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August 28, 2010 10:49 PM UTC

BennetPols gets national exposure - in a bad way.

  • by: H-man

It seems ColoradoPols, and the Bennet shills that so ably post their venom on it, are in the news today.  The news does not bring credit upon them.…

Last thursday Andrew Romanoff had a birthday/retire the debt party to which the world was invited by facebook.  Ken Buck showed up with a gift (tea party pin) and a check in an undisclosed amount to help support Andrew who he had gotten to know and like on the campaign trail.  That good deed resulted in a diary, front paged at ColoradoPols by CityParkRebel entitled “Beauty and the Beast Meet at Romanoff’s Birthday”

Among other kind words, Buck was refered to as “the Beast”, “classless”, “Buck crashed the party”, and it was described as a “stunt”.

The always classy commenters on BennetPols added their own kind words:

“Phony” by Bluestater

“Dirty Money” by Pam Bennett

“I don’t know how your mama raised you, but I was taught that I shouldn’t show up at birthday parties to which I was not invited.” by ColoDem Di

“Pathetic, Buck. Pathetic” by Bullshit

It turns out, besides the general invitation posted on facebook, Andrews cousin, who has been very active in his campaign called to invite Ken.  He was not available to take the call so she left a phone message.  Here is the transcript:

Oh Hi Ken.  This is Mellisa Kaplan. I am Andrew Romanoff’s cousin.  I am just calling because  on Thursday evening we are having a birthday party/retire the debt party for Andrew, and I just wanted to invite you.

It is going to be 5:30 to 8:30 at our old campaign headquarters which is right off of Monaco and Evans.  If you have any questions, my cell phone number is . . . and I wish you luck in your race.  Thank you very much.  Bye bye.

If Michael Bennet and his appologists who slimed Ken Buck have any class, they will apologize for their baseless remarks.  I for one am not holding my breath.


28 thoughts on “BennetPols gets national exposure – in a bad way.

    1. Think anyone other than a lying sack of shit Bennet supporter who just makes stuff up thinks that was fair or appropriate?

      Is anyone associated with Bennet honest?

      Or is this their standard operating procedure?

  1. Seems you forgot I said this:

    Enough with the name calling.

    I think it is class both Susan Daggett and Ken Buck were there. The Bennet campaign is about exactly that — policy, not politics. As much as I despise Ken Buck’s views and would fight him to the end on those views, he is still a citizen of this country, and respectful dialogue is ALWAYS a good thing.

    I salute Susan Daggett for being there — she defines class.

  2. This is the second demonstrably false article they have front paged, the first being the “unity” rally.

    Wow, it appears the Romanoff camp isn’t so solidly behind Bennet after all. Romanoff’s cousin wishes Buck luck in the race? Does she want him to in? She didn’t say anything like “but not too much luck” that would indicate otherwise. I actually see a lot of similarities between the campaigns (grassroots, representing Colorado instead of D.C., etc.).

                1. … that would be good manners, and I would expect Buck to return the wish.

                  Maybe there’s too much acrimony in today’s political climate, but these two haven’t gotten down to it yet, so I think they’d be classy.


      When are you going to respond to the El Paso County’s email clearly advertising Buck’s event in the Springs last week as a “Unity Rally?” In light of that, what exactly about Pols’ post about the TV station calling it a “unity rally” is “demonstrably false?” Because it isn’t, Beej. It’s actually TRUE.

      Why do you go around posting these “no credibility” comments, but refuse to respond to evidence showing your own allegation is baseless?

      Is it just your hope to post it in enough places that it won’t be responded to every time, and somebody might see it and believe you? Really, I’d like to know. This kind of intentional ignorance happens for a reason.

        1. This is being done on purpose. He knows he is full of shit, the goal is to repost that shit in enough places so every one of those places won’t possibly be able to have a reply saying “that’s bullshit (link).”

          What it is is extremely lame and obvious. It becomes more obvious every time the incredibly verbose Beej “forgets” to respond to my question. Which has happened several times already.

    2. This does not hurt Pols. All of us have been responding to facts. The facts are different today than they were yesterday, which was different than the day before.

      Buck is exonerated. Caplan’s motives are bizarre and unsettling. This whole campaign cycle has been from the twilight zone, don’t you agree?

  3. I didn’t care that Buck showed up.

    I don’t care whether he was invited.

    I do care whether he is elected.

    And I am struck by the oddity of him saving the recorded message.  He heard the invite, he chose to go.  Delete the message and get your party shoes/boots on.

    1. It could still be preserved and after he was accused of not being invited he then remembered and went back and had it taken off the recorder.  Computer forensics lets you do a lot of neat things these days.

  4. Berrick Abramson, Romanoff’s deputy campaign manager, said he didn’t invite Buck and would have asked him not to come if he knew he was stopping by….

    So let’s be clear: Romanoff invited Buck because he’s hard up for cash and/or bitter at Bennet; then Romanoff lied about having invited him. Bennet hears that Buck showed up to a Romanoff party that Romanoff’s spokesperson said he wasn’t invited to — so it’s not “lying” for Bennet to believe what Romanoff (falsely) said.

    You’re really, really straining to call this a Bennet lie.

    1. but so far there’s no evidence the Romanoff camp did either. It appears Romanoff’s cousin invited Buck and didn’t tell Abramson she’d done so. You’re painting with the same broad brush you’re accusing H-man of using. Maybe Romanoff should have known what happened, but that’s a far cry from saying he did know, and even further to say “Romanoff lied about having invited him.”  

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