Clean Sweep for Bennet – DeGette endorses Michael Bennet

Earlier today, I received the following announcement from Congresswoman Diana DeGette

DENVER, CO – Congresswoman Diana DeGette (CO-1) today offered the following statement endorsing Michael Bennet for United States Senator from Colorado:

“I am proud to offer my support today to Michael Bennet to continue his service to Colorado as our United States Senator.

“Since he has been in the U.S. Senate, Michael Bennet has taken an important role in some of the biggest legislative issues of the day.  Senator Bennet offered provisions to the recently passed Wall Street reform bill that strengthen consumer protections, with mandatory disclosures and greater oversight to prevent the kind of economic meltdown we’re currently facing.  Last week, he proudly stood up against the ongoing obstruction of his Republican Senate colleagues to vote to extend unemployment benefits, finally bringing relief for Colorado families still struggling in these tough fiscal times.

“Senator Bennet and I share a commitment to the natural resources of our great state, and he has voted to protect wilderness and secure our water supply.  He has worked to protect jobs and create opportunities for Colorado families, and he fights every day to secure our nation’s fiscal future.  Senator Bennet was also a champion for Colorado as we all worked to provide Americans with access to affordable health insurance coverage.”


I am pretty sure this means Bennet has been endorsed by all the CO elected Ds in DC:  Udall, DeGette, Polis, Salazar, Markey, and .Perlmutter.

Previously it has been claimed that most D county chairs lean Romanoff, and at least one DPS Board member that is on AR”s paid staff also endorses him.  

It appears increasingly obvious that if AR does not win this election, he will have to primary DeGette and if he doesn’t win that, then Udall.  

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  1. OuiserBoudreaux says:

    Finally, a race that makes sense!

  2. OuiserBoudreaux says:

    So some newspaper is reporting that AR sold his house and then loaned his campaign the proceeds!  How pathetically sad can this escapade get?  I shudder to think……….!

  3. EmeraldKnight76 says:

    “special interest” system, when he loses he MUST go after someone next or look like a complete fraud. Now that he has sold his house, he can either buy another one in the same area and go after Degette or do as I suggested and move to go after Coffman.

    My only suggestion for moving to go after Coffman is to take them down alphabetically. I like to keep things organized that way.

      • EmeraldKnight76 says:

        While I think the way he’s run this campaign has been shameful, he does have a history of serving Colorado. If he is serious about being a progressive voice in service to Colorado, there are many ways he could still serve.

        Andrew is a talented and dedicated legislator. There will be other primaries in other years. He would be a powerful voice in the United States House of Representatives.

        He is young, ambitious, and scandal-free. He is also very qualified. My reasons for not voting for him were more to do with his hypocrisy and the way he ran this campaign. Those are easily fixable should he chose to run for the US House or even the Senate again.

    • Dan Willis says:

      Joyce Foster begged him to do that in 2008 and only ran for the seat when Andrew didn’t make the move. I am reasonably sure she would step aside for him in 2012.

      My only real concern about Andrew selling his house: poor Zorro! He was the true master of that house and the only one who spent most of his time there.

  4. oldbenkenobi says:

    Of course there is tremendous pressure on all the state delegation to support the sitting U.S. Senator, even if that person has never been elected to anything.

    All you Bennet Groupthinkers must be so proud of your guy.  He’s had every possible advantage yet he still might lose.  Someday you will have to face the fact that Bennet is a weak candidate and his bid is built on sand.

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