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August 09, 2010 11:27 PM UTC

too much bs

  • by: MADCO

The latest Romanoff – Bennet fan arguments threatened to take over another post.

That seemed pointless and …well, unnecesary.

So I moved the fight here.

Sure, I have thoughts on both comments, but I’m too busy today and tomorrow. Maybe I’l comment Wednesday.

Romanoff has lied for months

about himself

1. He’s claimed to be civil rights lawyer the truth he has no license

2. He hasn’t taken a dime in pac monry

truth-he cashed out his own personal pac, and says that he’ll take DSCC money if he wins the primary.

3. He said he’d vote against health care in Dec.

the truth–he told Littwin in March that he would vote yes.

4.He”worked” at the Southern Poverty Law Center

The truth he did a  3 month internship at age 21 fron 10.87 to 12.87

5. We still have no answer as to when he taught English in Nicaragua.

6.He claims to be progressive. The truth is he’s a DLC man of the year in 2009

7. He glorified Pat Caddell then said he had no idea that Caddell’s views on labor and environmentalists are extreme.A simple Google search indicated Caddell’s positions.

At best he doesn’t vet people.

8.He claims that he didn’t boast about how harsh the 2006 immigration bill was.The truth is he did.

9,He keeps crying about corruption when his own campaign has tarnished DPS.

10.Financial reform bill. He was so confusing that a reporter thought he would have voted against it. Then when he saw which way the wind blows  he clarified his position the next day claiming the reporter misinterpreted his statements

About Bennet

1. He started his  campaign stating Bennet didn’t support the public option

2. He claimed in a Colorado Springs debate that Bennet changed a vote for 2400.

The Statesman has disproved this twice.

3. Looting, obviously false.

4,He has suggested for months that Bennet bases all his votes on pac money. This is clearly false.

5. He has had his  shills at DPS provide unaudited information to try to discredit his opponent. He casts dispersions on  both Bennet, and Romer on this issue and as mentioned, he has basically single handedly destroyed the credibility of the DPS school board.

There is more if you wish.

A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.Paul Simon

by:Ray Springfield @ Sun Aug 08, 2010 at 01:13:16 AM MDT

Sorry Twitty, I know you didn’t want this but Ray has said way too much BS to let it slide.

1. No he didn’t

2. The PAC was dormant for 2 years and he gave the remaining funds to veterans organizations. Bastard.

3. He supports Single Payer and has been upfront about that since day one, like me, he thinks that the current “reform” is not good enough.

4.Clearly you’ve never done an internship. Go down to the Bennet HQ and tell all of those hardworking out of state interns that they aren’t really working, see how that goes.

5. After getting his Bachelors at Yale and before his Masters at Harvard. You trace it back.

6. Progressive Liberal Conservative Mentally Insane is all in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I think you are insane, your Mother may not think so.

7. I don’t think it’s lying to say you don’t know. Obama didn’t know that his appointees didn’t pay their taxes, a simple background check probably could have provided that information. But you know what, I forgive him.  

8. I don’t care if he boasted about them or not, the fact of the matter is he did the best he knew how to do at the time. To gripe about it would have made the Repugs come after us harder. I have asked you and others repeatedly what else would you have done?  

9. Complaining about corruption is not a lie. He has 2 supporters on the board, Bennet has the rest of the board, with the possible exception of Arturo, and one of them is his treasurer. How many DPS meetings have you been to Ray? Teresa Pena’s attitude is hurting those kids a lot more than a couple board members supporting Romanoff.  

10. This sounds like a crock, what are you even talking about?

About Bennet

1. Bennet didn’t support the Public Option until Romanoff was a lock to run

2. Money changes the conversation, always.

3. I give you that one.

4. All? All seems like an outlandish statement, but it is Ray so maybe not. Money changes the conversation.  

5. The NYT is a reputable newspaper, they did an investigation.

That’s it. And believe you me, the Denver School Board had it’s problems WAY before the Senate Primary.  

“Seriously, I think Bennet’s mother is more willing to criticize him than many of you.” – OldBenKenobi

by: TheGreatAndPowerfulOz @ Mon Aug 09, 2010 at 13:59:34 PM MDT


3 thoughts on “too much bs

  1. 1,Yes he did and I was told to file a complaint by Debbie Fischer, and discouraged to do so by Steve Harvey. This was collaborated by Elvis Boling who would sign a depostition.

    2. He wrote off over 700 to expenses for a 2 minute click on the sos site in jan 2010

    3. He has never supported single payer in th state house

    4. An internship is not a full time position, and quoting a 3 month job at age 21 is resume puffing. He is not a civil rights advocate

    5.Name the year, from 1982 to 1990 it was illegal to be there. Check the law. I believe taht he made it up

    6. your unsubatantiated beliefs about me have nothing to do with Romanoff’s challenge with the truth, and your mentioning my Mother is crass.

    7. 1 simple google click

    8.He did and wrote the law

    9. He’s the only one paying for information to elected officials that failed to disclose it.

    10.I’m talking about the truth. Check your facts.

    All his statements about Bennet are well known.

    So take your belief in see no evil and go away.

  2. Before it really doesn’t matter, I’d like to dispose of one point that a certain poster enjoys making over, and over, and over: when and whether did Andrew Romanoff teach in Nicaragua?

    What Romanoff’s own biography says: “After earning a bachelor’s degree at Yale, Romanoff set off for Costa Rica and Nicaragua, where he taught English in rural high schools.”

    What the Denver Post says: “After graduating from Yale in 1989, Romanoff lived in Nicaragua with a school principal’s family and taught English.”

    So, the picture emerges: Graduate from Yale in June 1989. Go to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to teach English.

    The Sad Pedant asks: “Name the year, from 1982 to 1990 it was illegal to be there. Check the law.” (Methinks the comma should have been a semicolon, but I could be LYING if I said such was the case. LYING!)

    The Sandinistas lost an election — and power — on February 25, 1990.

    Unimaginable chronology Romanoff, graduated in June 1989, goes to Costa Rica, then to Nicaragua, possibly after the Sad Pedant’s alleged travel ban was lifted. I say “alleged travel ban” because in 10 minutes of research, I cannot find reference to any such ban. Economic sanctions by the Reagan administration against the democratically elected Sandinistas, yes; travel ban — can’t find a reference. Maybe SP will provide one.

    BUT, since this subject is an obsession by some — one in particular, who may show up on this site later on — let’s remind ourselves of the Context: viz. the REAGAN ADMINISRATION’s sub-rosa sponsorship of the CONTRAs to overthrow a democratically elected government, whether you may like the Sandinistas or not. Remember Oliver North? Shall we now jump to the conclusion that the Sad Pedant is upset, can’t get over, the notion that a recent college graduate in 1989 would dare to defy an alleged travel ban to a country in which a left-wing government was under assault — under assault by guerrillas backed and financed by the Reagan administration?


    And who cares, if there is something at all to care about? On such issues we should decide an election in 2010?

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