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July 21, 2010 06:38 PM UTC

Looking at the US/Mexico Border: The Hip Political Field Trip

  • by: Colorado Pols

We were going to do a quick Photoshop rendition to illustrate our point, but it turns out that the website for Republican Ryan Frazier (running against Lang Sias for the GOP nomination in CD-7) had the perfect picture already.

If you think that’s just a picture of Frazier staring at the U.S./Mexico border…you’re right!

Yesterday, Frazier took part in what has become the coolest, hippest political nonsense move of 2010: Traveling to the southern edges of the U.S. to look at the border and thus show voters how serious you are about illegal immigration.

Really, look at that picture! Is Ryan Frazier totally serious about illegal immigration or what!? If he wasn’t really, really serious about illegal immigration, then why would he travel hundreds of miles just to look at some dirt and a big fence? Well, what’s your answer to that? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Goddamn right!

Not only did Frazier travel to the border yesterday, he even held a tele-town hall from the border to discuss illegal immigration. That’s some gen-U-ine commitment to the issue right there! You can’t really talk about illegal immigration until you’ve stood there, in the middle of the day, and stared at a fence between the United States and Mexico! Sure, you could talk about illegal immigration from Colorado, but it’s not the same as doing it from Arizona or New Mexico, now is it?

Thanks for joining me, Ryan Frazier, on the call tonight. I’m right here at the U.S./Mexico border, talking to you from a place where illegal immigrants are probably not crossing into the country on account of this gigantic fence and the big presence at this particular location. But lemme tell you something — I’m going to do something about illegal immigration! If you elect me to Congress, I might even come back here to stare at the border some more! I’ve seen the border with my own eyes! Has Lang Sias looked at it with his own eyes? What about Ed Perlmutter? I don’t know — maybe they have. But I’m the only one who took time to come down here during this important election season and stare at it. And I really stared at it, my friends! I stared the hell out of it!


32 thoughts on “Looking at the US/Mexico Border: The Hip Political Field Trip

    1. its nice to know we have 12 million future refugees from next decades Mexican civil war already living here illeglly.

      I was more interested to know if Frazier there seen him some illegals.

        1. to send them back.  $1 trillion, $2 trillion $3 trillion or more.

          Also what ever you do don’t tax them and don’t make them pay social security because they are the only ones who don’t and the Tea Party position is to pay no taxes.  They could actually be considered heroes to those who hate government since they are inadvertently sticking it to The Man by paying no taxes.  If the employer had to use the same pay scale for an American and an illegal then maybe they would want to pay for someone who knows English and doesn’t need to have instructions translated.  Raising the pay scale for illegal labor would hurt them big time because it would make them less profitable to the rich.

  1. I think you should remove “f******” from the second sentence of the fourth paragraph.  It detracts from the underlying point–and the situation is sufficiently absurd in and of itself to not require profanity to try to exaggerate it.  

    You’re welcome.  😉

    I think the point Frazier is trying to make to prospective voters is that immigration is an important issue to him, and that it is so important he took the time to visit the border.  I agree that visiting the border is a pointless exercise, but hey, “it will play in Peoria . . . “

  2. Once again the idea of campaigning is sooooo funny to me now.  I am sure this was a great idea as the campaign staff sat around a table and came up with ways “to distinguish” Frazier from everyone else.

    Today, the staff is questioning it and looking for something to say that will give it relevance.

    But how many in the voting population will read this blog?  The right picture in a mailer could be hard corp…maybe.  LOL

  3. would be if that were a pistol strapped to his hip instead of a cellphone. You want to show voters how serious you are about securing the border? Stare at the border fence while you’re ARMED! Go ahead, make my day …

  4. He needs some new jeans.

    Perlmutter, on the other hand, has excellent taste in denim.

    Do we really want a congressman who buys poorly fitting jeans? Ryan Frazier: A poor fit for his butt, a poor fit for CD7.

    (Yes, I fully intend to spend the entire election season making the most ludicrous points I can about this race, since it was decided long before either Frazier or Sias entered it. The only reason anyone’s even talking about it is that the rhymes-with-Toast newspaper keeps calling it ‘Perlmutter’s first real challenge’ or something like that. I see no challenge here.)

    1. Suppose a terist popped up from behind that fence and Ryan had to chase him down and aprehend him.  You want some give in the denim when you’re running at full speed in the heat like that.

  5. and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Whose gonna do it? You? Lang Sias? Ryan Frazier has a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for immigrants, and you curse the border patrol. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what Ryan Frazier knows.  You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want Ryan Frazier on that wall, you need Ryan Frazier on that wall.

        1. The old vets among us remember the Berlin Wall very well.  It had everything you advocate and much much more.  And people still escaped to freedom.

            National ID cards and employer sanctions are the key to stopping the flow of illegal immigrants.   Walls just generate a hot market for wirecutters (or for outflanking the wall, as the Germans did with the Maginot line.”

            1. You are on to something.  The only secure borders are those which are militarized.  That is the only way to secure our southern and northern borders.  We’d probably have to mine the gulf to keep illegal boat traffic….oh wait.

              the strategy which involves national ID cards and employer sanctions usually includes “path to citizenship” and the caveat “First, secure the borders.”

              So can the borders be secured without militarizing them?

              That is the real question.  Anyone care to try and answer it?

              Or shall we go back to talking about frazier’s tight jeans?

              1. The borders can’t be secured – at least not without bankrupting the country or turning it into a degenerate militaristic state.

                We can build fences and walls, put up guard towers with machine guns, mine the land – and as has been proven repeatedly, the only things we’ll get for it are bankruptcy and a really bad reputation in the world.

                We have thousands of miles of border, and not nearly enough troops to cover it all – and that’s assuming we use our active-duty military to do so.

                So in my semi-informed assessment, not only can we not secure the border without militarizing it, even if we try the military solution we would fail in the long run.

                1. The problem is that there is a constitutional mandate for the federal government to secure the borders.

                  I pose the question because I think it is absolutely critical to the debate.  But, I honestly do not have any answers.  But I don’t think we can simply walk away from that part of the problem.

          1. Illegal immigrants in Brazil enjoy the same legal privileges as native Brazilians regarding access to social services such as public education and the Brazilian public healthcare system.

            – wikipedia

          2. No national ID card.  Better national employment ID and a secure database search to back it up.  I still want to live in a world where my life isn’t tracked on a national ID card.

            There are known ways of keeping such a system secure while providing the reliability and availability necessary for accurate verification.  It might be computer science, but it isn’t rocket science.

            1. If you want to raise paranoia over a national ID card to a prime issue, that’s your privilege.  But it means, more or less by definition, that there will be no serious effort to control illegal immigration.  If you think the tradeoff is worth it, fine.  

              Frankly, I think the paranoia over the id card ranks with the “they’ll take our guns away” fear on the right.  If the gummint wants to get you, I kind of guarantee they will know where you live.  

              1. The SSN was never supposed to be used for the things it’s being used for, and to my mind it is being abused and we are the worse for it.

                I said it’s a quibble because it is only a minor technicality – assuming you enforce immigration via employment as you suggested.  There are technical methods that assign everyone a strong ID but would not allow would-be abusers to simply tap into a database to retrieve information by which such an ID could be falsified (ID theft on a massive scale is possible and almost certainly inevitable with a full-on national ID).

                I’ve noted before that we need to strengthen our current SSN/immigration ID system.  It’s too easy to guess SSNs with a bit of personal information, and working papers are too easy to fake (or at least that’s their reputation).  My sole desire is to see a renewed commitment to the original limited goals of the SSN system – as tax ID numbers (and their related requirements for employment, interest-bearing accounts, and tax-affecting loans).  Let the credit agencies create their own ID system if they need one.

                1. Certainly, the ssn has been abused and the kind of safeguards you suggest are useful.  I’m less worried about a totalitarian government tracking me down by my ID, which is the concern of many, than of credit card companies and similar swine abusing it.  Totalitarian governments have plenty of resources to track you down — commercial predators less so.

  6. So congrats, for making fun of Frazier.  One of the key issues in Colorado is going to be illegal immigration.  Frazier has found a way to highlight it and speak from it.  I think it is a good strategy.  I think that the dems have to be able to deal with the question of illegal immigration.  I don’t think FOTGLOL cuts it.

  7. Wouldn’t it have just been faster for him to look at the border on google earth because if he did that then he wouldn’t look like the fool he is.  

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