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July 29, 2010 06:39 PM UTC

Support for Health Reform Legislation Reaches 50%

  • by: Colorado Pols

Just when the “repeal Obamacare” bandwagon was really starting to fill up, The Hill reports:

Americans view Democrats’ signature health reform bill more positively now than at any point since it was signed into law, a new poll found Thursday.

50 percent of the public say they view the new healthcare law favorably, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll that has been tracking public opinion about the legislation since it became law.

35 percent of adults said they view the law unfavorably, while 14 percent had no opinion.

The July numbers mark the strongest support for reform since it reached a low in May, when the Kaiser poll found that the public opposed the law, 44-41 percent.

The positive numbers play heavily into this fall’s impending midterm elections, in which Republicans and Democrats will jockey over the reforms in the healthcare bill… [Pols emphasis]

There is where we say again that we have confidently predicted this shift in public opinion for months–just like conservative strategists such as David Frum knew that once the health reform legislation was law and began to be demystified, support would inevitably head back toward to the strong levels seen after the election of Barack Obama. This is why Republicans did not want health care reform legislation to pass in any form while Democrats were in charge; no matter how many conservative-appeasing compromises were made. Because health care in America needed fixing, everybody knows it, and it’s slowly becoming apparent just how irrational the opposition to what’s essentially the conservative Heritage Foundation’s health care plan really got.

Nobody who can get coverage now, and couldn’t before, is going to admit that they think the whole thing is terrible. And as the reforms continue to take effect, it’s only going to peel more support away from politicians who say they want to take these reforms from consumers. The 2010 election season may indeed represent the only year where Republicans will be able to capitalize on opposition to health care reform at all, after which time these reforms will be sufficiently popular and established that no candidate will ever dare to oppose them again (crazies notwithstanding).

Shorter version: make sure you’ve thought it through before jumping on the bandwagon.


40 thoughts on “Support for Health Reform Legislation Reaches 50%

    1. With the passing of every week, bit by bit, more Americans are being covered.  Or not kicked off of the roles.  Or getting some financial relief.

      Of course there will be many who do not make the connection that they have HC or can afford it now due to the efforts of the Dems, but surely some will.

      Kaiser isn’t exactly an amateur in tracking health trends, either.  

      1. …just raised my rates because of this travesty.

        The whole law and the way it came to be just stink.

        I sincerely hope the Dems continue to underestimate the amount of anger about the HC law and its effect on elections.

        1. They may have raised your rates but I doubt they told you anything, let alone that it was because of health care reform. Why have they been raising your rates prior to that?

  1. is that nothing has changed. The Dems cleverly structured the bill so that nothing will happen until after 2012, when they think Obama will be re-elected.

    1. Uh, there’s this thing called The Google, and…

      Effective September 23, 2010

         * Dependent children will be permitted to remain on their parents’ insurance plan until their 26th birthday.

         * Insurers are prohibited from excluding pre-existing medical conditions (except in grandfathered individual health insurance plans) for children under the age of 19.

         * Insurers are prohibited from charging co-payments or deductibles for Level A or Level B preventive care and medical screenings on all new insurance plans.

         * Individuals affected by the Medicare Part D coverage gap will receive a $250 rebate, and 50% of the gap will be eliminated in 2011. The gap will be eliminated by 2020.

         * Insurers’ abilities to enforce annual spending caps will be restricted, and completely prohibited by 2014.

         * Insurers are prohibited from dropping policyholders when they get sick.

         * Insurers are required to reveal details about administrative and executive expenditures.

         * Insurers are required to implement an appeals process for coverage determination and claims on all new plans.

         * Indoor tanning services are subjected to a 10% service tax.

         * Enhanced methods of fraud detection are implemented.

         * Medicare is expanded to small, rural hospitals and facilities.

         * Non-profit Blue Cross insurers are required to maintain a loss ratio (money spent on procedures over money incoming) of 85% or higher to take advantage of IRS tax benefits.

         * Companies which provide early retiree benefits for individuals aged 55-64 are eligible to participate in a temporary program which reduces premium costs.

         * A new website installed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services will provide consumer insurance information for individuals and small businesses in all states.

         * A temporary credit program is established to encourage private investment in new therapies for disease treatment and prevention.

      So, please go ahead and campaign that you want to repeal this law, and give health care companies the right to void your health insurance because of an unrelated illness you failed to disclose while filling out some forms….

            1. The only reason people think they support it

              is that nothing has changed. The Dems cleverly structured the bill so that nothing will happen until after 2012, when they think Obama will be re-elected.

              “I don’t get it.” – Aristotle


              by: bjwilson83 @ Thu Jul 29, 2010 at 10:17:11 AM MDT

              [ Reply ]

              I wish there was a way to suspend  liars and those reckless with the facts. Even when they call them rounding errors.


                    1. who judges a name without knowing what it’s in reference to. Hint: CT revealed it in a diary that was all about how we got our names.

                    2. even though CT spelled it out. That kind of humor doesn’t resonate with the boy.

                    3. I explained how I got stuck with this handle on that same diary.

                      You can’t fool me, beej. You never would have said that about CT if you knew.

                    4. Glad to see you back to your vile old self, Steve. I missed your tantrums for a few days there.

  2. Especially the death panels and the 16,500 newly hired, armed IRS agents.

    Keep the parts about ids getting to stay on mom and dad’s coverage, keep the part that added ten years to the actuarial solvency of Medicare, keep the part about pre-existing conditions not being a bar to coverage.

    Keep the other good parts- but repeal the death panels and the IRS agents.

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