Poundstone: Maes is a Con Man

(A con man? No way (ahem). – promoted by Colorado Pols)

I was waiting to post this until KHOW got the podcast posted.

Friday morning past, Boyles interviewed Freda Poundstone, well known Republican former mayor of Greenwood Village.

Politically she and I probably will not agree on a lot of things.  But I’ve never gotten the sense that she MSU.  She is who and what she is.

And Friday she told the story of how and why she gave money to Dan Maes. And then calls him a con man.

She did not call him a criminal.  Though he’s a big fat liar if Poundstone is telling the truth.

She did not call him unfit for office, though she alluded to it.

Listen to the whole thing – he got fired as policeman, she assumed he had money because of the claims of business success, Maes hit her up.


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    • I don’t listen to Peter Boyles much any more because I no longer have to commute in the morning. But this morning I tuned in during my drive down to Golden for the Jefferson County Republican Mens [and womens] Club breakfast.

      Boyles was defending Tancredo from some slurs on an early morning 850 KOA show. Then he replayed part of his Friday interview with Poundstone and said he believes her story about giving money about Maes.

      He also complained that Maes used to call the show frequently and now “can’t be found.” (Maes was at the breakfast and made big news. He’s still broke.)

      Finally, Boyles expressed the amazement that I have been feeling and blogging about for weeks. He wondered how Mike Rosen, John Andrews  and other GOP leaders could back Maes given his ethical and competency challenges.

      All in all, it looks like after a horrible week last week, Maes has started this week by digging a deeper hole for himself with a sharp blow from Peter Boyles.  

  1. onebigrepublican says:

    This could very well be the biggest political grift in Colorado history.

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