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July 23, 2010 03:47 PM UTC

Obama's Opposition: How Racist?

  • by: Laughing Boy

I asked this question in a post on a thread, and was surprised that I didn’t get any real answers, which surprised me, so an anonymous poll which follows will now give folks an easier way to estimate the percentage of opposition to President Obama they believe to be motivated by race, rather than policy.

Astute analysis will follow poll.


So…let’s hear it.

What percentage of Obama's opposition is Racist?

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18 thoughts on “Obama’s Opposition: How Racist?

    1. Me, R’s in government, Tea Partiers, etc.

      BTW, how many “monkey” sign carriers are there in total, in your opinion?

      You imply that it’s all tea-partiers.

      1. And I implied nothing, It doesn’t matter if it’s a single person in the world or half of the whole world. I asked what your definition of opposition is.

        Is it people who disagree with the president or are you talking about people spending money to attack him with ads, or what?

        If you define opposition as anyone with any level of disagreement, then I’m in the opposition. If you define opposition as people who have threatened to assassinate him, then it’s a significantly smaller set of people. If it’s the first set, then his opposition is likely reflective of the percentage of racists in the entire population. If it’s the second one, it’s probably 99% racists.

        Just not really sure where you’re going with this question.

  1. do you mean that racism is the principle or only factor in that person’s opposition to Obama?

    Or, do you mean that if racism might play as little as one percent of a person’s motivation for opposing Obama, then that should be counted a “racist opposition?”

    And, how do we determine the sum total of people who are in “opposition to President Obama?” Do we include people like Sirota who are upset that Obama’s policies do not go far enough as part of the total pool of loyal and disloyal opposition?

  2. “. . . surpised I didn’t get any answers”?  Not!

    1.  You’re doing nothing more than trying to set a trap, and most folks recognized that.

    2.  How can anyone claim to have valid, demonstrable facts to support their claim.  It hasn’t occurred to you that most people, if racism was their motivation, would deny it when polled?  (Polling Question:  Do you pick your nose and eat it?  Think that’s going to get an accurate count of the percentage of Pols booger-eaters?)

    3.  It hasn’t occurred to you that almost no one who is honest would claim to fully understand all of their motivations in their decision making?

    4.  You’ve got an agenda and it isn’t about gathering information for yourself — so why not just out with it?  What’s the point you want to make?

    1. Here’s what LB said:

      … and was surprised that I didn’t get any real answers, which surprised me …

      LB was surprised that he was surprised.

      Which, when you think about it, isn’t all that surprising.

      1. and, thank’s for correcting my misquote Ardy — given my known tendency to mistypo I should always just use the block quotes.

        So come-on LB, just get “astute” on us — doo, da, zippity!

    1. And if there is it’s small and insignificant.

      And if there is it’s no more prevalent in either party. If it is, it’s the D’s who are more racist.

      And if it still exists here, it’s just as prevalent in the black and hispanic and other ethnic or racial communities as it is in the white communities. Just as present in the NAACP as in the Tea Party.

      I know because Glenn Beck and Rush told me so.

        1. I have faith in things I cannot prove are factually correct- but I am careful to draw a line between the things I know and the things I believe.

          And I am careful to make clear which is which and am most careful when posting in a public forum to not let the beliefs capture something which can be verified and because I already believe it, I ignore the verification.  

          You may say I’m  a dreamer, but I am not the only one.

          So- if only there was some way to prove or disprove, to verify the possible factyness of something like this.  More to the point, if only you would use it.

  3. But let me tell you a little story.  I am not 100 years old; I am, however, 56% of 100 years old.  I did not grow up in the deep south; I did, however, grow up in Missouri.  

    My ex-husband’s grandmother lived in rural Missouri.  She ran for the state legislature probably in the Depression era.  She had to have the Klan leaders to her house for lunch to get their support to win her election.

    My ex-husband (who is my age) grew up in a suburb of St. Louis.  I do not think of St. Louis as being a southern city.  However, when my ex was a kid, the municipal swimming pool was “whites only” 5 days a week.  Day 6 was designated “nigger day” and black residents were allowed to swim.  Day 7, the pool was drained, cleaned, and refilled.

    The Civil Rights Act, which outlawed discrimination based on race and sex, was passed in 1964 when I was 10 years old.  However, when I was old enough to get a job, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (liberal paper) had “Help Wanted-Male” and “Help Wanted-Female” want ads.  I don’t know when they stopped having “White – Colored” want ads, but my guess would be not before 1964.

    You youngsters may think that racism is irrelevant, a thing of the past.  However, people of my age are in charge of a lot of things.  Do you think that people who grew up in an environment where it was OK to have “nigger day” at the pool are color-blind today?

    It has been said that to black people it’s always about race, and to white people it’s never about race.  I’ve talked to some black friends about that, and the consensus was that there’s a lot of truth to that.  White people are a lot less likely to be pulled over for no reason; most black people I’ve talked to have personal stories about being pulled over for driving-while-black.  Therefore, many black people think police are racists and many white people think that’s ridiculous.

    So… A teabagger has a sign with pictures of a lion and Barack Obama; the sign says “The zoo has an African lion, and the White House has a lyin’ African.”  There are 1,001 jokes about the White House becoming the Colored or Black House.  There are postcards with a field of watermelons growing in front of the White House.  There are signs with pictures of a witch doctor with Barack Obama’s face photoshopped in.

    Are these racial slurs, or are they just jokes?  Are the insults aimed at Obama based upon his policy positions or upon his race?  We have had more liberal presidents in my lifetime (some of them Republicans), and they were not accused by mainstream media of trying to fundamentally change America into a socialist country.  They have not been threatened with impeachment because of their efforts to drag us back from the brink of a depression.  It seems to me that Barack Obama has been subjected to a lot more hyperbole than other, more liberal presidents.  I expect that white people and black people might draw very different conclusions about the reason for that.

    I think this country is very different than it was when I was 10 … but then again, I’m white.  Frankly, I am encouraged whenever I see interracial couples because I think there will be an undercurrent of racism and bigotry in this country until all its residents are medium beige.

    Sorry about hijacking your diary.

    1. You got it.

      I think your answer to LB’s question clearly demonstrates that the question is poorly formed. Which isn’t LB’s fault – it’s because we don’t have the vocabulary to actually discuss race in this country.

      I have heard the family stories about how great Chicago was until “the blacks” were allowed above 35th street.  I read the Church report on the assassination of Fred Hampton and heard family stories about how if they had just stayed where they belonged it would never have had to happen.

      Is there racism in America?  Yes.

      Is it the cause of all the opposition to Obama? No.

      To put a %  on the answer in any useful way is impossible.   Example- are there non-racist opposition who would encourage the birthers only because it politically weakens Obama ? Yes.    Likewise a hundred other issues. And we can’t tell when it’s racist and when it’s just political laziness.

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