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July 01, 2010 04:50 PM UTC

Another Colorado Mesa County GOP Mistake

  • by: oncart

Since Colorado Pols is pointing out GOP candidates that were poor choices by the establishment I feel obligated to share my homework based on this quote in another story by pols:

In both cases, the GOP has time to find new challengers, but both will start considerably behind where they would have been had Dick Wadhams done his homework and recruited serious candidates to begin with. Which leads to the next logical question, one we think you’ll be hearing as more GOP “great hopes” either drop out or are shown to be laughably poor choices in the coming weeks: is this what Democrats are supposed to be afraid of?

I agree on the homework part and have researched all candidates for HD54 because I too am tired of machine picked candidates that fall flat on their faces later. Here is my story of such a candidate and yes I stamped my name on it.

The problem is the GOP has no spine to ask a candidate to get out of a race in order to save face. It could also be that the candidate is so sure of himself and thinks he is bullet proof. In any case I thought my job as a voter was to perform my own research since the GOP won’t so I can make a logical educated decision to support a candidate. I did this and placed all my homework on one particular candidate on a website that needs to get out of the race. His name is Robert “Bob” Hislop Secret Service Hair spray guy that just moved to the western slope just over 3 years ago. See my homework at  

Here is a recap of all the current issues Bob has never attempted to answer exept one and that one he has lied over and over about it or just blamed his competitor Ray Scott as negative campaigning.  You can’t make this stuff up:

1.  Currently involved in possible campaign contributions ethical violation involving the Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service.  Apparently Bob used the non-profit’s forum and asked the association to blast out an email (confirmed this did happen) to the entire membership asking for donations to his campaign. Investigation TBD but information posted on

2.  Bob states on his website he ran a financially strong association but raised dues almost 50% then took the board to Hawaii all expenses paid for annual conference. Funny thing about the conference is K Wayne Mcleod was there to present his Ponzi scheme to the membership (see number 3 below).  They supposedly paid him 15K to present.  Bob also lost 210K this last fiscal year in the same investment account he stated he didn’t lose any money.

3.  Currently involved in huge Ponzi scheme investigation in which K Wayne Mcleod just committed suicide last week over possible $34 miilion dollar scheme.  Bob’s treasurer Doug Fabel while he was President of the retired agents association also was on the board of directors for Mcleod’s company.  There is talk of Conflict of Interest and even payment to get the retired agents 800K investment account. It looks as though this 800K is in jeopardy. FBI and SEC are investigating. Remember Bob plays a radio commercial with the Sheriff and DA of Mesa County endorsing him.

4.  Was implied to have helped distribute Crack Cocaine and accused of lying under oath.  Read entire story at… Bob’s brother was deeply involved in the drug arena.

5.  Stated he has protected five President’s during his secret service career but has recently come out from another agent he was a desk agent and never on PPD assignments.  13 years in Denver desk duty to boot.  He has also mentioned he was supervising the duty desk when President Reagan was shot. Funny because I found the Reagan archive of all agents involved that day and no Bob Hislop mentioned. I have also found out that he was never even a supervisor during his tenure.

6.  Found posting pictures and making an RID (Republican Independent Democrat) comment on a website that raises money for Democratic Delegates of Colorado.  Told the Sentinel he liked the idea of being a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. My thought is if he was a Democratic candidate and they found him on a republican website helping them raise money for their cause the Dems would go nuts.

7.  Just recently endorsed by Colorado WINS. Dems will like the endorsement but remember District 54 has been strong Conservative Republican for over 70 years.  Bob calls himself a Reagan Conservative Republican.

8.  Also received the Colorado Medical Society endorsement for standing up for Obama care.

9.  Most of his campaign contributions from out of the district. You can why from number 1 above.

So yes Colorado Pols this is what you find out when you do your homework. The problem is no one is paying any attention so what does it matter. Everyone will call me an activist right winger etc etc but I will take it in hopes of getting a better vetting process and hopefully wake up some voters.  If a candidate looks good and sounds good but has a very questionable past but they are electable and can raise money they join the club and get the machine behind them.  I personally just got involved in politics and it is a crying shame with the leadership not only of the state GOP but also our own Mesa County chapter of the republican party.  There needs to be a vetting system in place.  I am sure Bob Hislop didn’t like mine but enough is enough.

Before you all throw me under the bus all I have to say is I did what I thought I was supposed to do before placing my support with a candidate.  However the candidate I didn’t support has lied and lied and lied and lied unlike anything I have ever seen.  You must admit that we are all tired of politicians on both sides lying to us!  The other problem I have had is that I have called out a candidate to prove my homework false and he has only responded with taking the high road but won’t discount my homework.  I have called him out on his religious views and he won’t even stand up for it.  Stand up for what you believe!  It’s called character and it appears Bob Hislop is lacking in this area of his life.


6 thoughts on “Another Colorado Mesa County GOP Mistake

  1. Personally I could care less which Republican takes King’s seat.  Can’t be worse than the Vacuous One.  But, really, your ‘Bob is a criminal–even though if your allegations are correct it would be the non-profit, not Bob, that was liable; Bob is a crack-head; Bob is a con man; Bob is a closet-Dem’; bs got really old fast.  Back it up with something or go away.  

    Do FPE’s get to delete diaries too?  

    1. As far as I know everyone directly affiliated with Scott’s campaign is staying neutral. Does “oncart” support Scott? I have no idea but I do know that at the last two events here in Mesa County I’ve seen both candidates at one and Bob at both (that doesn’t mean Mr. Scott wasn’t at both). So why is that important except to take a shot at Scott?

        1. Ralph is right.  I’m so conditioned to seeing shots taken at Scott (McInnis) on Pols, I didn’t connect the dots to (Ray) Scott.  My mistake and yours was a valid question of “oncart.”


  2. My favorite is that you “find out” that Hislop was never a supervisor, but your whole crack-cocaine article describes him as a supervisors on multiple occasions.  So which is the lie?  As someone who has engaged in my fair share of dirty political attacks, let me give some nice friendly advice.  Don’t just throw out every attack you have and hope one sticks.  Wait for a good one, get some solid research (original documents, cited statutes, admissions, open records, etc.) and hit just once.  

    What you are doing is looking pathetic.  Even if some of your attacks had validity, I wouldn’t care because you look desperate and reckless with your accusations.   Better luck next political season…

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