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June 26, 2010 01:56 AM UTC

Have a Nice Weekend and Avoid Explosive Elk

  • by: Colorado Pols

Maybe it was the hot weather today? This is about the weirdest headline we’ve seen in awhile. From

Car Crashes Into Elk, Bursts Into Flames

Interstate 70 was closed for more than an hour as firefighters worked to put out a car fire, which started after an accident involving an elk Friday morning.

A spokesman with the Colorado State Patrol says the car was traveling westbound on I-70 approaching the Genesee exit shortly after 5 a.m. Friday when it struck the elk, killing the animal. The car ended up in the median of the highway and caught fire.


29 thoughts on “Have a Nice Weekend and Avoid Explosive Elk

  1. Naked gunman on I-80 causes chaos in Wyoming

    A naked man armed with a gun caused chaos on a section of I-80 in Wyoming, ending with at least three people injured and the suspect under arrest, police said.

    Armando Cano, 26, of Moroni, Utah, was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of attacking several motorists on a desolate stretch of highway between Rawlins and Green River, according to a media release from the Wyoming Highway Patrol, which referred to the incident as a “bizarre series of events.”

    Cano, who is being held at the Sweetwater County Detention Facility in Green River, faces multiple criminal charges including: attempted manslaughter; driving under the influence; reckless driving; resisting arrest; and promoting obscenity.

    There’s lots more weird and lurid detail in the lengthy story by Denver Post reporter Kieran Nicholson.

    1. Who stole a guy’s truck – with a concealed permit gun inside – and wrecked it.  On a foot chase she circled back and got into the sheriff’s car and wrecked that one, too.

      Don’t recall where it was, some rural county in the SW, I sorta think.  

  2. burning as I type this. Off Cow Creek trail about 6 miles east of Glen Haven, right behind Twin Owls. 100 acres, 2 slurry bombers on it and no containment so far.

    Oh, and a Buck ad running as I watch the news–America for Jobs Security appears to be running a new ad. Why does everyone look like a bad photoshop job in it?

            1. Fracking fluid doesn’t burn. It’s harmless. Stays right where you put it. Doesn’t get into the groundwater. You can drink it every day and it won’t hurt you. Just like water. I promise. Trust me.

          1. bumped in the movies bursts into cinematic flames. Maybe a lost special effects crew was involved?  Really was only pointing out that while this sounds funny, having lived along killer 82 between Carbondale and Aspen back in the day,I know that hitting a big elk is no joke and can be every bit as dangerous for the  people in the car as for the elk.  That was some highway.  Lost several friends in coke and booze fueled accidents back in the late 70s and spent some time picking  deer hair out of the grill.

    1. Giving away cooked elk to the underclass must be even more mangnanimous than the freezer-ready stuff.  Maybe call it meals on wheels…

      Nah, that name’s taken.

      Sorry, as those accidents aren’t too funny.  BlueCat’s right, you haven’t lived until you’re scraping deer guts off your firewall, let alone your grill.

  3. wasn’t it just something less than two weeks ago when everyone on this site was pissing all over JaneNo for suggesting that mexican-boder-crossing terrorists had training camps all over the mountains in Colorado??

    Now we know what JaneKnows!

      1. It’s gotten to where one absolutely needs a scorecard to keep track of all the different wackos this year.

        (And, still, I can’t help but think that Jane wishes she’d been the one to issue the warning.)

        And to Ms. Conti — thanks a bunch!

  4. Woman in sumo wrestler suit assaulted her ex-girlfriend in gay pub

    A REVELLER at a fancy dress party in one of Dublin’s best known gay bars attacked her ex-girlfriend in a row over a novelty wrestler’s suit.

    [She] assaulted her ex-partner with a bottle she had hidden under her costume

    The row developed as the victim tried to wave at a man dressed as a Snickers bar, the court heard.

    Fortunately, Fox (Houston) filled in the important details, namely that the glass bottle held Smirnoff Ice:

    Police: Woman in Sumo Suit Attacks Ex with Smirnoff Ice for Flirting

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