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August 08, 2010 10:13 PM UTC

Internet nose jobs -- apparently available in Boulder?

  • by: hung like a donkey

Last week a blogger wrote about a bizarre and very lame site which calls Romanoff (and now Jeannie Kaplan) a liar: http://www.princetonwritersgro…

First of all there is the racist undertone of elongating the noses of two Jews, but there also seems to be something eerily similar to the photoshop work on that site and this one:

That would be the twitter account for Alan Franklin, IT director for ProgressNow, who apparently enjoys elongating photos of noses.

What an odd similarity…


52 thoughts on “Internet nose jobs — apparently available in Boulder?

            1. and honestly based on this diary I do really reconsider who put up that site.  I think “hung like a donkey” (who has a hilarious name by the way) picked up on something interesting.

  1. The puppet whose nose grew every time he told a lie, was Italian, not Jewish.

    I don’t know where your (and Strykerk2’s) “anti-semitism” references are coming from except maybe from your own personal stereotypes.

    1. google anything like “Jewish caricature” — for centuries anytime people wanted to cast Jews in a negative light they showed them with a large nose.  

  2. The most obvious is the fact that I do quality Photoshopping, and the website linked to here features trash that my 9 year old son could do better in MS Paint. I certainly take offense at accusations of bigotry, as made here, but on a professional level it is insulting to have one’s work compared with something so amateurish.

    This is the Photoshop I did of Colorado Attorney General John Suthers. I’m actually fairly proud of this one, as it did require significant attention to detail to get things like the color and texture of a Pinocchio-style growing nose correctly. I originally made these images back in 2007 when Suthers was considering a U.S. Senate run, but after he filed suit against health reform legislation, it started to fit once again.

    I’m also not sure what the goal is of linking me to cheap and racist smears against Andrew Romanoff, but I do observe that when Stryker2k originally blogged about this lame website several days ago, the little counter in the corner said it had like 45 visits.

    Now it says it has 68.

    When I make a website, which I do from time to time, I know a couple of things about how to promote said website. So it seems really unlikely that a website I, or for that matter anyone competent, would make would have so little traffic only a few days before the primary it is supposed to affect. Wouldn’t you say? The most minimally advertised website dealing with a high-profile Senate race would have to get more than 68 visits, wouldn’t it?

    In conclusion, my friends, if you have a website that’s really awful, so bad in fact that it would actually help the person it was made to attack, and it gets no traffic, and the only time you have ever seen it promoted anywhere is by supporters of the candidate it is allegedly attacking, who use it to make ridiculous and totally unfounded accusations…

    Well, what would you think is really going on?

    Fortunately, no one who actually knows me would ever accuse me of such awful Photoshopping.

    Cheers, can’t wait until Wednesday either,

    Alan Franklin

      1. This is why people find you annoying, isn’t it? That’s just the impression I get from comments.

        If you seriously lack reading comprehension skills to this degree, I am more than happy to tell you that no, I had absolutely nothing to do with this ridiculous website, which I wouldn’t even know about had it not been posted here. By you. I’m in DC right now and I wouldn’t even know about this second post if my name hadn’t appeared in a Google Alert about it. No one who knows me would accuse me of such crappy work, let alone racial bigotry against a fellow Democrat. It’s absolutely laughable.

        I might add that this dialogue leaves you looking personally kind of ridiculous, but I think most readers will get that.

          1. I seem to need them. Or is there another Alan Franklin this diary was written about?

            By the way, “truthseeker,” what is so important about me that you needed to create the account you’re using now to comment about me, the only thing you’ve done with it? Not exactly negating the need for Google Alerts, pal.

    1. why don’t you also disclose any relationship you have to ColoradoPols.  We all can.  I’ll start: I’m not Colorado pols.  Your turn.

      1. Even if it’s bullshit?

        In the few minutes we probably have until this comment is deleted, maybe you should disclose whatever evidence you have to support that question. I know about the stupid impersonating Twitter account tha cropped up, I was the one who had it deleted as it falsely impersonates me. Did you make it? On what basis was it made?

        I have a Colorado Pols account named “Alan,” which is also my real name. Is there something else you are referring to, and if so, do you have a shred of evidence to back it up? If not, I don’t have to prove a negative to you any more than the website I was accused evidence-free of making at the beginning of this thread. It’s all a continuum of bullshit.

        So, what is your evidence? What exactly are you accusing me of, and why? I’ve already been falsely charged with being a bigot, and some idiot immediately declared my very clear answer to be inadequate, so my patience is justifiably wearing thin.

        1. I’m confused Alan. Why would truthseeker get banned? For asking questions?

          But while you’re here and getting your google alerts, can you tell me a few things about Progress Now? Is Progress Now a 501c3? Has the organization or its Colorado head Mike Hutner or yourself taken a position in the Senate race here?

          Now….. Delete away. There are many other blogs out there that don’t delete people for asking questions and one I was just sent a link to that reveals a lot about the people behind and on this site. Amazing what a little bot can do and what the source code and traceroute of an email from pols compared to one from another organization can tell you.

          1. Even though it is a clear violation of their policy against outing, even when the details are completely false.

            ProgressNow Colorado is a 501c4 organization. ProgressNow Colorado Education is a 501c3 organization and does not engage in political organizing. Michael Huttner is now the head of ProgressNow’s national organization, not Colorado. Neither he, nor I, have taken a public position on the Democratic Senate primary at any point as representatives of ProgressNow. For the last six years, ProgressNow Colorado has advocated for progressive solutions and to hold the extremist right accountable. ProgressNow has absolutely no organizational interest in the outcome of any Democratic primary election.

            (Removes ProgressNow hat)

            It is my personal view as a long-time employee, substantiated by accounts such Blueprint, that my day job, ProgressNow, has been extremely effective as part of a larger group of organizations called the “Colorado Model” in turning this state toward a more progressive course. I personally have no idea why supporters of one Democratic primary candidate would try to attack an organization like ProgressNow, except as a way of attacking myself or my former boss–and even then I don’t get it. My son can be seen in my Facebook photos wearing a Bennet shirt, but he wasn’t clocked in, and I surely wasn’t when I took him to the venue where he got the shirt. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I will personally support the winner of this primary regardless of who it is. The stakes in my personal opinion are too high, and Romanoff and Bennet do not differ enough on policy for me to worry about it.

            I also personally believe that Romanoff supporters have done grave damage to the Democratic Party during this primary, and there is no justification for it given the miniscule policy differences between Romanoff and Bennet. But this is my personal view, and not reflective of what I will do after this primary. And I am not speaking for ProgressNow in any way when I say so.

            Now, you say you’ve got evidence of something. Unlike most people on this blog, I actually know what an email header is. I am telling you right now that I don’t believe you, and I want you to POST YOUR EVIDENCE for all to see. Hopefully the Pols aren’t going to delete this entire thread before you do. It’s put up or shut up time, I’m really tired of the inneundo.

              1. Sorry Governor, but you don’t get to dictate when things will be done. There are many things, people and connections that will be revealed soon. Why on Earth would I do it here where it could and would be deleted?

                Not here, not now, but soon in a prominent and easily found place. At the time and place of my choosing, not yours.

                    1. I’m being kind of a dickhead.  Not on the same level, probably, but at least dickhead light.

  3. Pols apparently thought better of outing someone and deleted their own comment.  But a little investigation of the website in questions shows it to have been made by someone who is Facebook friends with a prominent Bennet supporter (no idea if this person posts on Pols).  No details to be given by me, but look for yourself.

    You’d think with all that dirty, dirty money, Team Bennet could pay someone with better Photoshop skills.

    1. It’s always possible that someone has used this person’s name on the site without the person’s knowledge.  Given the nature of both campaigns, I wouldn’t rule that out.

      1. We said that if you click on the “Enquiries” link on the website in question, you get a name “Susan Chadron” who can be emailed. We have no idea who that person is, and we originally wrote in the comment that she is probably the person behind the site. We deleted our own comment because it’s more accurate (and fair) to say that Chadron is likely the person behind the site, since her email is offered.

        Our bigger point, however, is that we don’t understand why some Romanoff folks keep pointing to this site. Nobody would have ever known about it unless they brought it up, and there’s nothing on it worth discussing anyway. There are two pictures, and NO text. Ooohh, what a hard-hitting website!

        It’s pretty obvious that this princetonwritersgroup site is done by an amateur supporter of Bennet, but there’s nothing more to it. Suggesting that the Bennet campaign would pay for this is just stupid — you really think a U.S. Senate campaign would say, “Hey, we need you to create a completely non-sensical website with no text and just a bad photoshopped picture. Oh, and make sure that you don’t tell anyone about the website.” Yeah, that’s probably what happened.

        So you “investigated” and found that the person who made the website might also support Bennet? No shit, Sherlock. But that doesn’t mean that Bennet’s campaign had anything to do with it. People create their own random websites all the time.  

        1. If you think I was suggesting anything, you credit my brain for far too much.  That was simply the best joke I could think of on short notice.  Obviously, I don’t have a very good brain.

    2. It’s not outing to say who the site is owned by and who an internet search shows they are friends with.

      The site lists the contact as Susan Chardon. Google that name and you’ll find her on Facebook with a public profile. She’s in Germany just like the site suggests. Click on her friends and you’ll find one Susan Daggett. Click over to Ms. Daggett’s public profile and you see her friend Ms. Chardon posting the same pic on Daggett’s page.

      Way to keep it classy Susan & Susan. And no you don’t get to say his wife is off limits. Not when she is out there talking for him, letting those pictures of Romanoff be posted on her page and letting a 5 page interview with Nancy Cronk be posted on Firedoglake where Daggett says her husband had one year to prove he could be of value to Anschutz when he went to work there. Good thing he found a way to do that!

      1. Look I support Andrew Romanoff. But this attack is just stupid. Ok, someone who supports Bennet made a dumb attack page – that doesn’t mean the Bennet campaign had anything to do with it or wants it up. A lot of stupid things are done by people who think they are helping – but aren’t.

        If you want to help Andrew, go do GOTV phone calls.

        1. Nowhere did I say the campaign did it or wants it up. In fact I’d bet the only one who does laugh at it is Bennet’s Baghdad Bob spokesmodel. What I did find in about 3 minutes of google searches is that the site owner is on facebook where she has a total of less than 25 friends. One of those friends is Susan Daggett. The site owner has posted the picture of Romanoff with a big nose on Dagget’s page. It’s been there for days while Daggett has been actively posting on her own page and other pages. She’s seen the picture, she’s seen the site and she’s a friend of the site owner. No conclusions drawn other than Susan Daggett seems ok with that being promoted on her own facebook page. Maybe she sent a really kind letter to her old friend Susan Chardon and she just wouldn’t take the site down and Ms. Daggett gets a chuckle seeing the picture and link on her own facebook page. Her right but you know if a friend of Romanoff had a site like that and was promoting it on Romanoff’s own page everybody here would attack him

          Oh and I walked a full precinct today and am starting on my second list of calls – already made 400 calls this weekend, talked to 40 voters and converted 7 Bennet supporters to Romanoff by showing them the story in the New York Times. I can call and type.

          1. Prepare to be virtually mauled. Though they call us Pumanoffs, which I rather like, they will rip you to shreds for anything that you say that it not 100 percent flattering toward the “Chosen One.”

            The Bennet people will allow pictures like that to be up on their facebook pages and if we say anything, we are attacking them. If Romanoff did it, watch out! He must be the son of satan.

            Personally, I think the Bennet family is very cute together. But when Susan chooses to be an active voice in the campaign then she is choosing to open herself and her web pages up to public scrutiny.

            Though just for the record, I have many Bennet supporters on my Facebook page, I don’t know what the argument about Facebook friends is all about, but I don’t see the point of it.

            1. So a Romanoff supporter is the one who Romanoff supporters accused in this thread of Photoshopping racial sterotypes onto a photo of Romanoff? And not me?

              Man, did I have it wrong!

              1. I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about Susan, I have no idea who you are.

                Yes you were referenced in the diary, but my comment was to IVotedForChange, who wasn’t talking about you either.  

  4. You guys get all upset about a pic of Romanoff being made to look ugly, AND YET you rant and froth and spit your poison without ceasing, not caring in the slightest how ugly it makes Romanoff’s campaign, and by natural extension, Romanoff himself.

    Also, Alan has already done more plain old good for humanity in his lifetime so far than you could manage for the rest of yours even if you suddenly morphed into a six-pack of Mother Teresas.

    So get bent.

    1. I don’t think that anyone is upset that Romanoff was made to look ugly. He’s running for the US Senate, not Miss America.

      I don’t like this picture because it is clearly disrespectful and that Susan Dagget has it publicly displayed on her facebook page then rants and raves about how everyone is picking on her poor husband. That pisses me off.

      The article is pointing out a similarity about photoshop jobs. They look similar. Big whoop.

      Like I said, I don’t know Alan Franklin and I don’t care about all the work you say he has done. You can spend all day every day in a soup kitchen for all I care, but you never insult someone elses contributions to humanity, especially when you have no idea who they are. I don’t know Stryker, he could be a founding member of Big Brothers Big Sisters or he could be some loser in his mothers basement, I don’t care. I’m not going to make judgements about the work that someone else does without knowing them. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean that you have the right to say they don’t contribute to society. At least Stryker cares, what exactly do you do (other than tell people to “get bent”) that makes you worthy to judge?

      1. I would imagine Hitler and his posse cared a great deal about their cause and the work they were doing as well.

        Happily, I don’t believe I know Stryker, the hung donkey or any of the nutty Roms, and I’m more than satisfied to leave it that way. I DO feel I know the caliber of (some of) their ‘work’ from what I’ve seen them post here, and in my opinion, I’ve got plenty of evidence to judge those individuals by.

        Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean that you have the right to say they don’t contribute to society.

        Like, say, Michael Bennet? Hypocrite.

        1. When did I say Michael Bennet doesn’t contribute to society? He does, I just happen to like someone else more. Stop with your childish name calling and take a deep breath.

          Are you comparing Stryker to Hitler? Or Romanoff to Hitler? Everyone is going to have some bad ideas now and then, but until someone starts exterminating 6 million people for having “inferior genes,” let’s hold off on the name calling.

          I happen to not like Bennets response to gay marriage rights, or his non-belief in them,… but I’m not going to call him Hitler for it.

          What about Stryker makes him like Hitler? What about Romanoff, who is Jewish and that just adds a wonderful level of irony to me, makes him like Hitler? If that is what you meant of course.  You have lost it. Although, Ray Springfield said we were KKK, so you saying we are Nazi’s would fit the theme of craziness I suppose.

          Congratulations, you are now as mentally unbalanced as Ray Springfield.  

          1. In your first response to me you said, “At least Stryker cares….”

            Let me explain how I did not compare Stryker to Hitler, using the easy words.

            See, you postulate a set: “People Who (at least) Care”, and say Stryker belongs in that set.

            I said (clearly, in bold title type) that caring wasn’t enough, because in that very very large set of “People Who Care” you will find a heck of a lot of people who care about bad things. Like, for instance, Hitler.

            These are two very different statements. What I meant by mine was, AS THE BOLD TITLE SAYS, “Caring isn’t enough”. Caring a WHOLE LOT still doesn’t guarantee a person is right.

            By the way, you keep talking about Stryker, even though the author of this post was listed as hunglikeadonkey. Are you trying to out him, or are you just seriously off-track as usual?

            1. You are right, this wasn’t Stryker, it was hunglikeadonkey. When I looked up the first comment was stryker and I didn’t look closely enough. My mistake.

              But the sentiment still stands, I don’t start to judge others on their commitment to society over internet blogging.

    2. …for my side.  By burning up a bunch of lib money on things like this dumb pen thing, he should get an award!

      PN has relegated itself to what amounts to a hilariously ineffective ‘progressive’ version of the A-Team:

      “Quick – Alan!  We have an old water heater, some bricks, some hydrogen peroxide and 20,000 pens.  What can we make or what kind of skit can we do that will totally humiliate the Republicans?!?!?”

        1. It’s working so well that the Dems are going to get tossed out of office en masse in about three months.

          But keep it up with the skits and props.  They’re really effective!

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