Buck: No Abortions, Even for Rape and Incest

Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck was caught on video at a recent event explaining his position on abortion, which is about as far right as you can go:

While this position may help Buck in a primary, it is definitely going to be a handicap in a General Election. Colorado voters are largely pro-choice, and most who are pro-life are much more moderate on the issue (which is why the Personhood Amendment was absolutely crushed at the ballot in 2008).

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  1. A-bob says:

    and it won’t be the biggest issue.

  2. MADCO says:

    Or is he also in favor of that other R’s p”pro-life”  position that the moms and their babies with AIDS will learn a lesson…..or something.

  3. Progressive Promoter says:

    But consistent, I guess. Not gonna sit well with Unaffiliated women voters, nor with 60+ Republican women, either.

  4. Arvadonian says:

    he is more progressive than the 2008 Republican Party Platform which doesn’t even allow an exception if the mother’s life in at risk.

    Guess that means he is from the left wing of the party…

  5. ClubTwitty says:

    Buck believes raped women or little girls should be forced to bear the child.

    ‘Personhead’ went down in flaming defeat last cycle.  

    No way this doesn’t hurt the candidates–one way or the other–as they either moderate or not for the General.

  6. Gilpin Guy says:

    to vote for Romanoff is he wins the Dem primary.

  7. Barron X says:


    No, Buck’s position is pretty much the mainstream pro-life position.  

    Folks can falsely call themselves “pro-life” in an attempt to dilute the meaning of the label:

    e.g., “I’m pro-life because I oppose killing children after they’ve reached quickening,”  


    “I’m pro-life because I oppose killing children after they’ve been born,”  


    “I’m pro-life because I oppose killing children after they’ve reached 100 days old.”  

    If you value choice above life, as in:

    “abortion should be prohibited in all cases EXCEPT when it (that product of conception) might possibly become some sort of inconvenience to the ‘Mother,'”

    then it is dishonest to call yourself pro-life.  

    You’re not fooling me.  Who do you think you’re fooling ?  Yourself ?


    • Half Glass Full says:

      I guess the death of “the ‘Mother'” is a bit of an inconvenience, too?

      • Barron X says:


        maybe your convictions aren’t so well-founded ?

        I consider rape and incest to be horrific crimes, almost always.  Certain statuary rapes I think are less heinous, like when it’s consensual activity between kids of about the same age.    

        But if a child is conceived as a result, I consider that person to be a person, regardless of the circumstances.  


        I think that, in situations where the life of the Mother is in serious jeopardy due to the pregnancy, there should be room for consideration of exceptions to the absolute bar on abortions.  An example might be an ectopic pregnancy.  

        I think the better way to state the position might be to say that an abortion is prohibited, even in that situation, but if some other procedure that will also kill the unborn child is medically necessary to save the life of the Mother, then that other procedure may be permissible.  

        I think that is Ken Buck’s position; I think it’s consistent with the Catholic Church’s position.


    • DaftPunk says:

      I’m pro-life as long as it’s within a woman’s body, but I believe the state is infallible when it comes to chosing who to execute.

      • Barron X says:


        I fully support the killing of enemy soldiers in combat.  Fact is, I voluntarily put myself in a position where I’d have to do just that, as long as my superiors were exercising legitimate authority and my nation was threatened.  

        But that death penalty thing is pretty hard for me to reconcile with the “Wisdom of the Ages.”  My spiritual Guide told me to go ahead and cast the first stone, but then put this wicked tough condition on that.  I guess I’m permitted to cast the second stone, but I’m still lookin’ for someone qualified to heave #1.  


    • Gilpin Guy says:

      but hardly mainstream.

      It is pretty amazing to me to see candidates who hate government interference want departments of miscarriage murder investigations.

      I guess if we have learned anything about the utter and complete hypocrisy of conservatives it is that candidates who hate social engineering like civil rights by Democrats are in full support of it when it is their brand of controlling other people.  It is sad really that these morally corrupt fools think that they can control another human being and determine her life without knowing anything about her.  What stupid stupid people.

      527’s should play this clip in an ad and then have the announcer say that Ken Buck wants raped women to carry the illegal immigrant rapist’s baby even though it won’t be eligible for American citizenship.

  8. TCU2011 says:

    This is embarrassing to me as a conservative because the Dems will pick up on this and try to pin it on all Republicans.  Too far right for me, that’s why it was so easy to vote for Norton.

  9. Politically says:

    If Buck manages to prevail over Norton, which I think is very possible, he would become Colorado’s Sharron Angle or Rand Paul.

    And in a moderate State like Colorado, that’s not very good news.

    Buck has had so many gaffes at this point, with more ensured to come, it would be fairly easy for the Democrats to portray him as a far-right tea party crackpot like Angle or Paul, and say he is too conservative for Colorado,

    and a more and more likely Democratic win in the Governor’s race would not help at all.

    Buck could attempt to backtrack and be more moderate but that would only further upset his tea party base that is already angry with him to a degree.

    If they could succeed in scaring voters away from Buck, the Democratic Nominee is sure to win in November.

    Flat out, if the GOP still wants to win in Colorado, the Buck needs to stop here.

  10. Arvadonian says:

    is Buck from Wayne Allard or Bill Owens with this position?

    As abhorrent as I find his position (I’m for a woman’s right to choose to abort right up until the kid moves out), I’m not so sure that it is going to make all that much of a difference in the general election….

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Nobody remembers the people you are referring to and the narrative continues to build that Rin Tin Ken is an over the line extremist and this is another example of his out of the mainstream thinking.  If Bennet wins his primary then you have the added impact of the centrist narrative from the dynamic duo of Hickenlooper and Bennet so it makes Bucks’ extremism standout even more.  Maybe it won’t change any minds about the criminalization of womens healthcare but it will push away a few voters who thought that Buck might be a reasonable candidate in what could turn out to be a close election.  It’s a bigger liability than you think for Buck to be so out of the mainstream.

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