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August 02, 2010 03:49 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Many have made a trade of delusions and false miracles, deceiving the stupid multitude.”

–Leonardo da Vinci


98 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. An almost cloudless sky after last night’s hard rain and wind.  Palm branches blown off, lawn to mow today.

    I’ve been mostly reading, mostly in amazement, all the threads about the DemocratIC senate primary for weeks. I guess we junkies all have. Read enough and two things happen: 1) Reader’s eyes glaze over and long for Gilligan Island reruns, and 2) Certain patterns become apparent.  The forest made from the trees of specificity.

    The pattern that stands out the most for me is a “deja vu all over again” of passionate supporters.  Hey, I do know whereof I speak, I was a passionate Mike Miles supporter.  But there is passionate support and there is something else.  I don’t know what words to use (Steve?  Where are you?) but phrases like “mouth frothing”, “denial,” and “beyond the pale” do nicely.

    I remember when I wasn’t on the Obama boat as the 2008 primary season rolled on.  (I started out for Edwards, then Hillary, then last candidate standing, Obama, of course.) Boy, the excorriations I got from fellow Dems for not worshiping at the altar of St. Obama! I could name names, but won’t.

    Anyway, I see most of the AR supporters as worshipers, too.  And you know how it is, if you don’t believe in MY church, well then, you are a fucking idiot.  Let me clarify that “most” does not include David T. and probably a few others I’m not thinking of. I disagree with David on AR, but he presents his cases without hyperbole.

    The attacks from the supporters, like the Obama supporters on me, often have little to do with reality, are deeply steeping in ad hominums, and factual blindness.  

    How many times does an AR supporter have to say that Andrew did NOT say he would refuse DRCC (??) monies despite an equal number of posts with his recorded statement saying he would?  Oh, sure, Stryker devolves into a “What is a PAC?” technical discussion, but the fact remains.

    As does the stubbornness.

    After Mike Miles lost the primary, most of us supported – perhaps lukewarmly – Salazar.  And voted for him.  I sure hope the same thing happens with this race.  But the difference is that Salazar had all of the usual financial resources, he did not run on a purity Salazar 2.0 platform.

    Therein may lie the Republican victory.

              1. First we saw people exhibiting a strange preference for extremely cheesy Russian pop music, and now you tell me that there are even those who prefer Ginger to Mary Ann! Is this a sign of the coming of the Apocalypse?

  2. Every now and then a personality shows up with a Denver past. Just this morning while watching Fox DC, only local news show on after 7am, I saw the face and immediately knew the words spoken would be garbage. The face belonged to Cliff May.

    Cliff May, the main reason the Rocky was far right, was on explaining to the talking head why everything was wrong about the Obama administration and Dems in general. A frequent endevour.

     The local talking head brought up the Petraous and the Afghanistan war. Cliff was very definite that we need to wait at least another year before even consider leaving the country.  

    Another good reason to vote for Dems who will defund the war is the Cliff May’s of the world want to kill more people even if there is no hope of “winning”. Maybe someone will define “winning” someday.

        1. long ago May tried to put me on the hook to give him some info on companies in our state that were doing business in SE Asia, so he could do a slam piece on how the administration at that time was actively promoting and encouraging business in those areas, which we weren’t.

          He was a weasel then and I am sure he is a weasel now.


    To think Michael Bennet could have hired anyone in the country and chose Craig Hughes. How do you outspend your opponent by that much and still lose ground?  If Bennet had been the one who hired Bill Romjue he’d still be sitting on a twenty point or more lead.  

    1. Hopefully they got it right when giving the telephone survey, but it currently shows Romanoff with an (R) next to his name. That would be really confusing for a lot of people.

          1. And they appear to be really good and understand Colorado.

            However, I don’t recall Bennet releasing internals last week- though I was not paying that much attention.  Perhaps it’s a fake release?

      1. It has never voted for the progressive position on any issue!  It has done nothing to stop Wall Street predation of Main Street!  If Civic Center Eats wins the primary, I will sit out the election or actively work for its opponent.

        s StrykerKenobiWadeFirewalkerDon’tBanMeBro!

  4. A not so stunning 58% of Coloradoans say jobs/economy is the most important issues facing us.

    This according to a 9News poll of 2,000 likely voters.

    This issue is #1 among all voters and types (RUDs).

    Lets face it creating jobs is the only way to save the country – if it isn’t already too late – Colorado has lost over 140,000 jobs under the Hickenlooper/Ritter watch.

    If we go bankrupt, nothing else matters, therefore the reckless spending of Congress must be brought to a stop. The President has no line item veto.

    1. You are such a moron.

      BTW, CO and Denver have faired MUCH better than the nation generally and the depressed pockets (like here in SW Florida) in particular.

      So, really, if they do have control, you need to credit them with averting a larger disaster.

      Have I mentioned that you are a moron?  

    2. Pretty much the only thing voters are going to want to hear about is jobs. And since Congress is not stepping up to the task, they’ll be asking the state level candidates too.

      As to “reckless spending,” keep in mind it was the reckless spending of WWII that got us out of the last depression.

        1. Does that year ring a bell? Some sudden extraordinary demand for government revenue? Think real hard, I’m sure it will come to you….

          You should also understand that “income paid as a % of GDP” buries some of the most important considerations, like how public spending increases correlated to GDP increases, and what the public return on public investment was.

        2. Well, fuckin’ doh!

          Oh yeah, now theres a credible source.

          Tell ya what.  Let’s do the obvious. Let’s eliminate all taxes.  

          That should bring in the most revenue, right?

          Fucking moron(s).

  5. because that would be like the rest of us loaning ourselves a grand or two.

    It does spin the headlines in the right direction – any PR is good PR especially when you ass is on the line – so from a managers perspective this moves the Bennet ball down the field.

    Who said Craig Hughes was stupid?

    1. I’m just curious, but with a fundraising lead like his, unless he’s completely burned through his COH, what is the point of loaning himself $300K?  

      1. It’s bare min. to make it look like he has skin in the game.  AR sold his asset for $300K to play, Prince MB just loaned himself the $$s.  Yeah see, MB is just like you & me and he wants everyone to know he’s really, really committed to this race.

        AR is all over the airwaves & in person talking to CO folks.  Where is MB?

        1. Always a good idea to remind average middle class voters that you have $300,000 to blow on a campaign.  Way to get down and identify with average people.  

          1. I just don’t get it? It has to either be for PR or because he plans to spend all the money he can on the primary. If he didn’t need it, why not loan himself $ after the primary?

            If it’s for PR purposes, IMO it’s a smart move. I just wanted to know if that’s the case.

    1. for someone to call us sexist pigs. I’m glad Pam chimed in with her preference!

      Of course, the ladies (and gents) of different tastes can always do their own, whoever their duo(s) would be. George Cloony or Brad Pitt? Will or Jack? All in good fun.

  6. from (X. I can’t use her name because, even though we laughed a lot, she requested anonimity.) at Colorado United, formerly Forward Colorado, at 11th and Bannock. Saturday, Aug. 14th they’re kicking off “Unity Week.” And I’d say we might really, really need it. Purpose, other than to patch up some of our wounded egos, is for training, canvassing and phone banking for Dem candidates before the Nov. election.

    See you there. Don’t need to bring candles.

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