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July 30, 2010 10:33 PM UTC

McInnis, Norton Leading Respective Primaries?

  • by: Colorado Pols

Today “The Fix” provides its list of the 10 most interesting primary fights in the country, and Colorado’s Republicans made it into two of the top three!

Most interesting, however, is that “The Fix” notes that Scott McInnis leads Dan Maes by 15 points in the race for the Gubernatorial nomination, while Jane Norton may now be leading Ken Buck 45-40 in the Senate Primary:

3. Colorado governor (R, Aug. 10): What happens if you hold a primary and the party regulars don’t want either candidate to win? That’s what’s happening in Colorado at the moment with scandal-plagued Scott McInnis (plagiarism) and Dan Maes (campaign finance violations) battling it out. A survey shown to the Fix and conducted by a Republican pollster in the last few days put McInnis ahead by 15. If he manages to win the nomination, there will be a major push by establishment Republicans to push him out. But will McInnis go? (Previous ranking: N/A)…

1. Colorado Senate (R, Aug. 10): Just when Weld County prosecutor Ken Buck looked like he was going to pull off an upset against former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, he made a series of impolitic comments — the most potentially damaging of which was calling elements of the Tea Party “dumbasses”. A poll conducted by a major Republican firm looking in at the governor’s race in the last few days showed Norton ahead 45 percent to 40 percent, which suggests that Buck has incurred considerable political damage. (Previous ranking: 3)


57 thoughts on “McInnis, Norton Leading Respective Primaries?

  1. For Democrats, appointed Sen. Michael Bennet has held a steady lead for months over former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff but polling suggests the challenger could — if he can catch the outsider wave — pull an upset.

    that sounds a lot more plausible than 25 to 1.

      1. It’s in the same story as it mentioned the two Republican primaries. There’s an unreleased GOP poll that shows McInnis and Norton ahead, which The Fix has seen.

        The “poll” Chris is referring to on the Democratic side is the one paid for by the group attacking Bennet. The Fix didn’t take it with the grain of salt it deserves, but there you have it.

        1. the fact that Romanoff worked with the Southern Poverty Law Center and is responsible for the biggest school rebuilding program in Colorado history. The motive is clear! Keep the man down by hiding the good news about him! Damn you, Pols!

            1. about a recent Republican poll that shows Norton and McInnis ahead. What does a poll that’s already been covered in another diary days ago have to do with that?

              1. “Colorado’s Republicans made it into two of the top three! “

                but the title of the Fix’s article is

                “Colorado provides primary fireworks a-plenty”

                and which makes no distinction about the parties – it lists the Democratic side of the race as part of the “fireworks a-plenty”


                The two Senate primaries in Colorado are slightly less dramatic but are interesting nonetheless.

                See that? “TWO”

        2. Because everybody loves reading the same shit twice and anybody who doesn’t is conspiring against you.

          Here’s a suggestion.  Tell your candidate to go raise some damned money so you won’t have to be on here begging for free media.

          On a freakin’ blog, no less.

            1. This one is clearly on the GOP primary.  Are bloggers required to post diaries that follow the theme of any article they cite?  No. They can–and regularly do–take out a particular piece of information then diary about that.  The title of the diary reflects the direction of that diary not the article from which it was inspired.  This whole meme–waaaaahhhhhh Pols didn’t write the diary I would have–is 1) silly and 2) reeks of desperation.

              Me, I’ll vote for whomever gets the Democratic nod.  

                1. But not ones full of unsubstantiated and misleading claims and incomplete history.  

                  But what I meant was–if you don’t like the direction of the diary that Pols wrote, if you think they left out important information, then write a diary highlighting that information and why it matters–hell, quote at length from your own previous postings if you want, The Fix (within Fair Use guidelines), or other sources.  Make your case.  If you can only do that by attacking and spreading misleading information don’t expect it to get past a recommend from Stryker2.

                  It’s just so, well, middle school to continually whine about a diary someone else wrote.  

                  Write your own, or move along. Or not.  Keep singin’ the same tired tune, Wade, if you want.    

          1. The Romanoff “poll” isn’t new. These two Republican polls are new.

            There are a lot of other links and news outlets that report things that we’ve already discussed on Colorado Pols, on front-page diaries no less. It would be silly for us to talk about it every single time the same information shows up somewhere new.

              1. So by your logic, Wade, we should write a front page post every time we see the same polling information written somewhere else. You don’t think that would be the least bit ridiculous?

      1. I will LMAO if the Senate race comes to Romanoff-Norton, as I have predicted.

        ILast, I’ll piss my pants when McInnis wins, then pulls out a poll that shows him beating the mayor in a head to head. Why, because then Tank will do the honorable thing and standown, freeing up resources for a beatdown on the elitist Sanctuary City crowd.

        1. you are going to pony up for the Department of Deportations.  I’ll bet you’ll go whole hog and defund school lunches to round up those little brown skinned people.  It will probably even be as success as that mammoth bureaucracy that runs the War on Drugs.

          It is kind of funny how you never mention the odious business owner who exploits the weak and then pockets the difference.  It makes me think that you don’t want to really solve the problem of businessmen with American passports taking jobs from American taxpayers and giving them to those immigrants who can’t protest their working conditions.  The obvious lack of concern for a total solution makes it look like blatant racism but hey go ahead and throw the Sanctuary City epithet kind of like Mark “Boulder Liberal” Udall.  We already know how well those slogans work.  

            1. should be subject to severe penalties for exploiting these human beings.  No surprises there for a racist who loves the rich and is going to cry if they have to pay Reagan era tax rates.

              The reason you going to Hell Dave even though you are a Pro-Life Christian is that you have thought about and actually believe that you can put people in cattle cars and railroad them anywhere you want.  Compassion isn’t just for the elderly in your church you anti-Christian.

              1. who were better than you Dave you xenophobic fool.

                You’ll never measure up to those who gave their lives so all could be free from want and tyranny.

          1. Fremont Neb has a great voter lead initiative. Your team is upholding businesses continuing to abuse workers and deny Americans the right to work.

            OMAHA, Neb. – A judge said Wednesday she’s not sure whether lawsuits challenging a Nebraska city’s ban on hiring and renting to illegal immigrants should be heard in federal or state court, delaying any ruling on blocking the voter-approved ordinance.

            U.S. District Judge Laurie Smith Camp said during a hearing that she wasn’t sure whether she had jurisdiction over the lawsuits filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska and the Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund, also known as MALDEF.


              1. Rage and victimization are their only ways of looking at the world.

                The other possibility is that Ayn is an effete little Lord Fauntleroy who can’t handle rough exchanges.  Maybe he needs to find a more genteel site where he can sip his spritzer and enjoy quietly blogging with the Ambien crowd.

    1. Was that theoretical head-to-head matchups are pointless. We don’t care if Norton or Buck would beat Bennet or Romanoff in a race, because it’s completely hypothetical.

      The only thing that matters right now is who is doing what in the Primary matchups. “The Fix” is talking about a Norton-Buck matchup poll, which is relevant.

          1. (after reading the diary on people being banned for outing), I have no idea who Fountainhead is. But I do find the use of “the Buck stops here” suspicious (and probably intentional) due to the Norton facebook group with the same name.

  2. Don’t you just LOVE IT when someone/thing like The Fix trumpets a poll without FACTS.  Like, say, cross-tabs?  Or even the name of the polling firm?? Come on. This sounds like a Norton internal push/poll, to me.    

    The Denver Post, on the other hand, will have numbers out on Sunday.  

    My bet says Norton is still down.  

  3. This is the probably the result (as it was done by a “major Republican firm”), and she couldn’t even get more than 45% in her own push poll. Pathetic.

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