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July 29, 2010 01:28 PM MDT

First Families of Colorado Politics

  • by: Colorado Pols

Our friends at “The Fix” have a fun item up about the “first families of politics” in each state. Here’s what they came up with for Colorado:

The Salazars: Former Gov. Sen. [corrected–Pols] (and current Interior Secretary) Ken Salazar (D) is the younger brother of Rep. John Salazar (D).

The Romers: Former Gov. Roy Romer’s (D) son, state Sen. Chris Romer (D), is running for mayor of Denver.

The Udalls: Sen. Mark Udall (D) is the cousin of New Mexico’s junior senator, Tom. Both of their fathers, Mo and Stewart, were involved in politics — Stewart, most prominently, as Secretary of the Interior, Mo as a Congressman from Arizona

Who else would you add to the list? Who would be the first family on the Republican side of things?

*Side note: It’s interesting to see that “The Fix” unequivocally declares Sen. Chris Romer as a candidate for Denver Mayor. Not that we disagree, but Romer hasn’t made that announcement himself just yet.


53 thoughts on “First Families of Colorado Politics

    1. Dynasty is an American prime time television soap opera that aired on ABC from January 12, 1981 to May 11, 1989. It was created by Richard and Esther Shapiro and produced by Aaron Spelling, and revolved around the Carringtons, a wealthy oil family living in Denver, Colorado.[2] Starring John Forsythe and Linda Evans as oil magnate Blake Carrington and his new wife Krystle, Dynasty was ABC’s derivation of the hit CBS prime time serial Dallas.[2]

    1. besides the Nortons, already mentioned. And the Dems are all individuals, not families.

      Ironic that you would accuse anyone of not knowing what terms mean. Just this morning, this is your second failure to understand a term (the first being when you said that “nothing” about HCR would take place til after 2012).

  1. Penfield Tate II – Former Boulder Mayor and son Penfield Tate III – State Senator and House member.

    John Shafroth – Governor; great-grandson Will Shafroth, candidate for CD-2.

    Spouses, Dick and Dottie Lamm.

    Spouses, Rollie and Josie Heath.

    Peggy and son Jon Lehman – Denver City Council.

    John Witwer and son Rob Witwer – both in the State House.

  2. AG, Director of the Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Senator, but never Governor.

    And the older Salazar, John, owes his election to the fact that he ran at the same time his brother was running for the Senate and spent millions saying, “Vote for Salazar.”

  3. Though more in a La Familia sense than in a geneological one.

    Many GOP leaders and politicos have their roots in one of the two.  Makes sense since both were popular statewide elected officials.

  4. Phil Anschutz.  (He’s got a whole crop of his “family” working in Colorado politics.)

    There’s also the “family” at Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schrek, LLP

      1. doing favors for friends in their time of need.

        “[Phil] I need a man who has powerful friends. I need a million dollars in cash. I need, [Phil], all of those politicians that you carry around in your pocket, like so many nickels and dimes.”

      1. The article referenced lists all 50 states. My comment was not on the central point in the diary, but it was on topic.

        Sometimes I get the feeling I could post have a nice day and you would reply like the above…

          1. There’s some chiefs in that Colorado “first family” — (trying real hard to stay topical and not make some dumb, smart-ass comment that’s going to get me flamed) — we can all learn some lessons from.

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