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August 31, 2010 02:44 AM UTC

Time is running out on Tancredo.

  • by: bjwilson83

Update #2: Tancredo is ineligible to run on the ACP ticket.



Update #1: Tancredo has raised $156,000.

Dear [redacted],

My campaign is only $19,000 away from our goal for tomorrow’s filing deadline.

We are so very close. Would you please make a generous contribution of $50 or $100 today?

With your help, I will win this election. And as governor, I will stop illegal immigration in its tracks.

Very truly yours,

Tom Tancredo


From his latest email:

Time is running out!

My campaign must file our campaign finance report with the State by September 1st and we must show at least $175,000 raised.

It is critical that we have a strong report to prove we can win this election against ultra-liberal Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

So what happens if he can’t raise it? He obviously didn’t have money to continue his radio ads. Will he drop out?

Full text below the jump.

Dear [redacted],

Time is running out!

My campaign must file our campaign finance report with the State by September 1st and we must show at least $175,000 raised.

It is critical that we have a strong report to prove we can win this election against ultra-liberal Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

Hickenlooper supports Amnesty and has run a sanctuary city for 7 years – if he becomes Governor, Colorado will become a sanctuary state!!!

Illegals fleeing states like Arizona are already heading to Colorado and this is going to get much worse with Hickelooper as chief executive.

He must be beat so we can eliminate one more state as a safe haven for those living and working in our country illegally.

Illegal immigrants are already busting budgets everywhere, driving down wages and taking American jobs.

Since the federal government refuses to enforce our laws we have to depend on the states to enforce them.

Friend, that is exactly what I’ll do in Colorado if you will just help me win this election.

That is why I’m counting on you to give the most contribution you can afford — $100, or just $50 — or more if you can afford it.  The maximum is only $525, so please be as generous as you can.

My candidacy represents the only chance for conservatives to elect a governor who will stand up to the open border Obama Administration and end the flood of illegal immigrants into Colorado.

But I need your help.

Hickenlooper supports amnesty for illegal aliens and blatantly owned businesses that hired illegals.

In fact, two years ago, one of the illegal immigrants employed by his restaurant even murdered a police officer months after the management was informed of his illegal status.

Time is running out to solve Colorado’s illegal immigration crisis.

My candidacy is the only chance to elect a governor who will enforce the rule of law in Colorado.

But I can’t fight this fight on my own.

It is only the support of good conservatives like you that will make it possible for me to win this election.

That is why I need your help today! Please make your contribution of $100 or $50 today — so that I have it before the September 1st filing deadline.

Colorado residents deserve a governor dedicated to strengthening our economy and ending illegal immigration.

I would be immensely grateful for your financial support in this crucial fight.


Tom Tancredo

P.S. It is time for our state to take a strong stand against illegal immigration. My opponent, John Hickenlooper, is standing hand in hand with Obama’s open border, amnesty policies.

In order to defeat them we must raise $175,000 by the September 1st filing deadline.

Your contribution of $100, or even $50, will go a long way to help us win this election.  Please be as generous as possible.


33 thoughts on “Time is running out on Tancredo.

    1. I went to his website. Saw that he is endorsed by Joe Arpaio. Read his bio wherein he brags that while working for GOP in Education Dept he slashed OUR regional ed office budget by 75%. That is accomplishment? I guess CO ranks so low because it takes forever to recover from a cut like that.  

  1. In spite of the unadulterated BS of his email.

    (Obama has increased enforcement on the southern border; ‘amnesty’ is not capitalized, unless he’s talking about the NGO; and the excessive use of exclamation points should be a punishable offense!!!!!) But keeping Tanc in the race adds to the humor, I suppose.  Then, at least, DickWad. can stay around, perhaps, too–having a foil to blame another series of failed candidates on.  

  2. Nothing will happen if he doesn’t make that goal, because odds are he will still match or outraise Maes and that’s all that really matters at this point.

  3. a) Really, $175K? I know it’s an expectations game, but you can’t set expex so low they’re absurd. $175K maybe covers printing and mailing medium-quality mailers to not even that wide a swath of voters.

    b) If he were running a serious campaign as opposed to a redo of his 2008 presidential “I’m ‘running’ not to win but just to get a platform to rant about illegals.” he’d cover other issues in a fundraising letter – like issues non-Tancredans care about, say taxes and jobs.

  4. .

    Dems, Progressives, you want Tancredo to siphon votes away from that other guy (BJ, what was his name ?)  You NEED Tancredo to cut into the other guy’s base.  

    Give early, give often.  

    Sending out such a plea 30 hours before the cutoff ?  My guess, he’s already surpassed that goal.  


    1. .

      the third party guy, Dannie something, had $24K last week, but he still has to pay that darn $17K fine.  So he’s got $7,000 available for TV, Direct Mail and additional mileage reimbursements.

      Oops.  I guess $175K is actually 25 Times what the other guy has.  

      BJ, remind us, what was that other guy’s name ?

      I’d be surprised if the GOP (3rd party) candidate pulls in $550 this month.  And Hickenritter just gave him $525, the max.


      1. he was just starting to pull the big money in. Some former GOP chair just gave him $1,000, and Coors’s endorsement was huge. I’m sure that came with a big fat check or two. And no Mr. ACP, despite your fervent wishes, the ACP is nowhere near being a major party. If the Looper gave Maes $500 bucks, I’d sure like to know. Can’t be very inspiring to the Dems that their candidate is supporting the (yes THE) opposition.

        1. .

          Of course, Mrs. Coors can also give $525.


          About that “major party” designation:

          CRS 1-1-22.  Read it and weep.  


          Hickenritter cannot afford to have Broadway Danny Rose drop out.  A 2-way with TT would be a disaster for the Dems.  In the coming two months, Dems will keep Danny on life support, if need be, so he can drain votes from Tancredo.  

          $7,000 won’t even cover the mortgage payments through the election; how’s he gonna eat, or feed his kids ?  

          Hick + Coors + the bigwig you have in mind, if their spouses also give the Max, puts him up to $10,000.  Impressive.  That’s still less than the Libertarian in the CD-5 race has in his fund, and not many folks take him seriously.  

          A candidate for Guv, and only $7 or 10K ?   If you had a sense of humor, you’d be laughing, too.  It’s a joke, son.

          I predict that Danny does NOT voluntarily drop out, but starves to death (so his kids can eat) before November.  


          1. Tancredo is down to single digits. Hick I can assure you is not giving any money to Maes. The point about Coors is that his endorsement will encourage other big money people to donate and bundle contributions.

    2. I was going for raymond’s response. But hey, I’m sure Tancredo will pullso many Republican votes when they find out he’s being bankrolled by Dems.

                1. I’d have higher standards for graduate school admissions.

                  Climate change sceptic Bjorn Lomborg admits warming a ‘chief concern’

                  AN ECONOMIST dubbed the world’s most prolific climate change sceptic has admitted global warming is the biggest threat to the world and called for a $US100 billion ($112 billion) fund to fight it.

                  Bjorn Lomborg previously accused scientists, campaigners and the media of exaggerating the rate of global warming and argued that resources should be spent on more immediate crises such as fighting malaria and Aids.

                  The Dane said a lot of money is being spent on climate change with very little being achieved.

                  But in a new book to be published next month he calls for a $US100 billion fund to tackle the problem and admits climate change is “undoubtedly one of the chief concerns facing the world today”,  The Guardian newspaper reported.



                    1. What it boils down to is that these “skeptics” accept that climate is changing, but not that it’s anthropogenic.

                      As a result, they feel it’s more cost effective to attempt to mitigate the effects than it is to try to stop that warming.

                      However, I think that it’ll turn out that $100-billion is chump change when the full effects of climate change kick in.  

  5. .

    If you follow the link and read the second comment, you will read that the author of that article acknowledges that his whole case is phony; he was just blowing off steam.

    The third comment, by the way, was posted by a member of the Executive Committee of the ACP.


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