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August 30, 2010 06:11 PM UTC

Buck on Parade: Woman shouts don't take money from education

  • by: CoalCreekWildfire

(And remember, folks, even this is a “Buckpedal” from his original position–“Buck said that the Department of Education and National Endowment of the Arts could be scratched pronto.” – promoted by Colorado Pols)

I decided to follow Ken Buck as he walked in the Colorado State Fair parade on Saturday. It was a hot and sunny day and I estimate there were three thousand people along the two mile route in downtown Pueblo.

Ken shook hands with three hundred people or so, all smiling. One woman wasn’t smiling as she shouted that Ken wanted to “take money away from education.”

He does, in a way:

DH: Your GOP opponent has set [sic], ‘Let’s abolish the Department of Education.’ It sounds like you’re not going that far.

Buck: I’m not willing to turn the lights off on Day One… At some point, if we don’t need to spend federal money on education, that would be great…

Colorado keeps getting the short end of the stick:

1) We rank 47th out of 52 in Stimulus Bill spending on education ($234.23 per person)

2) We rank 41st out of 50 in Federal spending generally (81¢ for every $1.00 sent to Washington)

Where are Bennet and Udall? If they can’t do better than this we might as well cut spending (and keep our money in Colorado).

Colorado will have more money to spend on schools when we cut out an expensive middleman: the US Department of Education.

Joe Hanel, Q&A with Ken Buck, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Durango Herald Denver Bureau, 7/17/2010 22:45,…

Stimulus spending by state,, 8/6/2010,…

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24 thoughts on “Buck on Parade: Woman shouts don’t take money from education

  1. One out of three hundred believe Buck wants to take away eduction dollars instead of redirecting them.

    Do the dems get why the Reach for the Stars concept is a joke?  It was a lottery and like all lotteries most of the needy were poorer for the experience. Colorado eduction dollars get sent to NY.  Good thing we have an “education” Senator who sticks up for Colorado kids.

        1. then the age old “trickle down effect” eliminating public education altogether.

          so only the children of republican eletes can read in the future.

          Thus producing millions of illiterate minions that would be easily swayed by conservative propaganda = voting accordingly.

    1. cannot be made up in CO due to tabor.

      So, Buck wants to eliminate education, Medicaid,  jobs, Social Security and infrastructure.

      That’s your candidate

  2. If you want to talk about shortchanging education, you might want to ask Bennet about the large sums of money he lost for the DPS by investing it unwisely. Or perhaps Obama’s vaunted “Race to the Top” giving our tax dollars to other states for their education systems while shortchanging Colorado?

  3. I’ve asked Ken Buck about this all three times I’ve interviewed him. He wants education funding and control handled by the state and local districts. So yes he wants to see the Dept of Education reduced dramatically, but he does not want education funding reduced.

    If you think moving the funding and control back to the state and local government is a bad idea, then beat Buck up for that – very legit. If you think minimizing the role of the Dept of Education is a bad idea, then pound Buck for that – also legit.

    But I don’t think it’s fair to say he wants to eliminate funding.

      1. Taxes as determnined by the people for whom the services are to be rendered so they can determine the ROI.  Eliminate the middle man and save that expense.  That would be my guess.

        1. The CSFA says that no district can decide for themselves what their funding level will be for public education. Instead, if District X raises their taxes, the state contribution to that district will be reduced.

          If a district were able (all but impossible) to get their “local tax raet” to generate enough funding to negate the state contribution, the state contribution could be “negative” meaning the district has to pay the state.

          This is a state issue, not federal, but are you saying you think Buck would be in favor of eliminating the CSFA?

          1. what I am stating is that he wants the federal government role minimized and decisions about school spending to be made at the state and local level.

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