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July 09, 2010 03:48 PM UTC

Open Line Friday!

  • by: Colorado Pols

“It is offensive to the sensibilities of millions of people to hear a member of the state-run media refer to a half-black, half-white human being with no experience running anything of substance referred to as a god. He may be president of the United States, but he’s not a god.”

–Rush Limbaugh, earlier this week


40 thoughts on “Open Line Friday!

  1. I guess these new rules on the Post will limit the traffic on stories such as:

    Bennet staff selling 1:1 Senatorial access for $2,400, with special privileges is you bundle $5,000.… Additionally this raises ties as to campaign and Senatorial staff coordination, and what direction campaign or senatorial leadership provided in promoting these types of lobbyist payoffs.

      Hosting an event for $5,000 or more would be a better chance to lobby him, according to the email.

      The e-mail also said the congressional staff, rather than the campaign staff, might have better information on Bennet’s stance on the legislation.

    According to Romanoff, “It raises serious questions, how many other people were told they could pay to play with the senator? I believe public officials ought to make themselves available to their constituents without a cover charge.”

    Interestingly the accuser was DC profiled and outed as a PAC check raising guru. Apparently, Romanoff used to regularly make national and local contacts in the business and non profit communities seeking large $5,000-100,000+ corporate check contributions to various 527s that he managed. According to to WAPO Andy fessed up saying….

    I believe I was wrong then, and I’m right now, and more candidates for public office should follow my lead.

    1. It was a single e-mail from an unpaid intern’s private account sent out without the knowledge of the campaign which strongly rejected the solicitation as clearly wrong and not Bennet campaign policy as soon as it became known. The intern has been dismissed. Next.

      1. some of it involving both DC Senate staff and campaign staff. Shit HuffPo has a fat diary on it. This thing is going viral both nationally and regionally, yet no one will promote the diary on Bennet’s Senate Access Corruption Problem from firewalker

        This is getting national press, but not here at CPs, why not?

        1. Earn some credibility. I looked at all 6 links you provided–five of the six press releases are the exact same, 3 1/2 paragraphs, word for word. 3 1/2 paragraphs ain’t exactly a “fat” diary, homie.

          The WSJ article is the most comprehensive of your six links and it states (since it’s apparent you didn’t bother to read it)

          Kincaid said safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorized communication from the Bennet campaign, including a requirement that interns copy supervisors on all their campaign-related emails, but that Garofano went outside the system by using a personal email account.

          1. but what about the coordinated effort to work with DC Senatorial staff … its a bit more complicated or involved then a brush by response from Kincaid.

            What did the appointed Senator know and when did he know it?

            What did the chief of staff or LDs know and when did they know it?

            1. And thanks for the endorsement.  If you would rather see Bennet lost the primary, we all know who the strongest candidate for November is. Go Bennet.

            2. I’m going through all of the stories you linked to and I don’t see anything that even alludes to multiple instances of this happening or coordination with the Senate staff…

  2. Do you think Limbaugh meant this in a complementary way? Of course not, it’s meant in a derogatory way and clearly underscores the not so subtle racism he and his followers practice under the thinly veiled guise of political opposition.

    Limbaugh’s nothing but white trailer trash.  

    1. THIS is why the hard right teabagging community can be criticized for racism. Rush had no need whatsoever to mention Obama’s ethnicity, except that it’s not a good Two Minute Hate without it.

      1. Making this a black and white issue disenfranchises so many.

        I suspect that 20%+ of American citizens are mixed race when you account for the lefts position that Mexicans or Hispanics are a “race”.

        Hell that doesn’t even include 1st Nation blood – include those 1/8th or 1/16th 1st Nation and the mixed race population of U.S. citizens likely rises to 40-60%.  Hell 90% of Oklahoma is mixed race under that scenario.

        1. Doesn’t speak to race as much as continents of origin. At least to me. I’m not at all afraid to discuss race, I just don’t think, in the context of identifying people’s concerns, it is all that helpful.

          1. I have family relations that are Native American and 1st Nation. Some I consider white.

            I have family that are white, but bread from former Illegal Alien stock. I say former because after the punk got out of prison they deported his ass.

            Calling Obama the first black President disenfranchises his white stock or family relations.

        2. … this response doesn’t make any sense.

          Yes, Obama should be celebrated for being the first non-white POTUS, but Rush doesn’t celebrate anything about the man. So we’re left with his actual words, and the task of figuring out what he was trying to say.

          I’d have to hear the audio to accurately gauge this (so I can hear how much he might have emphasized the “half black, half white human being” phrase, but knowing what I know about the pill-popping phony, racism seems the most likely reason to use this mouthful rather than just plain old “man.”

          And isn’t it interesting the he says “human being” rather than “man?” In the old days, one of the tools used by the whites to keep black men emasculated was to always call them “boy,” never “man.” I’ve read that Jackie Robinson wasn’t known as “Jackie” when he was coming up – that it was more or less forced on him to help white America stomach the reality of a black baseball player in the major leagues. I have no idea if that’s true or not, but it fits the pattern.

          So now we have Rush Limbaugh referring to our president as a “half black, half white human being.” This also fits the pattern of white on black racism. Not to mention Rush’s real racist slips of the tongue (remember his short stint as a football color analyst?)

          Rush is obsessed with race. Large segments of his audience are, too. Not everyone. Not all tea baggers. But Rush for sure.


    ColoradoPols can get rich with this model!

    The opportunity to post comments on stories on Sun Chronicle websites will be restored this week, Publisher Oreste P. D’Arconte announced today, with posters required to use their real names.

    To enforce this change, all posters will be required to register their name, address, phone number and a legitimate credit card number.

    The credit card will be charged a one-time fee of 99 cents to activate the account.

        1. It’s also forcing users to cough up a credit card and a buck.

          This goes back to the same arguments as the DP or Murdoch wanting to charge for access to his news… why bother when there are so many other options out there?  If I want to engage in political commentary, I can find better places to do it for free than some newspaper’s forums.

          1. .

            Today, Friday, you can.

            But if Mr. Singleton buys CoPols over the weekend, I’ll bet you’ll ante up Monday, rather than abandon the cred you’ve built up here.  

            This is the future you’re getting a glimpse of.  Don’t like the future ?  Figger out a way to stay in the past.  The Intertubes are constantly evolving, but maybe you don’t have to.


            What do folks think Dean ought to pay for this site ?  I’ve already guessed $175K.


            1. For the cost of running this site, offset in part or whole by ad sales, I can make my own version of CP tomorrow complete with the same interface.  I can post the announcement on SquareState, David’s blog, Daily Kos, RedState and the commentary section of the articles announcing the purchase on every paper that doesn’t require I pay them cash to comment; within a week most of the people here will be registered on the new site.  The total cash outlay for startup costs would be worth the price of seeing Singleton spend money on something that instantly turns to dross in his hands.

              Besides, Dean can’t outspend George Soros, and we all know Soros is completely in control of this site already.

              1. You can also post it here. Say, in your sig line so I can see it on all your comments. I don’t know if they’d go in and change your sig line, but that would be a good way to call attention, especially for folks like me who don’t frequent any of those sites.  

  4. I had a wonderful vacation out in Hawaii (except for the Gov’s veto – that sucked). And her veto excuse was utter bullshit.

    But I had a nice rest from work and blogging and only got a little bit sun burned. I also interviewed all 3 gubernatorial candidates and will have their interviews up soon (don’t worry Ralphie – I won’t front page them).

    Politics in Hawaii is a lot friendlier. My mom dropped me off for the interviews and when picking me up got hugs from the candidates – including bot Democrats. They disagree on stuff but they don’t make it personal. Somehow I don’t see Hick & McInnis hugging 🙂

    And it’s so nice to be in a place that’s not all haole. Boulder especially but all of Colorado is overwhelmingly white. Maybe it’s because I grew up there but it feels better to be in a place with no majority and the biggest group is mixed.

    Funniest story – my sister & family moved to a farm in Waimanalo because her husband always wanted to live on a farm. And for the first couple of weeks he was complaining about the roosters waking him up. Reality can be surprising 🙂

    1. I’ve toured Whiting Farms, which breeds and raises roosters for fly-tying feathers (don’t ask what happens to the hens).

      Workers have to wear hearing protection in the rooster barns.

        1. Different standards apply to chickens raised for food–either meat or eggs.  And the whole operation would be subject to them.

          The hens are also bred for specific qualities of their feathers and some are kept for brood stock. That’s why his rooster feathers are so good. The genes come from both parents. And there’s some use of his hen pelts for salt water flies and winging materials.

          But not all of them.

  5. As reported in a newspaper that does not want links to it – the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center has laid off all employees.

    That news is not on their website – I guess there’s no one left to update it.

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