What Now? Bennet

Bennet wins – and it is not the end, but the beginning.

183,000 voters showed up and said Bennet.

He wins by 8.5%

So what?

What now?

1) Thursday 12:30 Capitol Steps

Dem unity rally.

Show up – be polite to someone.

2) Join the consolidated campaign.

3) Connect with Organizing for America and get to work.

4) Write a check for Bennet.

5) Go to http://bennetforcolorado.com/  and sign up.

6) Meet some people of Team Bennet and express your view.

Meet the candidate, watch him listen when you ask your questions, listen to his answer (which almost surely be “too long” by  classic campaign 101 lessons)

7) Winning is fun. Losing stings.

But in this case, winning is more fun and losing should sting less because Michael is a good guy.    I like ANdrew. I’ve always liked Andrew.  I like Mike.  

8) Realize that Sirota is nuts about who can win in Colorado.

9) Say something nice – or say nothing.

10) Take Maes seriously.  I don’t really understand how and why but as easy as it’s been to write him off, he keeps winning.

Sure, make the jokes, they write themselves.  But he keeps winning.

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  1. peacemonger says:

    And in a few days, I hope you’ll join the Dems in taking on Ken Buck.

    • MADCO says:

      I think Dan WIllis gets it right earlier this morning “My guy lost. My party can’t.”

      Sooner is better because there’s a lot to do, in addition to everything I listed above, there is the down ticket.  I’m not talking about finding a sacrificial D in CD5 or HD44, though this can be useful too.  I’m talking about the rest of the D leadership.

      Realizing I’m only reminding us of things we already know:

      – We’re about to publish a new census and go through redistricting.

      – There are going to be judicial vacancies that need filling.

      – There will be a TABOR lawsuit

      – Our state still has major budget problems

      And I’d rather do these things with preserved D majorities and a D governor.

  2. JO says:

    Concession: the “Democratic” primary was largely a personality contest devoid of ideology, unless lobbyist influence over the legislature is an ideological difference.

    What Is To Be Done. Needed, a concerted effort, aimed at 2012 and beyond, to organize the New Democrats, a third party that can play a role somewhat akin to the Liberal Democrats of Britain: initially to wring concessions from the newly middle-right Democratic Party by speaking for a demonstrable minority on the left, later to put candidates in office as the crises continue to multiply without effective action.

    • kingbaby says:

      Throw in some fusion voting while you’re at it. 🙂

    • Raf says:

      The Lib Dems in the UK don’t really fulfill that role. If anything, they’re left-libertarian: socially liberal, and huge believers in the free market.

      Moreover, the only reason they’re successful in the UK is because the political system there allows for a multiplicity of political parties. Our party system is much less organized than theirs – for starters, in order to be an actual member of a party, you have to pay dues.

      There’s more to it – and I can go on about it, having worked on British elections – but unless there’s a fundamental way in how we structure our parties, your idea isn’t going anywhere, sad to say.

  3. bjwilson83 says:

    If you supported Romanoff because you don’t like what’s going on in Washington right now, support Buck instead of Bennet. Principle over party has always been my motto, and it should be yours too if you have any self respect.

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