“Dismiss Polis” Turns To Next Existential Threat: Vaccines!

The social media groups for the now-defeated recall attempt against Gov. Jared Polis have been fairly quiet in the week since the effort met its ignominious end–which makes sense since when one suffers a humiliating defeat that should rightly make one question the last six months of their lives’ work at least, if not much larger and more basic questions about their worldview, it’s probably a good idea to look at the floor and think about things for awhile quietly.

But of course the world is never rid of bogeymen, especially when you see them everywhere–and in the “Dismiss Polis” Facebook group, they’ve already moved on to the next crisis:

Back in June, Gov. Polis announced an executive order aiming to improve the state of Colorado’s last-in-the-nation ranking for kindergarten immunizations, with a number of limited steps directing the state Department of Public Health and Environment to look at the problem and standardize the process for requesting exemptions under the law. This order came after Polis controversially opposed a substantially stronger bill from Rep. Kyle Mullica (D) to require vaccine exemption requests to be filed in person. We haven’t seen it confirmed, but it’s reasonable to speculate that this position posting is either related to that executive order or is simply an existing position at CDPHE being turned over.

Either way, Gov. Polis is in no way part of any kind of “crackdown” on child immunizations–to the extent that he took a lot of criticism in the last session for opposing Rep. Mullica’s legislation. How do you get from that reality to sounding the alarm on the Polis recall internets over “immunization compliance inspectors?”

It’s easy if you’re already unhinged.


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  1. JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

    I'll save people some time:  the reason the position exists (as spelled out in the announcement)

    This position is staffed by a professional who works independently and as a member of a team to assess compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccines for Children (VFC) program requirements, the VFC Provider Agreement and the VFC Program Storage and Handling Agreement. The position provides consultation, technical assistance, and training and serves as a resource to providers in local public health agencies (LPHAs), community health centers, rural health centers, private clinics, and hospitals enrolled in the VFC program. The purpose of this position is to assure high quality vaccine storage and handling, conduct storage and handling site visits, conduct enrollment and educational visits, and to provide VFC annual compliance site visits to providers enrolled with the VFC program. VFC immunization compliance inspectors are responsible for evaluating eligibility screening, immunization service delivery and compliance with federal VFC Program requirements and making recommendations to ensure that standards of practice and federal vaccine requirements are implemented and maintained. This position works with VFC providers to resolve complaints, correct compliance issues, and respond to temperature excursions observed in vaccine storage units.

    p.s., the job closing date has been moved up to TODAY, as they already have a sufficient number of applicants.

  2. dan axelrod says:

    The Resist site gets very little traffic anymore. 10, 15 people commenting with a few throwing something new against the wall to see if it sticks. The vax post went up 16 hours ago and has had 9 comments. I think they're fishing for their new cause du jure so they can start the grift all over. They are going to be screeching in the background for the next few years. It's a lot of fun to watch. 

  3. MADCO says:

    If this job can with a badge and gun – I'd be into.

    Even a whistle and flag or red cards.

    But …. the madrasas have scared too many moms away from vaccines.

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