Buck is Crazy, Part 1

Buck on Social Security


“I don’t know whether it’s  constitutional or not; it is certainly a horrible policy,” Buck said. “The idea that the federal government should be running health care or retirement or any of those programs is fundamentally against what I believe. And that is that the private sector runs programs like that far better.”

Buck on federal sudent loans


…we have to wean the American public off those,” he said.

Buck on federal healthcare reform

Repeal it.

Buck on birther legislation


Yes, he insulted the birthers, but I got the sense that was more of a political sensibility than a rejection of them.

Buck on Ref C

…largest tax increase in the history of the state of Colorado …

He claims he opposed it.

Buck on US NAtional Security and our biggest threats


But I think the largest threat we really have is the progressive liberal movement.

Not terrorists. Not energy dependence  on foreign, sometimes hostile, nations. Not China’s economic surge.  Not climate change. Not rogue nukes.  Not crazy candidates like T. Tancredo.

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  1. Laughing Boy says:

    Not with you, with Buck.  Nice work, Ken.

  2. TimothyTribbett says:

    ..for moving our eyes to the real prize!

  3. bjwilson83 says:

    I’m not even sure it’s worth it to try to stick up for Buck on this site. But as Laughing Boy point’s out, you’re doing a fairly good job of it yourself.

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