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“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.”

–Franklin D. Roosevelt

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  1. Duke Cox says:

    My Cat looked at me a few minutes ago, having sized up this mornings' hearing and asked, "Is this the nail in the coffin?"


    • kwtree says:

      Trump will be impeached, enough nails or no. I can’t predict whether it will be enough for enough Senators to put country first and remove him. 

      How much Kompromat does Putin have on key Senators? Pretty sure Lindsey Graham is threatened by what somebody knows about him.

      As for Trump, I think he’ll try to tough it out- he doesn’t really live in our reality, but he does know that,if he resigns, charges and indictments for all his misdeeds are going to be inundating him, and he’s likely to do some prison time. 

      • Duke Cox says:

        Maybe he will just say "I'm sorry, and I won't do it again….I promise." 

        That would probably do……don'tcha'think?


        • MADCO says:

          He would be much more likely to shout from every media outlet available that what he did and is doing and will do is perfectno one has ever done it better

          The only way to get him out early would be if someone can make him this offer:

          a. Lose all your money and be 'poor.' Family and business too and you stay in office until whenever you are not elected, cannot be reelected, death or voluntary resignation. 


          b. Keep all your money and whatever is owed to you and your family and businesses by anyone anywhere, sign a mutually binding non-disclosure that means no one will ever know exactly what happened and resign by some specific date.

  2. davebarnes says:

    My wife has an interesting conjecture.

    The Dumpster®'s visit to the hospital last week is a prelude to his resignation.
    "My doctor has recommended…excessive stress…witch hunt…traitorous Democrats…"

    • Duke Cox says:

      Maybe his bone spurs are acting up.😄

      Cowards don't change much..

    • The realist says:

      Here's my theory – in his high-anxiety, panicked, narcissistic, paranoid state he believes someone is trying to poison him, perhaps with radioactive materials. That's why he couldn't be checked out at the well-equipped White House facilities. Needed to run a Geiger counter over him. Hey, it's as plausible as the other theories.

    • notaskinnycook says:

      That is an interesting theory, Dave. He just might do that. On the other hand, as I said yesterday, the Southern District of New York is waiting for him to leave office…just waiting. Also, I wonder if he thought changing his residency to Florida was enough to brush off those pesky New York prosecutors? He's demonstrated that his thinking is that simplistic,  

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Ttump ain’t resigning ever, for any reason. Never!

      Hell, he’s preparing to declare martial law, if necessary . . .

      . . . He just threw his favoritest war criminal evah another GOOJF card this morning. He want’s all the brownshirt thugs in his SS that he can get.

      Resign???  ROFL. He’s gonna’ take down the whole damn temple country on his head and everyone with it. Pay attention, please.

      The snake is in, and he ain’t never gonna’ slither away. The only chance we’ve got is to give him what he’s all about — a full pardon, $10 – $20 billion, and his own private island/country to reign supreme over. I personally think it would be worth every penny . . .

      (The next President could always, um, — “arrange” — a small nuclear strike accidental launch, and take the place out . . .

      . . . or, eventually, you just know he’s gonna’ try to run some Ttumpian extortion scam on Putin — it’s who he is, he’s gotta’ do it, can’t help it. Problem solved.)

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    Some news of a semi-functional Washington DC;

    Senate passes short-term spending bill, sending legislation to Trump hours ahead of shutdown deadline

    Assuming DJT can find his Sharpie, perhaps we can have a functional government after midnight.

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