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August 17, 2010 05:46 PM UTC

Maes Picks Tambor Williams for Lt. Gov.

  • by: Colorado Pols

Just Tweeted by 9NEWS’ Adam Schrager.

By way of introduction, Tambor Williams is the former director of the state Department of Regulatory Agencies under Bill Owens, and a former Speaker Pro Tempore in the state legislature. Williams served as a state representative from 1997-2004 according to the Denver Business Journal’s 2004 report on her appointment to head DORA.

Meaning that, unlike the GOP candidate for Governor himself, she is actually somewhat qualified.

And by the end of the day, more people will have heard of Tambor Williams than at any point in her lifetime–given the likelihood of success as the second half of Dan Maes’ star-crossed ticket, that’s probably the mission accomplished point.

It’s also important to remember here that this wasn’t a one-way decision. As we discussed yesterday, Maes could only select someone who also wanted the job. This isn’t like a typical Gubernatorial campaign where getting tapped to be the Lt. Governor is a big prize; Maes’s options were limited because a strong GOP politician looking at future office wouldn’t want to be attached to a guy who is going to get creamed in November and will likely make more of a fool of himself along the way.


65 thoughts on “Maes Picks Tambor Williams for Lt. Gov.

      1. BJ Nikkel – Ideologically she’s there, but probably wouldn’t take it… She’s just too pragmatic.

        Shawn Mitchell – Started as a solid defender of the delegate/primary voters votes, and supported Maes also. Good experience, good “unifier”, popular with GOP salwarts and the Libertarian fringe alike.

        After that I kinda run out of names because just about everyone else got behind Mcinnis and has spent the last 12 months smack talking either Penry or Maes.

    1. Well I guess I do. She’s got experience, ties to the establishment blah, blah, blah. Sure isn’t going to help grassroots enthusiasm though.

      1. So Maes finally made an intelligent decision — a first for him — and moved toward the center.  He has no hope to win but this could conceivably reduce the anchor effect his doomed candidacy will have on downticket GOP candidates.  As a certified lunatic who thinks bicycles are a communist plot, he certainly doesn’t have to placate the far right that nominated him.

  1. IIRC, Tambor Williams was a moderate, pro-choice R back in her legislative day. Even so, the Lt. Guv bone is not enough to invite country club R’s “home” IMHO, especially when Hick is so biz-friendly.

    Can’t imagine Maes’ Tea Party base is going to be very happy about this, either. Is it possible for his campaign to alienate the entirety of his voter universe?  

  2. about Tambor is she wasn’t terribly friendly and liked to jog on her lunch hour, so I ran her name by two former colleagues last night and this morning and got a collective “You’re kidding me” groan.

  3. In the day, this would have been considered a remarkably good pick.  But the Republican Party of today will hate.  She is pro-choice and Colorado Republicans for Choice helped her in her contests.  She may even have been helped by NARAL.  Further, she still sits on the Colorado Supreme Court Judicial Performance Commission. http://www.coloradojudicialper… Sure to piss off Andrews and crowd as she voted to retain at least one Justice this year, Nancy Rice one of the most liberal justices who was unanimously recommended for retention.  http://www.coloradojudicialper

    So, overall, frankly with the regular voters a good pick, experience, woman, moderate, Weld County, smart.  For the Tea Party faction, not so much.  Should be fun to watch.

    1. I’m truly looking forward to seeing how Republicans keep the Tea-bagger momentum going while also playing to the middle. Tambor is an obvious example of trying to get back to the middle however the Tea-bagger folks are too pure to allow R’s to do this. They are already anti-establishment, this will just make matters worse for them. I think their enthusiasm dies as R’s become more moderate.  

    2. if Maes will try to squeeze between Tancredo and Hickenlooper on the issues.  Hickenlooper is pretty moderate but Tancredo way over there on the right.. maybe he can pull it off.  He needs money though.

      1. will try to put him between Tancredo and Hick.  But Maes’ natural inclination will be to out-run to the right of Tanc.

        All autumn long we’ll see a running saga of Maes constantly heading off the farm — followed by a few of his more responsible handlers who try to reign him in, make all sorts of fantastically contorted explanations for his bizarre statements, and then shove back into his straightjacket for a day or so.

    3. and besides that the only impact this will have is to make the fantics on the right angry. All the other voters won’t care by tomorrow morning. Net result, a negative impact for Mr. Maes.

  4. Vote for us-She’s not crazy

    Vote for Tambor-don’t you wish I wasn’t on the ticket? At the top?

    Maes might have just gotten himself a GOP led revolt if he should miraculously win. They could throw him out and have her. Simple moves after more $ shenanigans arise.

  5. 1. Dan Maes is serious about winning. Dan made a decision to broaden his appeal and that’s what someone focused on gaining the most votes does.

    2. The state party is supporting Dan. They may not be thrilled, but someone like Tambor would not join the ticket if most of the party leadership was washing their hands of Maes.

      1. Maes has to at least garner 10 % of the vote or the entire Colorado Republican Party will lose major-party status. That’s worth getting him at least a little support.

  6. If you do a Google Image search for Tambor Williams you get exactly ONE picture of Tambor Williams, followed by a zillion photos of Jeffrey Tambor.

    And that’s if you actually search for Tambor Williams. If you search for just Tambor, she’s gone without a trace.

    1. that Tambor is not her real first name, but a name from an old marriage. Really a WTF piece of information right there and I don’t really believe it.

  7. Ruh-roh raggy, she’s a “tax-raiser” HTF is that going to play w/ repubs?

    I thought they all vehemenetly opposed Ref C and all it’s evils?

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