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August 06, 2010 03:41 AM UTC

CoPols jumps the shark.

  • by: Barron X


Early on, it was cute to see extremist left-wing radicals excoriating even more extreme left-wing radicals for supporting Andy Romanoff in his bid to unseat our Divine Right Senator from Anschutz Industries.

Today, CoPols announced they are officially changing their name to “BennetPols.”

It’s about time.

The climax was the breathtaking announcement that a politician (Romanoff) was a hypocrite!  Imagine!



24 thoughts on “CoPols jumps the shark.

  1. I see diary after diary that gets ignored because it reflects poorly on Bennet, but they will write diaries that are not accurate about Romanoff and keep them frontpaged all day!

    1. he once wrote a diary here in the Spring that Romanoff was dropping out of the race.

      I called for him to be banned – Colorado Pols saw otherwise but removed the diary and stated that this type of behavior would never be tolerated.

      1. .

        Hope to get it up in the next hour.

        Apparently, DNA testing is suggesting that Andrew Romanoff is the biological son of Lucifer, who you may know as Satan or Beelzebub, or Baal or Mephistopheles.  

        Don’t ask me how they got the father’s DNA.  You don’t want to know.  

        That would make him at least the half-brother of Michael Bennet, wouldn’t it ?  

        Sometimes fiction is stranger than the truth.


      2. Another fact: almost certainly, none of the Democrats voting on that resolution that day actually supported privatizing Social Security.

        C’mon, CT – let’s get back to some sense of reality here.

        Barron is right, this blog is really close to jumping the shark.

          1. So more than “a handful”, but certainly not all.

            What’s he dissembling about?  He says he doesn’t support privatization.  And he says (and it’s something that someone can check if they’ve got time to spend in the archives) that he actually made a floor speech stating specifically before this vote that he did not support privatizing Social Security.  And as well as I can recall, in the several times I’ve heard him speaking back when he was still in the State House, he was quite supportive of Social Security.

            What’s dissembling about this?

  2. You’re welcome to join, as soon as you quit shilling for the American Constitution Party and trying to make mischief outside of your sphere of influence.

    I love you man, but there isn’t a Democrat in Colorado who gives a shit about your thoughts about Democratic politics.

  3. Every day you write the same thing. Every day. BennetPols! Bias! Conspiracy!

    But you know what? You’d never find another big site in Colorado that would let you criticize it day after day after day. You and Wade and Stryker and the other Superfriends spend SO much time saying the same…thing…over and over and over and over.

    We won’t stop you from saying the same thing over and over, but could you at least make an effort to be interesting?

    And Barron – you’re like the 12th person this year to breathlessly proclaim that ColoradoPols has “jumped the shark.” We can only jump the shark once, and after we do, people are supposed to stop coming back. So why are you still here?  

    1. .

      But consider the point that Ralphie made about me trying to make mischief outside of my sphere of influence.

      My sphere of influence cannot even be considered outside the realm of sub-atomic particle physics.  It would be dwarfed by an electron, if I could get anyone to even acknowledge that it existed.

      So Barron’s the name, mischief the game.  

      My higher calling/ special purpose:

      to get the Dems and Repubs to destroy each other, or at least take a serious look at themselves in the mirror.  Either outcome would produce the same result.  

      Wish me luck.


    2. I agree with Barron’s general point, but he seriously misused the sacred phrase.

      However Pols, you’re not one to be talking too loudly, what with claiming AR jumped the shark simply because he associated himself with Mike Miles.  That was an even worse misuse than Barron’s.

      This fact really undermines your argument.  Let yourself bask in the irony.  

      We can only jump the shark once, and after we do, people are supposed to stop coming back. So why are you still here?  

  4. Shark?  I hope not.

    But I am taking some time off, leaving the FP in the hands of the Dead Guvs and DavidT and V, upon his (hoped for) speedy return.

    I can blame others, but I am going to look at myself first–the splinter before the beam and all that.  I don’t like what I have become in the Great 2010 CO Flame Wars.

    Sure a few people really push my buttons.  But they are my buttons afterall.

    Perhaps others–who want to flame Pols on Pols day in or day out; or who want to imagine their candidate walks on water when, at the end of the day he too is another politician that makes some votes we might, as progressives, disagree with; or who make it about personal attacks above all else–might pick up from my example.  

    I kind of doubt it, so consider Twitty on August Recess.  I’ll be back in a week or two…

    Your delicate and mean angry flower,


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