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February 18, 2020 09:54 AM UTC

Warren's Goal Line Stand Comes To Colorado

  • by: Colorado Pols
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)

As the Denver Post’s Sam Tabachnik reports, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is coming next Sunday to Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium ahead of a do-or-die Super Tuesday, where if Warren does not manage to stage a significant comeback her presidential campaign is likely to end:

Warren, the progressive senator once a front-runner in the presidential race, is looking for a shot in the arm after disappointing finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Colorado, however, remains tough to read because of a lack of public polling. The last publicly released poll in the state came in August, showing a tight race between Sanders, Biden and Warren nearly all within the margin of error. The dynamics of the race have shifted considerably since then.

The New York Times ran an insightful story today about the sobered but still hopeful Warren campaign, eyeing a path to victory despite the caucus disaster in Iowa clouding a respectable showing there, and then a tough fade in New Hampshire leaving Warren’s campaign battling to stay relevant:

Supporters and allies are doing their part to generate excitement, New Hampshire be damned. Organizations that are supporting Ms. Warren have blasted out emails with subject lines like “Warren the Warrior Wonk Returns — and people LOVE it,” sent after Ms. Warren criticized one of her favorite targets, Michael R. Bloomberg, the former New York mayor and a presidential rival. On Monday, which was Presidents’ Day, Ms. Warren’s supporters helped make #PresidentWarren a national trending topic on Twitter.

“Elizabeth is third in delegates, has over a million grass-roots donors, and is drawing thousands of people to her events,” said Kristen Orthman, Ms. Warren’s communications director. “The pundits have consistently been wrong about this primary and that’s why it’s important for people to organize for and support the candidate they believe in rather than the candidate the coverage says is on top.”

Polling in Nevada shows Warren battling for third place against Pete Buttigieg ahead of that state’s caucuses next Saturday. In South Carolina, The Joe Biden “firewall” is dominating the narrative–which means Super Tuesday is the day Warren’s campaign rockets back from the abyss or gets put to bed. The flip side of the coin is that Warren is arguably the only non-billionaire contender outside the Bernie Sanders/Biden/Buttigieg “boy’s club” troika who still has a shot.

Like everything else Sen. Warren “has a plan for that,” and it involves Colorado.


16 thoughts on “Warren’s Goal Line Stand Comes To Colorado

  1. I cast my vote for her this morning. I would love to come and see her, but I seldom travel these days. She is unlikely to visit near here, but if she gets close enough…

    1. Mailed my ballot on Sunday, for going out today. Governor Bill Weld got my vote.

      Weld would be good as president. But if Weld was not on my ballot, I'd write-in the main "guest" at Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland before voting for Trump.

  2. Fillmore capacity is listed as 3,900.  Or maybe a seating capacity of 3,700. But somewhere around there.  Whatever she does there will be compared to Sanders — and 3900 + outside wanna be insiders will be less than 11,000 announced Sanders attendees.

    My guess:  after Super Tuesday, the lower ranking female drops out within a couple of weeks, as fund-raising dries up.  Among the males, Bloomberg & Sanders will have money to continue easily.  Biden and Buttigieg can continue, but will be somewhat constrained by money.  Steyer and Gabbard are functionally out, but may run some sort of zombie campaign.

  3. Speaking of the senior senator from Massachusetts…

    1. If it takes Bloomberg to beat Trump, I’m all in, especially if he picks Amy Klobuchar as v-p.

      Sorry, Bernie fans: your guy getting the nomination all but guarantees Trump’s re-election, and a monster sized party in the Kremlin.

        1. Would you rather have a Sanders-Warren ticket, spaceman? Meaning go all out McGovern, to make it easier for the far right wing, dark money, PACs?

          At least McGovern was from South Dakota, hardly a hotbed of liberalism.

          1. Sanders-Warren ticket ? or Warren-Sanders … Hell yeah.. They are both strong proponents of the rule of law- hence, a potentially unifying ticket. Warren, especially, has a strong anti-corruption crusader resume.

            The rule of law in the US is endangered- only candidates as squeaky clean as these can set things right. 

            Bloomberg has his own corruption scandals, and for years his “Stop and Frisk “ program profiled and targeted young men of color. Bad for civil rights, equal treatment under the law, and police/community relations. 

            Buttegieg has his own police/community relations problem

            Biden’ son’s Burisma board membership doesn’t pass the nepotism test. And Biden himself may be owned by the credit card industries. 

            Amy Klobuchar may have done favors for her political donors, including giant meat processor Cargill– but these are routine in the politician playbook.

            Rule ….Of….Law!!!!! Is the team we should all be cheering for. 

            1. As Vermont goes, so goes Massachusetts. And DC, too.

              But that's about the extent of it.

              Imagine how insufferable Trump would be after a  48-state blowout.

              Be afraid, be very afraid.

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