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January 15, 2020 03:25 PM UTC

Reporters Still Looking for Cory Gardner's Spine

  • by: Colorado Pols

Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Yuma) was busy today firing off Tweets about trade agreements and speaking in front of an empty Senate chamber about the four corners of Colorado and…something.

What Gardner was NOT doing today is the same thing has has NOT been doing for months: Commenting in any way, shape or form on the pending impeachment trial against President Trump.

Justin Wingerter of The Denver Post has noted Gardner’s refusal to talk about the most important political subject in the entire country, but he’s not alone in trying to track down the elusive junior Senator from Colorado. As The New York Times reported today:

For Republicans in difficult re-election races — with the possible exception of Ms. Collins, who is her own brand in Maine — the political calculations are complex. Senators Joni Ernst of Iowa, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Martha McSally of Arizona and Mr. Gardner all face tough contests in states that are not nearly as conservative as they used to be…

…The pressure on Mr. Gardner mounted on Monday when the Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans that describes itself as “dedicated to defeating President Trump and Trumpism,” targeted him in a brutal advertisement that described the Colorado senator as “just another Trump servant — weak, frightened, impotent — a small man, terrified of a political bully.”

“Colorado voters want a fair trial in the Senate and honest leadership,” the ad said. “Either do your job, or Colorado will find someone who will.”

In the Capitol on Tuesday, Mr. Gardner was making himself scarce. When Republicans wrapped up a luncheon featuring a discussion of trial procedure, he zipped out a back door and headed for a little-used elevator, avoiding a throng of waiting reporters. 

“I’m sorry, he’s got to get going,” an aide to Mr. Gardner told a reporter who followed him, as the elevator doors opened and the senator slipped inside. Then Mr. Gardner jumped in, begging off any discussion of whether he could be the elusive fourth vote who could upend hopes of a quick acquittal of Mr. Trump. [Pols emphasis]

Gardner’s, um, “spinal problem” is quite a contrast with another prominent member of Colorado’s Congressional delegation. This morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Rep. Jason Crow (D-Aurora) was among seven Representatives chosen to prosecute the House impeachment case in the upcoming Senate trial.

One man is standing up to fulfill the Congressional duties set forth in his oath of office. The other is hiding from reporters in elevators. If you’re embarrassed by the ridiculous charades of Sen. Cory Gardner in this critical moment in American history…well, you absolutely should be.

Rep. Jason Crow (D-Aurora) at far right of image.


3 thoughts on “Reporters Still Looking for Cory Gardner’s Spine

  1. Almost every reader here knows it's a complicated political decision for vulnerable R Senators to fish or cut bait this time around. Break ranks and run to the middle and risk the ire of the White House, or go all in on the crazy with Trump. As that CNN clip above explains we now see the path McSally has chosen, as in, fuck it, swing voters be damned, I'm down with Twittlers special brand of dysfunction till the bitter end.

    Gardner's calculus is somewhat different in that he's already in the bag with Trump but he'll still do his level best to claim he's " bipartisan " and moderate and all such nonsense. The problem with that having your cake and eating it too strategy is that its getting stale, and nobody believes the guy anymore because he hides, and won't answer simple questions to the people he purports to represent. Not a good look.

    You can't be everything to everyone, but damned if Cory won't try. If he's doing a drive-by in Denver, its hey look I always supported Obamacare, but in Weld Co its I'll keep those commie gun grabbers at bay ! Good luck on the fence Coreless…

  2. Cory Gardner’s latest ratings on Morning Consult:  “Each quarter, we’ll update this page with the latest survey data, providing an in-depth look at how all 100 U.S. senators stand with voters in their state.” By “voters”, they mean “Morning Consult obtained population parameters for registered voters from the November 2016 Current Population Survey. We applied post-stratification weights based on gender, age, educational attainment and race.” They claim they surveyed enough the margin of error is 1%.

    Cory Gardner   R-Colorado  Net approval:

    All voters -3  Democrats -30  Republicans 33  Independents -10 

    I really don’t get this math … Unaffiliated are 40% of the active registered voters, Democrats 30%, Republicans 28.5%.  Even if they treated the three as equals, the All Voters tally would be -7.   Anyone enough of a math whiz to find relative numbers they are using in order to come up with the “all voters” number?

    by comparison to others thought (by someone) to be vulnerable.:

    Collins is -10; Ernst is -5; McSally is -3; McConnell is -13; Tillis is -3;

    Doug Jones is 6;

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