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August 07, 2010 01:10 AM UTC

Mail-In Ballot Reminder: Don't Mail it Tomorrow!

  • by: Colorado Pols

Remember, folks — if you haven’t mailed your ballot by today, then don’t put it in the mailbox!!! Ballots must arrive at the County Clerk’s office by 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday (postmarking doesn’t cut it), so if you didn’t mail your ballot today, you need to deliver it in person before Tuesday evening.

Click here to find your County Clerk’s office.


31 thoughts on “Mail-In Ballot Reminder: Don’t Mail it Tomorrow!

  1. I live in Denver.

    1. Mailman picks up mail on Saturday.

    2. Ballot spends the rest of Saturday and Sunday moving thru the postal system.

    3. Delivered on Monday.

    4. Tuesday at the latest.

    What am I missing here?

    And, Jane Norton voters get 2 extra days so they can wait until Tuesday to put their ballot in the mail.

      1. So, in his case, tomorrow is plenty early.  In fact, he might want to wait until Monday.  For Norton and Bennet voters, however, Pols has given very good advice.  It might make it by Monday and probably by Tuesday.   But snail mail didn’t get that name just because it rhymes.

          1. “Drown the government in a bathtub” types.

            For him to trust his franchise to the Post Office’s swift completion of its appointed rounds, is somewhere between hilarious and poetic justice.

          2. I believe in the process, too.  If someone is dumb enough to mail it too late, he/she shouldn’t have his/her voted count anyway.

            How do you like those bar codes on your ballot?

    1. It was not recorded by the following Tuesday because I started getting the calls from various campaigns asking me to mail in my ballot.  It was not officially recorded until Thursday.

    1. We can rest assured the Bennet campaign is reading POLs. Adam sent an e-mail blast telling me not to mail my ballot.

      Romanoff Campaign – where is your e-mail blast telling me you will pick up ballots too?  

          1. even though his friends mainly don’t bother because he was raised with a value system that says it’s your duty as a citizen. It wasn’t that hard to do.

              1. desire but anyone who thinks there’s no difference need only look at the activist supreme court appointment of George Bush and every disaster that followed for starters,  Then the sacrifice of everything from the interests of the middle class to the care of our troops and vets to the interests of the tiny elite at the top, the growing ranks of poor, the shrinking middle class and the exponentially growing gap between that tiny elite and the rest of us and the relentless feeding of racist hatred and fear with ever more despicable conspiracy theories overtly and covertly encouraged by the GOP and their allies during the years of Neo-Republican economic and social policy to see that yes, there is a difference.

                Any member of any religious or ethnic minority or anyone who doesn’t conform to the GOP approved sexual orientation (whether GOP members do or not), or who values science and rationality who doesn’t realize that today’s GOP is their enemy is sadly and obviously mistaken. Yes all pols are beholden to special interests,  It’s the system that has come to be mainly because the public is so lazy and ignorant all it takes is more money for ads, scare tactics, silly wedge issues and catch phrases to win votes. But anyone who thinks there is no difference is as foolish as the knuckleheads who voted for Nader or stayed home because there would be no difference between Gore and Bush. Really?

                As for the differences at the primary level, the two big ones are that Romanoff has demonstrated that he cares about absolutely nothing but his obsession with becoming a senator and that if he isn’t the most dishonest of the two choices that can only be because he knows absolutely nothing about finance or economics.  Either way, I don’t want that him to be in a position to cast votes that affect on my life. Which I won’t have to worry about if he wins the primary as I’ll have much more to worry about: A Republican who will vote against my interests on every important issue every time and is not allied with any interest group that defends my interests. Romanoff can’t raise the funds to mount a senatorial in a purple state. That’s life in the reality based world. It’s not that hard to explain.  

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