Tracking the Gubernatorial Money Race

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Being a data geek, I was looking at TRACER and found a neat view, a tabular listing of candidates and their money raised and spent.

It reveals some interesting things– of the $7.6 million raised so far, the largest fundraiser so far is Bill Ritter at $2.3 million. Second is John Hickenlooper at $2.1 million, and third is Scott McInnis at $2 million.

The biggest spenders shift a little, with Hickenlooper in first place, Ritter in second place, and McInnis in third place.

I tried putting the table in here, but it blew up ColoradoPols’s layout, so you’ll have to go look at it yourself.

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  1. TCU2011 says:

    Nice post, the other interesting thing is the difference in money on hand with McInnis having $500k + and Hickenlooper over $65k.  Could be interesting to see how McInnis will use that.  I would imagine on TV commercials as Hick already has bought pretty much all he’ll need.

  2. WashParkPoet says:

    with little raised and little spent.

    • TCU2011 says:

      If not many time when campaigns end with cash on hand they either try to give it back or will donate it to charity. I imagine Ritter did something of the sort.

      • Ralphie says:

        Ritter basically has three choices according to current campaign finance law.  Give it back, donate it to charity, or hang on to it.  He can’t give it away to anyone else without being subject to contribution limits.

        His campaign finance reports are showing that he has begun to give money back.

        I’m not arguing with your conclusion, just the basis for it.  Look at the campaign finance reports–don’t imagine.

      • TimothyTribbett says:

        Ratio determiend by what they had left. Also was up to the contributor whether they wanted it back or not. If I remember the letter I received it said they would give anything left to charity.

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