Last Debate Before The Vote Open Thread

Be nice, and say sorry for when you weren’t.

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  1. davebarnes says:


    stopped watching after 1:40

    lots of weasel answers

  2. Powerful Pear says:

    The only candidate  with serious gravitas is Tulsi Gabbard, sorry Michael Bennet. 

    Weasel answers from weasel politicians.

  3. RepealAndReplace says:

    Best line of the debate went to Warren with:  the women up here have never lost an election while the men haven’t defeated a Republican incumbent in 30 years.

    Second best:  her put down of Bernie who made a big deal of his beating a Republican in 1990, to which Warren said, “Yeah, 30 years ago. Like I said.”

    Someone needs to tell Methuselah that it is not 2019 any more.

    Any word on what went on during that exchange between Warren and Bernie immediately after the debate when he extended his hand and she wouldn’t shake it?

  4. bullshit! says:

    Warren absolutely dominated this debate. I almost teared up watching her own Bernie's ass.

    It has got to be Warren, people. Let's please not fuck this up.

    • Voyageur says:

      Warren did well, but Amy did better.  The only cabdidate to invoke fiscal responsibility at a time when the Imbecile Administration runs $1 trillion plus deficits.

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        Amy is definitely the grown up candidate. Unfortunately, that doesn't play well in our political system.


        • Conserv. Head Banger says:

          For what it's worth, I made my first contribution last week, and perhaps my last, to a Democrat presidential candidate. It went to the only candidate who can beat Trump, in my opinion, except maybe for Biden. I donated to Amy Klobuchar (three figure amount).  

          • JohnInDenver says:

            Thanks for helping Amy stay in the hunt. 

            The trouble is, she is so far behind in the fundraising race it would be extraordinarily difficult for her to ramp up from an Iowa success to compete in the deluge of contests in March.

            • Voyageur says:

              If Amy does "better than expected" in Iowa, she could win New Hampshire outright.  Combined with a faltering Biden campaign, she would then unite the moderate majority.

              At minimum, if we nominate a geezer like Joe or Bernie, she is the vp candidate.


  5. RepealAndReplace says:

    Ross Douthat, with whom I rarely agree, put it best:

    After Super Tuesday, the debates will boil down to two grumpy old men yelling at each other.

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