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August 15, 2010 08:01 AM UTC

OPEN CHALLENGE: TO Buck & Bennet Over.

  • by: charleymiller2010

Lets get ready to Rumble, or Bring it on.


I seriously doubt neither Michael Bennet or Ken Buck would agree to an arm wrestling contest, or an open forum with the public (no scripted), but I got the chutzpah or conjones for either. You see, I am just a “little guy,” unlike these two, I never ran for office, I am NOT a politician and most of all I am “Unaffiliated” and do NOT belong to a party.For me that is a good thing.

I am willing to fight, verbal debate or brawl, and I am surely able to speak my mind, face-to-face, toe-to-toe and eye-to-eye as I have with thousands since I started this arduous battle, with either of these guys. I am fighting for the “Little Guy,” to “Stop the Insanity”, “Fix the economic mess” & “End the free rides.”

So consider this, as me throwing down the gauntlet, since we don’t duel anymore, a challenge for either of these party shell ins (whoops sorry Jane sorry Andy no offense) to meet Publicly with John and Jane Doe public fielding the questions to a free-for-all debate on the issues that are keeping them awake at night.

Lansdowne Arms, Towne Square, Highlands Ranch, 9352 Dorchester St,

Mon 16th, CANCELLED CANCELLED at 6pm Open Forum, Debate, Meet the Candidates, or what have you?

Since its their slow nights and we might as well all meet and greet in the bar , get to know each other and handle the questions, I am up for that. Meet and Issue talk whoever is there, willing to endure the Political discourse.

So, not being in politics, someone chime in, who do I glove slap to get this ball rolling, else I will just show up say at 6pm each of those days, field questions if no one shows up, deal or no deal?

I will be there, excuse if I post this on DP, and will post on Ken and Michael (Corporate looking) Webpages and mine at



33 thoughts on “OPEN CHALLENGE: TO Buck & Bennet Over.

  1. But your website says little about what you’d do, other than be “against” illegal immigration in wholly undefined ways, and against bailouts (whih arena happening again anytime soon anyway). What you do say sounds like the standard BslS from both sides: you want to cut spending but somehow still declare spending on seniors, schools, and the unemployed “off limits.” so it looks like you’re not an admirable 3d party “cause” candidacy, but a lake 3r party vanity candidacy

  2. I am absolutely impressed and applaud any candidate that has the balls to get into this race with your obviously well thought out positions.

    I’m impressed that even in 2008, after the Republicans brought the economy to the brink of total annihilation, you still voted for McCain because:

    When I felt, even in 2008, a looming financial crisis was at hand. So, I voted for more fiscal responsibility and voted Republican.

    I like what this says about you. It says that you’re amazingly astute as not many people realized a financial crisis was looming in 2008 and that you’re very very loyal to fiscal responsibility even if that loyalty is woefully misplaced.

    Your “plan” to

    Stop the Insanity!

    is quite impressive. It’s much too long to fully quote here but what really caught my attention was this:

    My support or sponsorship of any bill, amendment, or appropriation will send a clear message that a non-partisan view and debate has occurred, I will not allow any issues to go forward with unanimous consent.

    I like that you’re plan to help make the Senate less contentious is to make the Senate argue (debate) on every single bill, amendment, etc. That fucking unanimous consent shit is for angry contentious partisans who can’t agree on anything!

    I admire your balls in calling out the other candidates in such a way and in a place they are sure to see it. I am so glad there is someone standing up for the “little guy”. I would wish you luck in this Senate race but I don’t think you need it.

    Me? I’m still voting for Bennet. Because win or lose, agree or disagree at least his positions are coherent.

    1. Hope to see you there, Monday nights.

      I will never give up this fight, we can’t, its more than Colorado, I love Colorado, but its really about saving the USA, and those who call this a “lost cause” fail to realize it’s the “lost causes” we fight for the most and die for.*

      I’ll leave a Diary post, regarding the “Buck & Bennet show.” I am sure all the folks waiting to field the tough questions will enjoy the open public free forum debate, Q&A.

      So I will repeat myself, (Hoping to clear any wrong conclusions, misrepresentations, or whatevers)

      Again:  “STOP THE INSANITY”

      The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

      One thing, as the historical first, “Unique  Unafffilated” Senator, I will fight on the Senate floor and in the middle of the aisle, I will filibuster, and to counter Rule 22, which I call the tyranny of the majority, by demanding strict senate procedure (I can and will debate for 30 hours If I have to you can watch me do it on CSPAN), by asserting myself (My special status as the only “Unique Unaffiliated Senator”) to chair all house – senate bill differences (pre-conferences, informal & formal meetings), and by most importantly, not having to be in a party, caucus with any particular party or be on a committee. A Senator should represent the people not the parties, but bring the best from each to resolve the issue at hand.

      I rather not complicate our discussions with details of why this is needed and why it will work, so to maybe enlighten you, I suggest you pull out an old copy of the following:

      *Frank Cappra’s 1939 Depression Era Classic Film, “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” and follow what Jimmy Stewart is doing.

      I rather this not be about “action/reaction” but about “Vision,” and I envision, my personal “Manifest Destiny”, a political change that will be positive and one which will stand out as “Stopping the Insanity,” one that our youth today and tomorrow can look at, forward too, instead of the two party (junk) we have now, for me its clear.




  3. I am sorry to inform you, that Ken Buck and Michael Bennet did not attend the Open Forum Challenge at Lansdowne Arms.

    I was able to entertain, to some point about 50 people or more, sorry if I interrupted anyone’s dinner, or drinks or the Game, was it the Jets and Giants?

    As always, the political questions were the same, hard ones, with a resounding issue, that of, the two-parties are out of control and someone has to stop the insanity.

    Some of the stories, are really painful to hear, I feel for those who have lost their businesses, jobs, or are suffering as many are today. Seriously, when you hear the same thing from Gunnison to Greeley, from Five Points to Highlands Ranch, you begin to realize we got some serious problems here.

    Most people were wondering where Senator Bennet was, I got an impression he does alot of no-shows, since someone mention it.

    Anyway, if you were there thanks.

    NOTICE: I will be canceling the next two events not due to lack of interest but due to lack of participation from either of the B’s. Yes, I posted on their web pages, yes I left comments all over, maybe they don’t read the DP or WW, or their own webpages.

    Thanks for all the comments.


      1. I am hearing they won’t do radio ambush either, which I plan to. So, plan on hearing me on the radio, and most other places of free public venue.

        BTW, I am on the Ballot.

        Charley Miller, “Unaffiliated.”

        I am the “Someone Else”, currently 8%,  in the Rasmussen polls. Until, I break 20%.

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