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August 20, 2010 03:48 PM UTC

Open Line Friday!

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Really, folks, what difference does it make? If he were a Muslim, we don’t care. What’s wrong with being a Muslim? Really, I mean, why the controversy here? What’s the big deal? I mean, we’re into outreach, if he’s a Muslim, that’s fine. Right?”

–Rush Limbaugh, yesterday


71 thoughts on “Open Line Friday!

  1. “The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity. Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept for Creeds, Confessions, Oaths, Doctrines, and whole carloads of other foolish trumpery that we find in Christianity.”

    John Adams

    1. You would have to quote one of them “liberal Founding Fathers”!

      What’s next, something from that “socialist”, President Eisenhower?

      Interstate highway system. What an outrage!

  2. from Dean Baker

    This pain [The Great Recession] is infuriating for two reasons. First, this was an entirely preventable disaster. The housing bubble was easy to see. Competent economists had long warned of its dangers.

    The second reason why the current situation is infuriating is that we know how to get the economy out of this mess. We just need to boost demand. This can be done either with much more government stimulus, more aggressive monetary policy from the Fed, or pushing the dollar down to boost exports.

    So why doesn’t the federal government fix the economy?

    The answer to both these questions is simple; the politicians work for someone else. On Election Day, the politicians might need our votes, but they won’t get to be serious contenders unless they’ve gotten the campaign contributions of the big money crew. And the moneyed elite has been using its control of the political process to ensure that an ever larger share of the economy’s output is redistributed upward in their direction.

    And I’m not pointing fingers at any specific person or party in Congress – this has been a bipartisan disaster.

      1. Fed policy was far more culpable in the housing market collapse than Rep Frank.

        But I’ve posted that link, and since none of the Cons on this site like m pointing out this fact, no one wants to admit to it…

                    1. As far as I know.  I’m only a simple rube.  I know not what’s best for me or even what I truly favor myself.

                      Thank God for Pols to give me an arena to learn so much from the chattering class.

                  1. it does indicate the the latter part of your screen name is probably accurate. it’s ok to be young. If you’re lucky, you can grow out of it.

                    1. And the corn in my crap is more aware and active in the community than you are.

                      Go fuck ourself, you condescending ass.  

                    2. then I guess you never will grow up. And it isn’t really condescending to call someone on their infantile affectations. It is just honest.

                    3. You’re not even debating with me anymore, just being insulting.  I feel dumb I even let you piss me off.

                      Let me know when you’re interested in transitioning out of troll mode.

                    4. and I saw your response to Ari about being drunk when you wrote your corn in your crap comment.

                      I can leave it any time.

                    5. I’d rather not act like a douche when I can avoid it.  Sorry.

                      I really would like to just debate policy, etc., instead of just being dickish to each other.

                    6. And I apologize too.

                      In general I enjoy our debates. You are not of a kind with BJ or Libertad and are much more reasonable (even if you are usually on the wrong side of the argument…)


                      (and that was a little joke, not intended as a literal insult.)

                    7. Fight!  

                      This reasonableness is ….. useful, sure, but  it’s so much more fun to have useless flame wars.

                    8. Let me know when he’s ready for the lecture about the producers vs. the looters.


                      You have a beautiful family.  Good work.

                1. And I was just being snarky.  There’s a lot of culpability for it on both sides of the ideological fence.

                  Yeah, the corn in my crap thing is now being retired.  I just get tired of the overwhelming condescension some people have here sometimes.

                  It’s a joke – to have a different opinion, something has to be wrong with you.  You must be bigoted, racist, too stupid to know the truth, or a child if your philosophy doesn’t match up.

                  It just gets old, and I was pissed, and had a couple of cocktails under my belt.

                    1. I don’t think I am, in general.  If I do something you find to be particularly personally condescending, please mention it, and I’ll apologize.

                  1. I’m tired of being drawn into dick mode too, though I do my best to remember that I respect some of the people who go there and that I’m certainly not above going there.

  3. “Meaningful Coincidences are Significant” – Carl Jung

    Are we going to address the Birthright issue, or “Native Born” son?

    Are we, or should we care, who he’s parents were, or how he grew up, or what he embraced as a religious message all his life?

    I have my birth certificate, my original, nice it was at March Air Force Base, a military hospital and funny it has all that info you will find on your original birth certificate,  including the doctors name and signature. I am sure everyone has such a document. Records are records.

    Fact is, he, President Obama is our president. I didn’t vote for him, although he was all about “Change.” I did vote for President Clinton, and he was also all about “Change,” but President Clinton with the help of the Republicans and Americans I may add, did balance the budget, that much is true.

    Since, its OPEN LINE FRIDAY. I rather leave that note, else I will ramble on about how Insane this whole mess is…..

    Bullwinkle: “Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat!”

    Rocky: “But that trick never works!”

    “Stop the Insanity!” “Fix the economic mess!” & “End the Free Ride!” for me thats not a hard message to fight about.


    1. that our President’s birth certificate has been widely displayed. His birth certificate has likley been authenticated more thoroughly than any other candidate.

      1. For me its not a big issue, but his actual certificate that was displayed around the Internet is not the original its simply the State of Hawaii providing a certificate of live Birth, not actually the same just a record of a recorded act. No hospital no doctor, just another State issued document.

        See, the problem on this issue is its simple. What hospital were you born at, his family says two or three different ones, I am confused here.

        Forget the names, his mother was married to who, they were practicing Muslims or not or ? again, I am confused.

        I grew up in Turkey, my first language was Turkish, Arabic, dunno I was young. My mother was Japanese, but she naturalized and she was a Christian.  So I can understand, when people have conflicts. But this is easy to put at rest. Just bring all the facts out, not a problem.

        Fact is having a muslim name just means you have a muslim name. I grew up with Robert Moore (Bobby) he changed his name to Ahmad Rashad, still Bobby to me. I guess this was during the black muslims days, maybe that was our President’s feelings. I didn’t notice that in the recent press release.

        On a side note:

        “Power to the People” was not about being black, brown or red. It was about representation,having a political voice. I know alot of people then embrace the words of MAO, Lenin and Marx. I knew the difference and didn’t.

        I guess alot of people still have those questions. Any comments? What do you think?

        Is it a “Coincidence” when someone surrounds themselves with people who have a certain political leaning?

    2. The real one gets filed with the state vital records department.

      You probably have a COPY with the imprint of the state seal.  Just like me, born in Chelsea Naval Hospital.

      That you righties can’t get this “right” means I would never, ever vote for you.  

      1. If Charley has his ORIGINAL birth certificate, someone must have stolen it from the state.

        If Obama had his own original, can you just imagine how many people like Charley, Orly Taitz, etc. would be screaming about that, and claiming that he’d created a fake, etc. etc. etc.

        Of course, the fact that the REPUBLICAN officials in Hawaii (thank God they are Republican or else we’d be hearing even more conspiracy theories) have SWORN UNDER OATH that they indeed have the original and that it shows that Obama was born in Hawaii, means nothing to these fevered conspiracy theorists who are convinced that Obama is the original Terror Baby.

        1. For me its not a big deal, just that someone was mentioning his name hence the comment, and I was referring to my procession of my birth certificate that I am happy to share, which shows the doctors name and the hospital.

          Thats the point I was making.

          Now an “Unaffiliated” is a Republican? is that like an Progressive? Or maybe you are thinking of an Independent?

          See, the problem is, 1.2 million “Unaffiliated” are neither, and that is something the parties are assuming otherwise, and frankly they don’t get it.

          If what everyone is saying (All parties and Unaffiliated) is true, then you have some serious problems.

          Every poll in the nation for the last six months have indicated a dramatic plunge of the approval ratings of both parties, Dem or Rep.

          And no amount of President Obama robo-calling or Nancy Pelosi calling is going to change that, Nor will the calls from the other-side of the aisle, instead it is simply driving the nails deeper into the political coffin on the morn of Nov 3rd.

        1. Yeah, May 14, 1946.  I knew a good deal when I had it and I didn’t leave Mom for a month after the due date.  They didn’t induce then.  

          Dad’s CG commanding officer kept extending his duty a week at a time, lying about needing him so that I would be born on the gummint nickel.  

  4. As David has continued to point out, we have a jobless problem in Colorado.

    New claims for unemployment benefits jump unexpectedly

    The 500,000 unemployment applications submitted nationwide last week were the most in nine months.

    Sadly and despite the Obama bailout programs that promised to keep unemployment under 10% we have dipped yet again. Colorado’s economic development guru’s who worked their majic with Forontier, 1st Data, Qwest, Coors, et. al. have predicted that the 100,000+ jobs lost under Hickenlooper-Ritter won’t come back until at least 2014. This would seem to suggest that Colorado will bounce along at a 10% unemployment rate for the next half decade.

    Reporting from Washington – The U.S. job market, barely treading water this year, is showing worrisome signs of weakening.

    The Labor Department said Thursday that new applications for unemployment benefits unexpectedly rose to 500,000 last week, the highest level in nine months. It marked the third straight week of rising new jobless claims and added to other recent reports suggesting that layoffs are ticking higher even as new hiring remains sluggish.


    President Obama, facing increasing pressure on the economy, referred to the latest increase in jobless claims as he pressed lawmakers to pass a jobs bill that would give small businesses tax relief and aid with loans.

    “They need help. And if we want this economy to create more jobs more quickly, we need to help them,” he said before departing for an extended family vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.


    The number of people continuing to receive benefits remained at about 4.5 million in early August. That’s roughly a third of the 15 million workers who are officially unemployed.

    The of course there are the unofficially unemployed.


    As most of you know a certain member of this community has begun to fund … John Hickenlooper, Guv Ritter and Michael Bennet need you to counter with a donation today.


    Failure to act today will result in hundreds of millions of your tax dollars being taken from the government. These monies will be unavailable for Democrat leaders to spend in support of growing the government.

    1. Its not about DEM or REP, if you refer to all incumbents they are in some serious doo-doo.

      I like how Rasmussenreports is polling now with “Someone Else”

      I rather stay well under the radar, as some folks up the hill refer to it, the “secret vote” in November.

      Good luck getting your incumbent to survive November, but be warned that doesn’t mean the other party will win.

      But what do I know, I predicted a Norton – Bennet slugfest in Nov now we have the Buck N’ Bennet.

      1. What are you talking about? I’m not supporting any incumbents. And a word to the wise – it’s not smart to trumpet your own ignorance in that you incorrectly predicted Norton would win.

        1. I didn’t see the far reaches of the Political universe 527 dumping zillions into Buck.

          So, I went with Norton.

          I was wrong, write on Bennet. And good for you, my prediction most if not all incumbents will get “fired” I will tally it up Nov 3rd.

          If I have the time.


    2. .

      51% of those polled think the US ought to help Israel invade Iran.

      How can civilized people be so gung-ho for wars of aggression ?  This country needs a draft.

      and we have way too much military power. We need to downsize for our own (and the rest of the world’s) good.


  6. from CNN

    At nearly 74 years old, Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, might not be the first person to come to mind when you’re asked to name a social media “genius.” But according to a new joint study, he is just that-the U.S. senator most adept at using social media.

  7. Note that in this graph you want the number to go down! From BusinessInsider

    I know Republican instrangence is part of the reason, but couldn’t Obama and the Democratic house at least propose legislation that would address the awful situation we are in? At least call the Republicans in the Senate out for doing nothing.

    1. In case you haven’t realized it yet, the Obama administration doesn’t care one whit about creating jobs. They want everybody to be on unemployment and dependent on big government to solve their problems. Then Obama can use his stimulus (a.k.a. “slush fund”) to do pretty much whatever he dang well pleases.

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