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August 11, 2010 06:05 AM UTC

Buck Beats Norton

  • by: Colorado Pols

Again, per 9News.


73 thoughts on “Buck Beats Norton

      1. Be careful what you wish for – we should always strive to get an opponent who is not batshit crazy.  Up in Larimer County a few years ago, we had some primary party switchers vote for a local Republican, um, “character” because it was felt there was no way he could win the general County Commission election.  And that is how we ended up with Commissioner Bender (infamous for his diatribes and bizarre theories on the “Liberal Taliban”)

        I’d much prefer Buck over Norton if worse comes to worst and Bennet loses.

        1. People underestimate the power of ending combat operations in Iraq.  Obama is going to finish what Bush started and do it in a way that doesn’t cost America.  You add that to Health Care Reform and Banking Reform and the job he did with the Gulf oil spill and it is going to be tougher to sell Republican cynicism.  The dreaded Republican wave might not be the Tsunami that they are anticipating.  Just three months ago Dick Wadhams was predicting a total rout in the gubernatorial race.

          Bennet and Hickenlooper are moderates and that should be a key factor when voters go to the polls.  Buck can win of course but he can also commit some big gaffes and he is to the right of extreme on a lot of issues like the criminalization of womens health.  The guy is not a moderate and Bennet doesn’t have to pull his punches or hoard his cash.

          1. BUT…..

            1) I know you care and I sure as hell do too, but much as I wish it were otherwise, the American people don’t give a rip about Iraq so long as it’s not on their television screens while they eat dinner.

            2) Obama’s major legislative accomplishments are not exactly wildly popular among Independents.

            3) I agree with you about Buck obviously.

            4) I think there’s a 45:55 chance the R’s gain control of the Senate in November. If that happens Bennet will be one of the Dems on the losing side the day after.

            1. The forest service told me in 2005 that all my pine trees would be dead in 3-5 years.  Now their saying 6-8.  I’ve cut twelve out of 150 since 2007.  The cynics said I’d be looking red by now but I still sit on my deck and look at lovely green trees every night.  I’m a born optimist dude and I believe in miracles.

              1. (I don’t think Iraq would register 1% on a poll of voters’ concerns.)

                Not sure what your pine trees have to do with Bennet, but hey……glad you’re happy on your deck! Crack a PBR for me would’ja?

                1. The Republicans are the masters of disaster and have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  To assume the worst is to overlook the wonderful.  The American people are smart enough to see effort and know which way things are headed.

                  Obama has met every challenge and produced results that have stabilized our country and the world.  Your pessimism regarding an honorable conclusion to combat operations in Iraq is kind of sad really.  We are leaving behind a functioning country that is not in chaos and the men and women who lost their lives deserve more recognition for their sacrifice.  I do hope that the country stops and takes notice of this significant event.  The hour glass of our national karma will be turned over that day.  It’s going to be great day and you heard it from me first.

                  1. Hey – you and I have talked Iraq before and you know it’s important to me personally in light of my experience.

                    I don’t fool myself into thinking, however, that Iraq has high salience for the average American voter. Afghanistan is higher, and even that barely moves the dial.  

                    As DavidThi_ noted, ‘jobs and the economy’ will trump in November.

              2. between an infestation of pine beetles and an infestation of politicians, I’d gladly sacrifice all my pine trees; pine beetles being the more rational and reasonable pests to deal with.

                I agree with State Line on 1, 2, and 3.  4 is a longershot and less likely.  But don’t forget, the Dems don’t have to lose that many seats to lose the Senate.

                I can very easily see a scenario where post-November both Ben Nelson and Phil Lieberman (officially) switch to the Republican party.  That means that the loss of just 6 D-seats and it’d be 50/50.  It’s going to be damn close.

                    1. Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Indiana, Colorado, Washington, California – all very close races in current Dem Senate seats.

                      Assume the R’s successfully defend their seats in Ohio, Kentucky, New Hampshire and Missouri – as appears highly likely.  

                      If you were Charlie Christ and you came into that particular Senate composition – esp with Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson, both of whom have no love for the Dems these days, as possible party switchers – what would you do?

                      I DID call it a 45:55 chance of a Republican takeover, not 55:45.

                      But in this highly toxic environment for Dems, it’s not hard to envision the scenario unless one is wooly-eyed.

                    2. Nate Silver puts the chances of Repubs taking over the senate at 9% (without Crist). According to his numbers, Dems have a higher shot of staying even at 59.

                      45%? Good luck with that.

                    3. Economy could start showing promising signs, combat troops out of Iraq, could get two months of good job numbers, etc.

                      A 5% improvement for Dems could make a world of difference.

                      I agree it’s a long shot, though…

                    4. I’m mainly arguing against Dem complacency.

                      Iraq hasn’t moved the needle for American voters since before 2008. Anyway, ‘combat troops’ out at end August is a bit of a semantic exercise.

                      Re Jobs: I study the jobs #s closely every time they’re released. Last Friday’s report was a disaster. It would take MAJOR new #s to make the slightest postitive difference in the Aug/Sept jobs reports – there is zero reason to expect that to occur, given slack private sector hiring and public sector layoffs….

                      Re the macroeconomy: The Fed FOMC’s statement today showed their worsening assessment of the trendline…..

                    5. See my “Rockies” reply to Gilpin Guy below.  Same applies to you.

                      Take a cab, take the bus, just don’t get behind the wheel of the car tonight.

                    6. now that Romanoff is out of the picture.  The 73% included the possibility that Romanoff would win the primary but lose the general.

                1. that a party that nominates a Dan Maes is ready to lead again?  Really?

                  Not gonna happen.

                  We’re gonna hold the Governors mansion

                  We’re gonna hold the legislature

                  We’re gonna hold the Senate

                  We’re gonna hold the House

                    1. I was in the basement in my pajamas so was safe for the night.

                      The big mantra over and over this year has been the enthusiasm gap.  Getting out of Iraq and making it real is a promise fulfilled by Obama and will up the enthusiasm for Dems.  Change is difficult to see until it occurs.  Those Democrats who voted in record numbers in the primary were voting to stay the course.  I’m guessing the lessons learned by Obama supporters in 2008 are going to be used again in 2010 with even better organized local groups.  I know the Dems. in Gilpin are better organized this time.  Bring on the Buckaroo .

                    2. Those Democrats who voted in record numbers in the primary were voting to stay the course.

                      55% voted to stay the course.

                      I’m sorry but I don’t see Iraq/AfPak being a big deal unless things go really bad there in the next 2 months.

                    3. There was a surge for Bennet at the end.  You could just feel that “Yes We Can” atmosphere in the last two weeks.  They were the ones who voted to stay the course and give Obama the troops he needed to carrying out the rebuilding of America.  It was very much the will of the majority of Democrats in Colorado to stay the course.  It is a continuity election now and Bennet has an excellent chance to capitalize on the Republican movement away from the middle and secure another vote for rebuilding America so that we can once again be a prosperous, peaceful and pluralistic society.  

                    4. Because we need every Dem showing up to vote, and then we need to pull that “yes we can” from the middle.

                      BTW – my prediction of Romanoff was based purely on going against the conventional wisdom for bragging rights if I was correct.

                    5. when ever one else is picking the overwhelming favorite.  You other races were pretty damn close.

                      Some things will have to go right for Dems to overcome the obstruction by Republicans to help the country out of this economic crisis but there very well could be a second surge come November.  Not saying it will happen but there is still a will to change the direction of this country into a positive course.

          2. People are going to be voting on just two subjects – jobs and the economy. And they are going to measure incumbents and Democrats (Bennet is both) by results, not nice speeches. This November is going to be awful for us Dems if the job market still sucks.

          1. Not overconfident.  Bennet will come across as rational, reasonable, perhaps boring.  Buck will blow up a bunch of times on the trail.  We’re a moderate state.  Bennet is a moderate.  Buck is not.

        1. Bennet will represent the Obamian status quo, with Buck as the ‘change’ candidate. (I know, I know: how f**ed up is that!)

          But MB may pay the price for that sentiment abroad in the land. I think he’s likely to win, but don’t feel it’ll be a walk by any means.

          Making a silly projection from 3 months out, lets say MB by 4.5%  

    1. $1 SAVE USA Campaign Stop the Insanity! Fix the Economic Mess! & End the Free Rides! ! Is it worth a Buck to save the USA?

      Lets be real, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Ken Buck or Michael Bennet will and have always stamped the party line, either way, they are not about fixing the insanity, they are part of it.

      Send in your Buck! & forget Bennet Too! Thanks!

      Unaffiliated charleymiller2010

      1. and thought you were sorta OK until I got to

        “Cut government spending through immigration reforms”.


        And, this issue affects how much of the Federal budget?

        Try this instead: “Grow the economy be encouraging more people to immigrate to the USA.”

        1. You know how much is being wasted on Illegals?

          How much is being lost, abuse, fraud and illegal practices?

          How much is not taxed or how much money is leaving our country?

          How many Jobs are lost or taken?

          How many are in jails, prisons, or committing crimes with no fear of punishment?

          How many business, financial institutions or other services are using illegals to essentially destroy America, by undercutting real Americans?

          The numbers are staggering, even at the most liberal viewed statistics its INSANITY.

          This is my major, “END THE FREE RIDES.”

          Buck or Tancredo ? On this issue I stand from personal experience, my immigration reform is Amnesty, No amnesty. Its not needed enforce the laws and they will leave.

          Unless you think they will join the millions of homeless we see everyday? Ask the homeless, take the time to engage them, they know the answer.

          I stand with both, but I have major differences.

          One, The Republican platform is about cutting the budget by cutting into “Entitlements,” how about fraud, waste and abuses, and by the way, the Democrats already did that, no cost of living increase is a cut folks, and the Healthcare reform excludes what group of people? So there goes my belief in Democrats holding the social issues, such as seniors, and the “little guy” they used to hold dear to heart.

          Illegals to me are NOT entitled to anything, except those we view as Court mandated. The real problem is our lack of enforcing the current immigration laws.

          I grew up, waking up at night, hearing my mother reciting, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.” I am proud of that, her becoming an American citizen by naturalizing and her knowing English was the language of America. What part of that is wrong?

          Maybe, its the fact I served in the military service, but I don’t think so. Thousands and thousands I talked to, regardless, are seriously disturbed by someone stomping and spitting on our flag, holding a foreign flag over our soil, refusing to pledge alliance to our flag, or speak English, and demanding to take and take, without giving back, whose “Entitled” to what here? Am I wrong here?

          SO, we are on the same page here. Please take another look at my page.

          Seriously, this is one of the issues that I feel we have to address, now. And I will fight on the Senate floor and in the middle of the aisle on this matter, no matter what the Republicans and Democrats are saying for me its hogwash.

          Stop the Insanity, Fix the Economic Mess and End the Free Rides and most of all, please consider putting someone in who will not have to rubber stamp, do the payback of political favors or simply get in and lie again to the public who elected them.

          Thanks, thats all, its why I am running, I never been a politician, and I dont think you have to be one to do this dirty job. This is serious enough for me to engage here, anywhere, we have to.

          Democracy is not about the tyranny of the Majority, we have to stop this now.

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