Ick Alert: Charlie Kirk, Don Jr. Coming To Fort Collins

Donald Trump, Jr. holding a dead elephant’s tail.

As the Denver Post’s Elizabeth Hernandez reports:

Donald Trump Jr. and conservative firebrand Charlie Kirk are scheduled to speak at Colorado State University next week as part of a cross-country tour put on by the conservative student organization Turning Point USA…

Kirk has caused a stir at CSU in the past. When the conservative provocateur spoke in Fort Collins in 2018, a group wielding riot shields, large flashlights and face masks with skulls on them stormed the campus while chanting Nazi slogans, according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan. Protests before and during the speech were orderly, university officials said, but CSU’s police chief issued a dispersal order due to a risk of imminent threat of potential violence.

Kirk also has visited the University of Colorado Boulder campus and many other universities across the country.

Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk’s conservative campus organizing group, made news earlier this year when the University of Colorado chapter of the organization called for the resignation of the group’s communication director Candace Owens after her odd remarks that seemed to suggest Adolf Hitler would have been fine had he simply wanted to “make Germany great again”–and she did resign from that post a couple of months later. TPUSA and Charlie Kirk himself have been called out by fellow conservatives for hiring unapologetic racists, and freely employing over-the-top shock-jock rhetoric that ultimately makes the right look bad.

As for Donald Trump Jr.…well, he needs no introduction. Described as a “bad take machine,” President Trump’s scariest male offspring is practically guaranteed to have something newsworthily offensive to say in Fort Collins–especially inside the friendly confines of a TPUSA rally! Depending on how much worse the impeachment crisis besetting his dad gets between now and then, Junior could really show up loaded for bear.

Figuratively speaking, we hope.


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  1. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    I wish the elephant had won.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      There’s a reason that picture is what it is . . . 

      . . . given that all Ttumps are essentially the same (some being even more stupid than the stupids), my guess is:

      One morning in the African dry season, a guide gets up early and culls an noticeably aging, decrepit cow from his private game preserve herd.

      About noon or so, he wakes Icky, Jr., dresses and feeds him, and then drives him out to the carcass. He poses Icky, Jr., puts the tail and knife in his hands; snaps a couple of pictures; then drives Icky, Jr. back to the airstrip — whereupon he gets stiffed his guide fee and tip . . . 

      . . . every picture tells a story, don’t it?

  2. Arvadonian1Arvadonian1 says:

    Prince Humperdink!

  3. JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

    Wonder if there will be an appearance of Trump's usual sidekick, Kimberly Guilfoyle.  She was with him at Trump Victory in New York (on the same match card as Cory Gardner). With him in Gainesville, FL to share $50,000 fee from U of FL student activity funds, Will be with him in San Antonio for a "Keep America Great" panel discussion (with Brad Parscale, too).

  4. DaftPunkDaftPunk says:

    The death of irony.

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