Michael Gerson calls Ken Buck “uninformed, morally irresponsible and politically disastrous.”

Michael Gerson, an op/ed columnist for the Washington Post, and a former Bush White House aide that included stints on the Iraq Group, speech writer and a Karl Rove recruit to the 2000 Bush campaign, plus a stint at the Heritage Foundation, today called Ken Buck and other “Tea Party” candidates “uninformed, morally irresponsible and politically disastrous” for asserting Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional in his Washington Post column.

Uninformedbecause the U.S. Constitution gives broad powers to the federal government to provide for the general welfare;

Morally irresponsible because, if adopted, Mr. Buck’s position would immediately push up to 13 million Americans into destitution; and

Politically disastrous because such “constitutionalism will lead Mr. Buck and the Republican Party to oppose, among other things, the federal highway ysstem and even more importantly, civil rights.

As he goes on to point out, people like Mr. Buck do not “reflect a Burkean suspicion of radical social change.”

When people like Mr. Gerson begin to line-up against the likes of Mr. Buck, there is a real chance the real conservatives aren’t going to vote for him or other such candidates around the United States, once these people are exposed for who they really are.


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    • Ralphie says:

      It’s about what Gerson said,  It’s supported by direct quotes in the text and a link.

      • H-man says:

        He indicated:

        “This view is logically consistent — as well as historically uninformed, morally irresponsible and politically disastrous.”

        Not Ken Buck.

        The title is dishonest.

        I didn’t say repub 36 is dishonest.

        But if the two of you don’t see a difference?

        • Republican 36 says:

          views on social security and medicare that are, in Gerson’s opinion, “historically uninformed, morally irresponsible and politically disastrours.”  Mr. Gerson clearly has good conservative credentials. When people like him doubt Mr. Buck’s fitness for office it isn’t good sign for the Republican senate candidate in Colorado.

  1. bjwilson83 says:

    Actually, it’s going drive conservatives to vote for him in droves.

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