Is she worried she'll lose her House seat? If so, wouldn't she do better trying harder to hold on to that than this hopeless bid for POTUS?

  8. I was polled by cell phone by an outfit called “Current Events” from the metropolis of Grapevine, Texas. They asked questions about Presidential preference and demographics .

    But they aren’t on the list of pollsters at RCP or Anyone ever heard of them? Just curious.


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