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December 07, 2019 08:09 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Talk amongst yourselves. We’ll give you a topic.


33 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. The Golden Sword

    Tune of " Drift Away"

    ( “Give me the beat, boys and free my soul, I want to get lost in your rock and roll…” )


    Ohh, give me Febreeze, boys and Irish Spring

    Trumpstink is an awful thing,

    So stay upwind.

    Ohh, give me Febreeze, boys and Irish Spring

    Trumpstink is an awful thing

    But rally round.

    Day after day we are abhorred

    As Rudy kisses the unwashed butt.

    But a lady with a golden sword

    Puts to flight every Trumpstink slut.

    Ohh, rally round Nancy and all beseech

    The Trumpstink troll she will impeach

    And free this land.

    Ohh, rally round Nancy and hear her speak.

    Her golden sword protects the weak

    And frees this land.

    With every swing of her golden sword

    She puts to flight the Trumpstink horde.

    And frees this land.

    With every swing of her golden sword

    She puts to flight the Trumpstink horde

    And frees this land.

  2. “people are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times as opposed to once”

    Little did I know that The Dumpster® was prophetic.
    A bit of projection there, Donnie?

    Of course, his middle name is John, so he is an expert.

    1. Maybe the Saudi shooter was aiming for WashPo journalists, so that's a MAGA good thing.

      Maybe the Georgia heartbeat law (no elective termination after 6 weeks) will motivate women to not get raped.

      Maybe American involvement in the war in Yemen (or Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq) won't lead to pointless confrontation with Iran.

      Maybe South Korea will find a way to defuse North Korea despite US presence.

      Maybe all the members of the administration that never should have had security clearances will stop using private email (still not a crime), or doing business deals instead of the work of America.

      Maybe the curve will just move this one time and the deficit will be paid by Mexico, China, Brazil.

      Maybe Barr’s handpicked investigator will tell the truth of his findings – FBI counterintelligence operation on the Trump campaign was business as usual watching Russian and other foreign agents, and not some politically motivated partisan bs. (Done- Dec 5, 2019)

      Maybe Putin has a stroke or heart attack. Maybe others do too.


      Three weekends to the Solstice, and Pitchers and Catchers Feb 12.

  3. Trade experts, please weigh in. Is the USMCA Trade Agreement a good thing for American dairy farmers? Will it repair some of the damage of Trump’s disastrous trade war withChina?

    What about this tech Communications provision that Pelosi is against? Would it establish precedent for foreign companies to legally publish disinformation on social media platforms? Is it going to allow more GMO foods on the market? what about food safety? 

    1. Like most things Trumpian, the Canadian tariff was a molehill that was blown far out of proportion in order to dramatize the need to mildly tweak NAFTA so that Trump could give it a new name.

      Do U.S. dairy farmers sell to Canada? 

      Yes, bigly.

      U.S. producers, who also benefit from subsidies and tariffs, exported about C$296 million ($227 million) in dairy goods to Canada last year, Statistics Canada data show. Canadian producers sold C$148.1 million in milk products in the opposite direction, a 2-to-1 U.S. trade surplus. It’s a trade gap the Canadian ambassador to Washington, David MacNaughton, frequently cites.

      “Overall, the U.S. is more restrictive,” said Peter Clark, a trade consultant and president of Ottawa-based Grey, Clark Shih & Associates, who has done research for the Dairy Farmers of Canada.

          1. John Phipps didn't mince his words this morning on the Farm Report. Their market analysts tried to put a positive spin on the ag market, but they were struggling to find positive things to say.

            It is hard to believe there still so many fools who swear allegiance to this would be king. The ongoing saga of Roger the Knucklehead is a good case in point.

            All he can do is be really stupid and try to drag someone down to his level. He thinks he pisses us off and gets under our skin. Only a head that abundantly ignorant could continue to carry water for a liar, cheat, and betrayer of his oath of office.

            He has nothing …hence his adolescent prattle 

  4. Kamala Harris failure to bridge left-center divide is a warning: Unite or Trump wins.


    The party’s leaders have divided along both ideological and attitudinal lines over the past three years, and the remaining presidential candidates have all chosen to align on one side of that line or the other. Harris attempted to bridge that gap, only to be dismissed as an impostor by both camps.


      1. Yeah – you are not crazy

        However, what I and others have seen from the D primary is when a candidate is identified early – there is no breaking out of the shadow of whichever candidate earlier took your space.
        In the current moment – if farther left: how can you compete with Bernie or Warren?
        If more moderate and corporatey:  you're just the next Hillary (esp for women)
        If boring: no one wants Bennet
        If a billionaire diletante: Starbucks guy failed, Mayor B and the other guy will too


        The problem (s) are not new – they are exacerbated by party history since WWII

        labor gets the one generation reversal and civil rights of all kinds must be fought over with good people on both sides. Taxes become regressive. and the billionaires take over.

        17:45 – 19:45

        The civil rights battle (race, gender, medical freedom)  that should have never ended must be fought again.
        Labor organizing and a renaissance for the middle class.
        Legislate a better solution to Roe.
        For profit health care and for profit medical insurance.

        Trump is unfit to hold high office and a poor choice to run the R party.
        The #1 D focus should have been – choose a winner.
        Instead Ds all raced to their preferred pet issue or personality.

        Think wayy back to the 2008 cycle.
        Superdelegates were in the bank by now. Why wasn't Biden more popular then? He hasn't changed any – except he's older and more gaffe prone now.  Cause Obama could do the talk and everyone wanted Hillary.
        The field (Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich, Gravel (AK not OH) were done by December and dropped right after IA, which was early January 08. Edwards imploded shortly after. Leaving just two.

        In the 16 cycle, the 08 loser came back – field now cleared and path fixed, nomination in hand- lost.

        So 2017 – 2020 the D hierarchy focused on creating a more inclusive and powerful nomination process that engaged voters and organized, right? Not that I can tell. Instead the rules committee guaranteed a food fight in Milwaukee while at the state and local levels the R strategy of gerrymandering and voter suppression had the desired outcome.

        2018 mid-term helped.
        But the electoral math still favors Trump.

        And the D primary isn't helping.
        (Two party dominance isn't helping either- but that's besides the point.)

    1. We do need a Republican Party.  But the only way we'll get one is to smash the current Fascist version to smithereens and let the seeds of new Lincolns, new Teddy Roosevelts, new Everett Dirksons grow in the sunlight thus revealed.  Parties learn nothing from victory.

      As Sohlzinitsyn said, "The leaders need victories.  The people need defeats."


    2. Joe needn't worry. There are, and will continue to be, plenty of Republicans. They're called Democrats these days. The center has moved so far right over the decades that contemporary "centrist" Dems are basically 1950s-1960s Republicans. Contemporary Republicans are white supremacists, actual, literal Nazis, religious nutjobs, moon landing hoaxers, Holocaust deniers, etc., along with an assortment of quasi-respectable hypocrites tut-tut-tutting at the crazies while reaping the benefits of ever-expanding welfare for the wealthy.

    1. Those southern Republican judges love their partying, if not their Party.

      I can’t help but wonder about Judge Gentry’s Country western band’s playlist: Your Cheatin’ Heart, Walk on the Wild Side, Before He Cheats, Cry Me a River, Me and Mrs. Jones, Runaround Sue, Jolene, The Creep, You Know I’m No Good, You’re No Good, I Heard it Through the Grapevine, etc……

    2. “Family values”???



      Well, that certainly does explain the strength of all of Ttump’s support there, huh? . . .

      . . . but, yeah, I spose’ racism, nativism, and xenophobia could be some folks’ “family values”? It certainly qualifies as “heritage” in those places . . .

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