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July 23, 2010 07:24 AM UTC

Is Bennet push polling? Repugs are push polling!!!

  • by: jpsandscl

I agree with Madco that Bennet and Romanoff are not behind thewse push polls and it is likely the opposition Repugnicans!

This was on a friend’s FB page from another mutual friend who has decided she can’t vote for Bennet because of a push poll. This is a serious question and not meant to be rhetorical at all- is Bennet push polling?

“I guess I should clarify “nasty.” I mean polls that were so incredibly biased that I felt like I needed a shower after taking them. If I hadn’t known better I’d have thought it was Republicans calling and polling Reps v. Dems. It was seriously the nastiest Dem polls I have ever participated in, and yes, it was from the Bennett camp. After that, I knew I could not vote for him.”


10 thoughts on “Is Bennet push polling? Repugs are push polling!!!

  1. jpsand: why don;t you include the other comments about others having received this call, except it got nasty about Bennet?

    I believe that there are energetic R supporters publishing and posting and polling and doing other “campaign”ish stuff in an attempt to divide and frustrate the D’s wit hthe goal of creating a big enough number of “if my guy loses, I’m sitting this one out” D’s s in the general.

    We have a few right here on CoPols.

  2. And I hadn’t seen any of the others when i posted the question.

    Yes it seems the Rs are already tangling with both Bennet and Romanoff and trying ot damage both so they can be better prepared no matter who wins.

  3. At first I thought it was a Romanoff push poll because it asked a bunch of questions about Bennet taking PAC money and voting accordingly.  Then it began asking a bunch of questions about Romanoff putting up negative ads when he’d said he wouldn’t do that, and about him taking PAC money in past elections.

    I don’t know jack about polling, so I don’t know if it was a push poll, a theme-testing poll, or something else, and I have no idea who was doing the poll. If the pollster doesn’t tell you, how can you tell who’s doing the poll?  I’d love to be able to figure out who’s behind some of the calls I’ve gotten this season.

    1. And it also tells you it wasn’t Bennet- all of th eBennetl calls have the “paid for by etc etc and blah blah”  The two I’ve gotten from AR also did.

      You can tell when it’s a push poll when it says something like…If you found out that a canddidate  did XYZ, would you be more or less likely to vote for him?


      Perhaps your answer is – wouldn’t matter to me either way.

      But you don’t get that choice. Or if you do, it’s not offered until you say it.  The idea is that the “poll” is pushing you to an attitude.

      The classic was “how would you feel if you learned a white candidate had father an illegitamate black child out of wedlock”” or something like that.  It wasn’t true of any candidate in the current race- but one candidate had adopted a dark skinned child whom he was photgraphed with several times.  See- hint, hint – that guy has an illegitamte black child.  How do you feel about it?

      I think the one (s) going on in CO now are R oppo testing themes for the general.

      1. for once (ok maybe more than once…) I agree with MADCO. I think these are R push polls trying ot dent either candidate they mace face in the fall.

        1. last week from a group called Renew Colorado (??) and it was a push poll about Obama, specific questions about gay marriage, abortion, and the 2nd amendment. An automated poll that for no apparent reason I suffered through and answered. Mostly because I wanted to catch the name at the end and still managed to get it wrong because I can’t find it and have googled looking for the group.

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