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August 27, 2010 06:27 AM UTC

Beauty and the Beast Meet at Romanoff's Birthday

  • by: CityParkRebel

(PUMA-fail? This doesn’t seem to have worked out very well – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Michael Bennet’s wife, Susan Daggett (Beauty), came to Andrew Romanoff’s party this evening to celebrate Andrew’s birthday and even wrote a personal check to help Andrew retire his campaign debt.  She stayed for a while and spoke to many supporters who seemed to be very happy that she came, I know I was.  Her attendance at the event and donation ($544) were clear signs that Michael Bennet and his campaign are working hard to make inroads with Andrew Romanoff’s supporters and unite the Democratic Party.

A member of Andrew’s staff told me that Susan had called in advance and asked if she could attend.  Class all the way.

However, class was replaced by classless. Later in the evening, an unwelcomed guest by the name of Ken Buck (Beast) showed up at Andrew’s party with a photographer and a reporter or two in tow.  That’s right — Ken Buck crashed the party or a photo-op and a grip and grin.  

Ken Buck was almost immediately peppered with questions about his opposition to a woman’s right to choose in the case of rape and incest, his desire to repeal health care reform, and his position that would close the Department of Education.  It became obvious that Buck’s little stunt, although smart, had failed to win him any support.

Some people took pictures with the extreme Buck but then walked away disturbed that he would grandstand at Andrew’s gathering.   Maybe they needed pincushion designs.

Bennet’s campaign and Susan showed a real desire to reach out while Buck and his people were just looking for an attempt to get a cheap press opportunity.  Too bad it fell flat.  


192 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast Meet at Romanoff’s Birthday

  1. What a stunt. I hope the press won’t be fooled.

    I guess it must be the new campaign manager, from that post on That Other Blog, he seems to be really into stunts. I guess that’s all they have left since Ken has to spend the rest of his time lying to reporters about the positions he took while trying to win the primary.  

      1. Because you apparently missed this part.

        At one point, a group of women encircled Buck and pressed him on his abortion views – he is pro-life, even in the case of rape and incest. Another group started chanting “Get Buck Out! Get Buck Out!”

        …the road-weary Romanoff supporters – eating birthday cake (Andrew turned 44 on Tuesday) and mingling in a strip mall parking lot in front of Romanoff’s campaign headquarters – say the Buck ambush felt intrusive.

        “He thinks he can appeal to us? We’re Democrats,” said Sheila Canfield-Jones, of Bailey. “It was pretty uncalled for … I think it was a political ploy.”

        Berrick Abramson, Romanoff’s deputy campaign manager, said he didn’t invite Buck and would have asked him not to come if he knew he was stopping by.

        1. Here is what you left out so the parts you quote are put in context of the actual article (btw when you skip over parts of what you are quoting, the convention is to note it, kind of keeps things honest):

          Buck decided to pay former Democratic primary Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff a birthday visit – and help retire some of his $130,000 in campaign debt.

          Romanoff was gracious, shaking Ken’s hand and smiling, quietly saying he liked Ken and appreciates all the contributions he can get.

          His people, however, were a different story.

          At one point, a group of women encircled Buck and pressed him on his abortion views – he is pro-life, even in the case of rape and incest. Another group started chanting “Get Buck Out! Get Buck Out!”

          Buck said he came by because he met Romanoff on the campaign trail a couple of times and “I have a great deal of respect for him and his leadership.”

          He gave him a Tea Party pin and an undisclosed amount of money to help pay off his campaign debt

            1. What BS should have done is put them as a seperate paragraph between the paragraphs IMO.  The way BS did it is how I would do it if it was omitting words in a sentence.

      2. Sen. Bennet spending $2.4 billions a day on programs that actually help Mainstreeters across the US with programs designed to help long term. It’s called budget reconciliation taking money from gov’t subsidized industries profiting on our tax dollars – AKA corporate welfare – and returning the money back to the taxpayers with programs, services, and resources the way it was intended.

        CO’s 2010 federal allocations created jobs in nuclear proliferation and manufacturing plants, helping potato farmers from pest and crop devastation, improving our States infrastructure and cultural facilities, providing job training for Veterans, developing children’s nutrition programs across the State, education reforms,school improvements and construction, Medicare/Medicaid expansion, unemployement extensions, mortgage mitigations, forestry mitigation and bark beetle defense, green technology research, oil & gas mitigation and construction improvements, along with hundreds of programs not mentioned in this list. Bennet is creating job opportunities daily with millions being infused into our State – bankrupted from TABOR. Bennet is doing the job Colorado wants done in Washington across party-lines.

        Ken Buck – raids small businesses looking for illegal immigrants with our tax dollars. Ken Buck – a man who doesn’t wear high heels, but thinks he knows what’s best for a woman’s womb – on all matters including rape and incest. Ken Buck – doesn’t believe in public education, social programs, or infrastructure, but went to school, collects a paycheck from the taxpayers as a DA, and has no problem driving on paved roads paid for by taxpayers. I bet he even uses an indoor toilet, courtesy of water and sanitation facilities. Ken Buck! Spews more bullshit than he scrapes off his boots.

          1. Both in the household are employed with competitive wages, and starting to save again. Denied claims for our then 2 year old daughter’s kidney abnormality paid within days of HCR reform. Insurance premiums down by $400 this year. My daughter and husband are no longer being denied with “pre-existing” conditions. Mortgage opportunities have allowed us to stay current with 2 house payments. Investments in our 401k, creeping up. We received an overall 15% reduction in our expenses in 2010, and saw a tax rebate from middle class tax cuts initiatiated by this Administration. That’s what this family has experience. Working families – the ones footing the bill for all tax brackets.

            Decades of corporate abuse being rolled back in less than two years is extraordinary by all measures. Those who have opposed this administration would do so regardless of any progress. Political ideologues – reactionary zealots who prefer fiction over fact. Sing another tune”headline man”. Yours is getting old fast!

            Ken Buck another extremist reactionary, who hates taxes so much he cashes his public paycheck in protest!!

              1. It’s fact. Must be difficult for you to hear from the segment that foots the bill for all tax brackets; taking the hot air out of your rhetoric. It’s clear the response doesn’t play well with your clouded view of the facts. This Administration with the help of strong leaders, like Sen. Bennet, have changed the dynamic of our inherited economic spiral. Rather than too big to fail. The emphasis is on small enough to succeed.    

        1. Ken Buck – doesn’t believe in public education, social programs, or infrastructure,

          Having a discussion about getting rid of the DOEd is not anywhere near ‘not believing in public education’.  You’re also repeating a silly leftie talking point when you say that wanting lower taxes automatically means you don’t want any infrastructure or government.

          Why can’t you debate on Buck’s actual viewpoints instead of having to make some up?

          1. You’re point being Washington needs adult supervision. We have it with Sen. Michael Bennet. He uses his loud voice in DC, fighting for working families instead of political extremists, legislatively.

            Buck is clear on all his positions – period. Doing away with DoE is not a conversation, it’s a coupe. But thanks for playing.

            1. First of all, doing away with the DoEd is not a two-door sportscar.

              Where were national graduation rates before the establishment of the department under Carter (as a payback to the unions that have now destroyed public education) compared to what they are now? Want a hint?

              Do you think it’s possible that the $75 billion for that department could be better spent to aid schools and students?

              There.  That’s a rational discussion about abolishing the Department of Education.  See how easy that was?

              You might want to read a little Strunk and White before you start condescending so much.

              1. Because I think it’s spent on aiding schools and students. But I’m just curious. Do you think union thugs have coke-and-whores parties with that money every Friday?

                1. It’s just wasted in another bureaucracy.  

                  Eliminate the department, and give the money to DSST.  All $75 Billion of it.

                  Either that, or use it to build smart bombs.

              2. “Are you for real?” is really a glimpse into the way you view the world. The answer to your question is, Yes. We are for real. Isn’t that the problem. We, those who support this administration  exist; shattering myths that gov’t doesn’t want to work for the people. That being said, it’s up to us to make it work for us. It’s why I support this Administration and Bennet. I am the gov’t – not some bureacrat – but it’s up to me to make certain my taxes go to those programs that were created to work for me. Greed is human nature, so isn’t sloth. Try reading legislation instead of regurgitating political ideology. You’re confusing policy with politics.  

        2. The facts about the good work our senators are doing won’t make a dent in H or LB or BJ’s right-wing extremism, but it helps the rest of us reality based folks when we write LTE’s and do other positive actions to spread the word.

  2. Might be smart, I don’t know. But I could really see this backfiring. Seems very political. He doesn’t support Andrew. Never has, never would. What it says to me is that he’s willing to do or say anything to try and get folks’ votes.

      1. You might find it interesting how many donations are given to charity rather than kept by the committee. Dirty money is not something good committee’s want in their records.

        I am sure Planned Parenthood or some other women’s group would be accepting of a check from the pro-choice Buck.

            1. You and Pam think Buck’s money is tainted because he is pro-life? You are sick.

              If all of the bennetistas are as biggoted as you two I hope for the good of mankind he gets his ass kicked in November.

              On my own account, I hope he loses for a lot of other reasons.

              1. you think a community center is tainting becuse the builders are Muslim.  Think you’re sick?

                You might want to have a qualified physician check your ‘taint.

          1. I have been described as a sweetheart. And, a few people have even yelled their desire for more with tender words such as “fu*k you”.

            And, I do not consider contributions from pro-choice people “dirty”. But, anything from Buck would be considered a calculated political ploy.  

            1. I bet he deposits the check and uses it to pay off some of his debt as intended.

              Do you not hold out the possibility that Buck was trying to help him?

              Andrew has talent.  I would not be surprised if Buck hires him as an aide back in DC when this is all over.

  3. I wish all the best for Andy, he was in the roll behind me as we were graduating Law School at DU. Personally, I do not know him, nor do I know Ken Buck or Senator Bennet.

    Seriously, from what I am hearing the

    “Buck N’ Bennet Show” will not go over and is not going over well across Denver or the rest of Colorado.

    I am getting alot of laughs, which is good to see, especially from those who these two have no clue how to represent let alone speak to.

    Oh, right, go ahead, I dared you, take the challenge. Spend 8 hours on the middle of 16th Street mall, walk that walk, take the time to talk face to face.

          1. But Bennet has a 100% voting record.

            You’re guy has been campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime (and Bennet’s day job is a couple thousand miles away). To argue Buck hasn’t been hasn’t is to say his “I’ll refuse some of my pay for a couple of months” stunt has no meaning.  

            1. easily could have made a similar pledge to forgo his salary like Buck, but Bennet relishes every last drop he can squeeze out of taxpayers, even while he is doing nothing but campaigning.

                1. keep digging that hole and you may alienate enough D voters to give Buck a squeaker. Why don’t you put it to rest like most other adult bloggers here.

                  1. He’s talking about paid/unpaid shills like Stryker, Mike1970, Wade Norris. Two out of 3 of those bloggers haven’t been seen since election day.

                    And some of us have been involved in enough campaigns to recognize that the folks that suddenly disappeared were the ones paid by the campaign or on the short email list of daily talking points.  

                    1.  to some of AR’s supporters still here, like myself. It is not in the spirit of bridging the divide and coming together to win the general.

                      And Wade was not a one trick pony. He is an ardent environmental advocate and deserves more respect than that.

                    2. just a loyal and solid supporter which I respect. I guess I didn’t see Ah Choo’s comment as insulting because I’ve never viewed you that way.

                      Point well taken, jp.

                      Regarding Wade, respect is earned. He lost mine long ago and I don’t see him earning it back.

                    3. just haven’t been saying much lately and watching things unfold.  Told you I wouldn’t be going anywhere 😉

                    4. hiding out for 16 days without comment. I’m guessing binge drinking for two weeks out of sorrow is growing old, eh?

                    5. good to see that Pols has continued its assault on whoever is running against Bennet.  You have to admire their dog-like determination.

                  2. The bottom line is that Democrats are for the people, not big companies. Entire libraries of evidence will tell you that. Buck’s policies are far from moderate — he is close to the tea-partiers, wants to make raped kids have to give birth to the babies of the rapists, and has no sound solutions for saving the environment and a thousand other things.

                    Romanoff’s out.

                    Bennet’s the right bet here. No brainer.

                    1. alienating potential supporters is still not a winning strategy. And if enough disaffected Ds stay home, we could still lose.

                    2. Between Bennet and Buck, there’s no question who’s for the people, and who’s for the big companies. Just look at where their funding comes from. Bennet sold out to Wall St. and big banks a long time ago.

              1. because he didn’t show up for work all summer, WASTING taxpayer money while he’s out campaigning.

                Bennet didn’t miss a single day of work.  He managed to campaign OUTSIDE of his business hours.

            2. is the problem.  He voted for every spending bill he could find, and he voted against the wishes and best interests of Colorado.  I wish he’d just miss a few votes once in a while.

              Have you noted the string of indictments and convictions Ken Buck has gotten in the last few months?  Your complaint isn’t going to stick.  Try something else.

          1. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have followed he Weld County DA’s charging and conviction record, and it’s a strong one. Which is why I thought it odd that bj said all Buck has been doing has been campaigning.

  4. You’re just mad that after the shameful way Bennet’s campaign treated Romanoff, his supporters might actually have more in common with Romanoff. At least Buck represents grassroots Coloradans.

    1. What are you talking about “the shameful way Bennet’s campaign treated Romanoff?” Are you talking about how Bennet beat Romanoff? Buck beat Norton, and he did it all while being a sexist joke of man. I suppose you don’t see that as shameful though.

      OIC!!! You’re trying to convert people. That’s so funny that you believe your comments here will reach a wide enough audience of rationally vulnerable Romanoff supporters that they might actually buy what you’re suggesting. Are you always this grandiose about your impotence?  

      1. Buck beat Norton by remaining positive, despite her playing the gender card repeatedly. Just saying, Romanoff Coloradans don’t like being shoved to the back of the bus and told that Washington D.C. is more important than their interests any more than Buck supporters do. 😉

  5. Buck shows up at an Opponent’s retire the debt party and donates money to his cause.  How awful. He is asked some questions about Andrew and has only nice things to say. Some of the liberal Dems base peppers him with questions and tries to make him feel uncomfortable, not the candidate who can be seen next to Buck smiling and appreciative.

    BennetPols take on this is reflective of how divisive the Bennet folk are these days.  Buck is trying to reach out to voters of all stripes because ultimately he will be their Senator too.

    Romanoff people on BennetPols have experienced the fair treatment of BennetPols and now it is Buck’s turn.  

    Front page made up stories (has there been an update to the storey questioning why Norton was not at a Unity party that we now know was in fact was not billed as a Unity party)  Front page story about a poll supposedly favorable to Bennet that has not been seen or been released.  Bennetistas writing stories about concentration camp plans that Buck has for women who take their child to term based on David’s interview that no sane individual could have taken that way. Bennetistas writing that a certain journalist claims Buck is dishonest when instead the author writes that an idea Buck put out there is.  The list of Bennetista smears goes on, and will go on.

    I seem to remember the Bennet crowd complaining that Romanoff was engaging in an unfair negative campaign.  It sure seems now like they were just jealous. I am sure when it is over they will wonder why the electorate is so divided.

    Can anyone associated with Bennet say anything positive about anything he has done.  Anybody still think his votes for the Stimulous plan was a good thing?  Obamacare? Taking over GM?  Anybody?

    Let me help you.  In Weld county in the last six years while Buck has been the DA the population has grown about 30 to 40% and crime has gone down about 50%.  He did not do that alone, but he contributed to that.

    In the past 18 months as a United States Senator, Michael Bennet helped crart legislation that did ____.  The effect of that legislation was to help the country by accomplishing ______.  The country is better off because of Michael Bennet’s leadership in the senate because of ______.  Please, he must have done something positive in the last 18 months.

    1. Pols didn’t even write this. Is there a particular reason you have for blaming Pols for first what a Springs TV station reports, and now a diary written by a user?

      Just saying, you guys suck at working the refs. Lousy aim.

      1. There are two sides of this story. Romanoff camp is claiming he was not invited; Buck camp claiming he was.  

        There is no way for the Romanoff people to prove something that they ostensibly did not do, so the Buck campaign should produce whatever invite they received, if any.

        That would clear it up.  Somebody is lying though and it would be good to see who it is.


          1. it was an open invitation on facebook.  Unless the invitation specified everyone but Ken Buck it isn’t correct to say he wasn’t invited IMHO.

      2. So now you have a problem with Buck’s mother.  

        Nice lady.  Passed away a couple years ago.  Her parents were immigrants from Norway who came over as teenagers with nothing.  She put herself through college and law school.  Back then very few women went to law school.  She was somewhat of a trailblazer. You probably would have liked her.  If you were open to that possibility.

        1. interesting…

          funny though republicans would only care of she were from Central America (Mexico) and not Norway.

          Yet that’s NOT racist… (puke)

      3. It turns out, besides the general invitation posted on facebook, Andrews cousin, who has been very active in his campaign called to invite Ken.  He was not available to take the call so she left a phone message.  Here is the transcript:

        Oh Hi Ken.  This is Mellisa Kaplan. I am Andrew Romanoff’s cousin.  I am just calling because  on Thursday evening we are having a birthday party/retire the debt party for Andrew, and I just wanted to invite you.

        It is going to be 5:30 to 8:30 at our old campaign headquarters which is right off of Monaco and Evans.  If you have any questions, my cell phone number is . . . and I wish you luck in your race.  Thank you very much.  Bye bye.

        If Michael Bennet and his appologists who slimed Ken Buck have any class, they will apologize for their baseless remarks.  I for one am not holding my breath.

  6. .

    that got in Ken’s face and screamed at him to leave.

    That was after Andrew thanked him for coming, and thanked him for the donation.

    Both pols were classy.  

    No doubt that City Park Rebel knows a thing or two about “Classlessness.”  

    “Peppered with questions” sounds relatively civil, but you weren’t civil, were you ?  He suffered the bad manners of boors.  

    Betcha didn’t think the Denver Past was going to file a report that gave a more objective perspective, or your version might have been more honest.


    1. I usually expect better from you. Your comment is spin all the way through.

      Buck pulled a stunt which in all likelihood backfired for him. Andrew was gracious enough to ignore Buck’s boorishness at even showing up, but that is all. It is not like Andrew went forth to convince all his supporters to switch party affiliation and now support Buck.

      Buck must have some desperation to try a ploy like this so early in the campaign.

  7. You Buckheads are starting to show signs of the same irrational anger and frustration that some – SOME, the ones who are not here anymore – Romanoff supporters did. The comments in this thread point in that direction.

    I’m sorry to say it’s not healthy behavior, and for the Romies it did not end well.

    1. Maybe it has something to do with lies and smears which are frontpaged daily by BashBuckPols, the blog formerly known as BennetPols. I can understand Romanoff supporters’ outrage.

      1. I can understand Romanoff supporters’ . . .

        You’re a shining model of empathy and understanding.

        (By the way, I really mean that . . . as a compliment . . . , really.)

  8. I am an unemployed, Independent voter in CO. I supported Romanoff and still believe he is the better candidate to represent CO.  Sadly, because of what the WH and DNC and the rest of the Democratic machine did in their intereference in the Colorado primary, I am faced with a real un-welcomed dilemma regarding the upcoming mid-term elections.

    Michael Bennet still refuses to address or acknowledg the long-term unemployed (middle class) workers who have – or will soon – exhausted all UI benefits (’99ers’ – in CO we are really ’93ers’) who are now losing their homes, filing bankruptcy and living in shelters or on the streets.  HE REFUSES to make a comment, initiate dialogue to or about the tens of millions of unemployed who will exhaust their UI benefits in the coming months.  There are already more than 20,000 of us in the state of CO.  We alone could have – and should have been enough to put Romanoff over the top in the primary.  How to reach the unemployed voters who are on the streets with no phones, internet and cable TV?  

    Maybe with the AFL-CIO’s backing, we can and will reach these politicians AND all of the unemployed voters who have enough power – if they use their collective voices – to make real changes happen in this political & economic nightmare we are forced to endure on  a daily basis.

    I don’t want to support Bennet.  Period.  

    But, as an unemployed voter in the State (which is expected to see an increase in the unemployment rate from it’s current level of 8% to 9.2%), who has exhausted all UI benefits and does not qualify for any public assistance because I’m not disabled, elderly or otherwise in a ‘protected class’ and have no children under the age of 18 – I have no safety net below me.  I have a BS in Finance, several years of professional experience and after 2 years, No job – jobs don’t exist as I once knew them and held them.

    However, if Ken Buck is elected – and if the Republicans gain control in either house, I, along with tens of millions of unemployed, middle class citizens will be one step closer to living on the streets or in a shelter.

    So what is my option?  Vote for M Bennet – exactly what the Dems want and expect.  Ken Buck showed once again he has no class, no plan, no comment, no nothing – just like the rest of the ‘Mitch McConnell & Co,’ good ole’ boys club on Capitol Hill.

    Politics as usual, at the expense of the unemployed middle class.

    1. How in the world can you blame Bennett for your dilemma?  Even if Romanoff won the primary, he wouldn’t be in office, would he?  Would Ken Salazar have helped or hindered you differently?  Frankly, I give MB more credit to do the right thing than KS.

      I understand why you are bitter, but it makes less than zero sense that you can’t/won’t vote for Bennett because somehow he is personally responsible for your situation.  

      So, Buck in the Senate will sure help you, eh?

      PS, for the election of 1996 my voter registration address was the Mail Boxes Etc on University.  I was homeless. (But I did get to vote at the Denver Country club!)

      1. Well as it turns out, you’re right.  I DID vote for Bennet because I had to rationalize how disastrous it would have been to allow Buck to get elected.

    2. were both thoughtful and thought provoking.  There’s no question that we can and should do better for American workers. Meaningful and rewarding work for all Americans able and wanting to do so should be the top (three) priorities for those who seek to hold office.

      I wish you all the best.

    1. Daggett and Buck both showed up to pay their respects and help retire Romanoff’s debt.  Both did so out of political opportunism — it’s how politics works.

  9. Buck opened the door for the Romanoff supporters to highlight Buck’s extreme positions and they plowed right through!  Good job!  

    This race is all about educating Colorado voters about the Tea Party/Club for Growth endorsed Ken Buck’s radical positions.  Thanks for coming to play, Ken!

        1. It turns out, besides the general invitation posted on facebook, Andrews cousin, who has been very active in his campaign called to invite Ken.  He was not available to take the call so she left a phone message.  Here is the transcript:

          Oh Hi Ken.  This is Mellisa Kaplan. I am Andrew Romanoff’s cousin.  I am just calling because  on Thursday evening we are having a birthday party/retire the debt party for Andrew, and I just wanted to invite you.

          It is going to be 5:30 to 8:30 at our old campaign headquarters which is right off of Monaco and Evans.  If you have any questions, my cell phone number is . . . and I wish you luck in your race.  Thank you very much.  Bye bye.

          If Michael Bennet and his appologists who slimed Ken Buck have any class, they will apologize for their baseless remarks.  I for one am not holding my breath.

  10. and failed?

    Or he went there with hopes that hard-core Dems would berate him so he could make all Dems look bad later?

    When you spend all your public time telling everyone how bad Democrats are, you don’t show up uninvited at a prominent Dem’s birthday party and expect everything to go ok.

    1. in much the same way that McCain seemed to believe he could win the votes of Hillary Clinton supporters who were unhappy over the primary. Probably with about the same results.

  11. I think it is class both Susan Daggett and Ken Buck were there. The Bennet campaign is about exactly that — policy, not politics. As much as I despise Ken Buck’s views and would fight him to the end on those views, he is still a citizen of this country, and respectful dialogue is ALWAYS a good thing.

    I salute Susan Daggett for being there — she defines class.

    1. How exactly is he going to get people back to work?

      More stimulis?

      How is he going to get our deficits under control and pay down the debt?

      Does he really believe all that Obamacare saves money?

      If so, how come price has gone up and availability and choice have gone down?

      If Bennet was really about policy, not politics, we would be seeing that.

      We are not.

      1. I object to the name-calling (i.e.”Beast”), and I know there was an open invitation on facebook, so I can’t criticize Mr. Buck for going. We all need reminders to be civil – myself included. I wish no personal ill will to Mr. Buck nor to his followers — but I do intend to clobber him daily on policy.

        It is classy when political opponents can talk to each other. It is classy to wish each other a “Happy Birthday”, “Condolences” during family crises, “Congratulations” on accomplishments, etc. Susan Daggett, wife of Senator Michael Bennet, called and asked if she could attend the event. CLASSY.

        Ken Buck offered Romanoff a contribution to retire his debt. Classy. The fact that he did it so publicly — questionable. Opportunistic, probably.

        Ken Buck or his campaign saw the open invitation on facebook or elsewhere and did not call ahead. He should have. Going to pick the remains off the bones from a charred Earth primary in the opposing primary is a little vulture-like, don’t you think, BJ?  

        If Ken really wanted to be classy, he would have called ahead and asked if it was okay if he came.

        Buck is no moderate — his policies are in direct opposition to everything we Democrats and most independents believe in – justice for all Americans, protecting our environment, defending our constitution, the brotherhood of man, caring for our urban areas, serving the needs of people before the wants of corporate America, and much, much more. The spoils rightly belong to the Democrats.

        1. just because Romanoff supporters might not want to fall in lockstep with Bennet after the bashing you guys gave them in the primary, is no reason to call Buck “vulture-like”. You don’t have a right to Romanoff votes; you have to earn them. That last paragraph is just lies, but I suppose that’s typical from the Bennet campaign.

          Romanoff supporters, I ask you, do the “spoils” of your votes rightly belong to the Democrats or do you get to choose who to vote for?

          1. All Human “conception” is sacred. With respect to rape – or incest – that means the end is dismissed by the means. What’s next; glorifying rapists as God’s little procreator’s to save taxpayers money that would otherwise be spent on prison?

            Further, the moderate Buck supports “choice” for the rape victim. She can choose to assume the Madonna role without the benefit of social programs, health care, or public education opportunities. Or, choose to surrogate God’s little implant for a fine traditional married couple to adopt – just as long as the “miracle” is white.

            The moderate Buck: Moderately racist, moderately sexist, moderately insane.

          2. You take the approach that Romanoff supporters or African Americans or other people who tend to vote for Democrats are only doing it because they’re lemmings and morons, and you try to insult them until they change their minds!

            This didn’t work in 2008. I saw a lot of people try it. It won’t work this time. It just makes you look like a condescending jerk.

  12. Seriously: Who got invited to the nerdy kid’s party? She called Andy first! He didn’t! Everybody stood around and called the new guy names!

    Jesus, people, grow up.

        1. you were asking the question sincerely, since once it was answered you drew your own conclusions anyway. CPR might well be involved with the Bennet campaign. That doesn’t mean no one else at the Romanoff bash knew how much Dagget donated.

  13. The fart in the room – an embarassment.  Atleast the Democrats had a party for Buck to crash.  Maybe Buck got tired of house parties with the “Dueling Banjos” – Theme from Deliverance – in the background. Just some more Doodooodooodooodooodooodoo on those cowBOY boots of his, thinking the publicity stunt would blow a little sunshine up his party’s chaps to help his campaign.”Hey Gleyan and Saree, lookie here, I done crashed the Demeecrats pardy. Yee Haw. I’ll show these city slickers who is boss in this cow patch.”

    But then again, maybe he was bored? No big GOP fundraiser to attend? No house party? No campaign invite? Further, as an official candidate for US Senate, he can’t very well go around profiling people and raiding homes and businesses in search of illegal immigrants. Bad for publicity – even by Tea Party standards. Hmmmm? Tea Party and standards in the same sentence? Total OXYMORON!    

        1. Buck was an opportunist the same as Susan.  It speaks well that they both put some money down, but let’s be frank — they are politicos with something to gain by going.

      1. after all, other stuff you write seems so contrary to Buck. Too sensible, not so reflexive, except when, like all of us, you say something I don’t think you really believe, such as endorsing repeal of the 14th Amendment.

        1. On a serious note, I have experience with multimillionaires from asia who spend time in the US and have a kid in the US because of the benefits of US citizenship.  That is not what the fight is over, but it does happen.  

          The advent of the airplane was obviously not something on the minds of those writing the fourteenth amendment.  That said, if we tighten the border and have real enforcement and the economy continues to suck, the problem largely resolves itself.  

          People come here for economic opportunity.  

          Sadly, there is not so much of that today.

    1. prefer life off of the Front Range AND are progressive Democrats.

      Meanwhile, plenty of crazy right-wing lunatics listen to ‘high brow’ music, visit country clubs, live in the city and hardly ever drive west of Golden.

          1. and post some good photos!! Got to go down and check on yet another American dream we can’t sell or rent. However, if we have to be 2nd home owners by default – Pagosa doesn’t suck. Lots of friends down in Archuleta/LaPlata/Silverton. Just rather have a vacation home in Costa Rica instead of CD3. I shoot possums from my back porch here, too!

            Really looking forward to Bella Fleck on Sat. Haven’t seen since ’94 in Burlington, VT. Thanks for the video post! Whelp. Time to take my teeth out,and put in the Hayden CD.  

  14. No more smarmy e-mails from Ken Gordon.

    Ken pat yourself on the back.  The day Romanoff started listening to you was the day he kissed his chance at a  Senate seat goodbye.

  15. Buck absolutely humiliated the 10% of wacko lefties that didn’t just support AR, but are now crying in their tempeh that he got jousted out of the primary.

  16. From Battle ’10:

    ColoradoPols, a left-wing blog, called GOP U.S. Senate nominee Ken Buck’s appearance at defeated Democratic primary candidate Andrew Romanoff’s debt retirement/birthday party “classless.”

    The Denver Post said Buck “crashed” Romanoff’s party, with donation in hand for the former state house speaker, causing quite a stir among “hostile” Romanoff supporters.

    One problem: Buck was invited by the Romanoff campaign.

    In audio of the phone message featured exclusively by Battle ’10, Buck received an invitation from campaign organizers to attend Thursday’s event. The invite came from Romanoff’s cousin, to be exact, who closed by saying, “I wish you luck in your race.”

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