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June 12, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Holtzman Going On TV Again

  • by: Colorado Pols

Republican Marc Holtzman may or may not be a candidate for governor, but he’s going on TV anyway. Click below for the full press release…


Englewood ? The Marc Holtzman for Governor Campaign went on the air today with another statewide commercial highlighting Holtzman?s determination to cut taxes by $1.1 billion, restore state spending caps, and end benefits to illegal immigrants.?

The campaign has taken to the airwaves following District Judge Mullins? ruling to place Holtzman on the August 9th Republican primary ballot.?
?We will be presenting additional ads on television, radio, the internet and other media markets in the coming days,? said Holtzman spokesman Jesse Mallory.


10 thoughts on “Holtzman Going On TV Again

  1. Hmmm, it looks as if Holtzman’s campaign isn’t quite as ramshackle as the Beauprez sycophants would have us believe. It takes a lot of advance legwork to get these ads out and running.

    Looking forward to a Beauprez’s commercials explaining what the heck he’s for and why we should be voting for him. Maybe we’ll see one before November. Preferably without references to dairy farms, but that’s probably asking way too much.

  2. “The campaign has taken to the airwaves following District Judge Mullins’ ruling to place Holtzman on the August 9th Republican primary ballot.”

    Wow if all the Holtzman supporters show up for the August 9 election, he’s going to lose for sure.

    The primary is Tuesday, Aug. 8 right?

  3. Nice,

    Good eye “Bah”.  Those cheeky monkeys don’t even know when they’re votes won’t be counting.  Seriously though, this is like a wet dream for Democrats, a very strange, homo-erotic wet dream. 

    Not that I have a problem with that, of course not.  Just not my thing, you know.  Seriously though.  Ritters’ camp has got to be loving this.

  4. Tancredo Watch has it right.  If I hear one more “Hi, I’m Bob Beauprez, I owned a dairy farm, I’m from colorado, I played footabll…” type of speech, I’m going to need therapy.

    Seriously folks.  That kind of speech is good enough to get to the State Assembly.  After that, one must have one original thought.  And it shouldn’t be your opponents.

    P.S: Here’s one.  Bob Beauprez at the farm.  Find the Heritage Bank logo and win a free trip for two.  Hey, if BB was wearing a Heritage Bank golf shirt, and it appears in any kind of advertising, isn’t that known as IN-KIND advertising and needs to appear on the campaign financials?  Maybe somone caught that before they tried it. Dogonne it.  That would have been funny.

  5. I understand that the Voter Education Project is bringing back their TV ad that is critical of Both Ways Bob.

    Both Ways is now even more apt than ever –  He is going to get it from both ways.  That head spinning shaking back and forth in the commercial is going to get even faster with Marky and the 527s going after him.

  6. Now that he is back on the Ballot, Marc needs to start a media campaign for Republican votes. Here is my suggestion:

    Long shot of a cowboy kicking a prairie dog as he walks toward the camera.

    “I’m a lifelong Democrat, but principle means more to me than party and I have to recommend Mark Holtzman over his opponent.

    Marc stands for Republican Party principles like smaller tax burdens for Business and those who have achieved success in America, for ensuring that what government resources do exist are spent on corporations and loyal supporters.

    He knows that Government is the wrong solution for education, health care, roads and environmental protection and he will work to make sure our government fails at these task. In his job as Secretary of Technology, he showed he knows how to spend vast amounts of money on outsourcing technical solutions that show the futility of delivering government services better than anyone.

    Marc’s opponent was for C&D before he was against it. Both ways Bob would give in and do whatever was in his best interest. Marc Holtzman has demonstrated that he will not make that mistake.”

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