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June 08, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

I'm More Republican Than You Are

  • by: Colorado Pols

Mesa County Republicans are still battling it out over who is more conservative and who gets the right to use the word ‘Republican.’ The fighting is one of the reasons that Republican Mark Larson declined to run for the state senate and instead walked away from politics, but the feud continues over Republicans who are mad that other Republicans may have supported Democrats in 2004.

The Colorado Republican Caucus is asking that a civil trademark suit filed by the Colorado Republican Party be dismissed. Click below for the full press release…

Colorado Republican Caucus, a grassroots organization of conservative Republicans across Colorado, answered a civil trademark suit filed by the Colorado Republican State Party this week, and will ask a judge to dismiss the lawsuit as frivolous.?


The group caused a firestorm earlier in the political season by ?outing? a number of Republican delegates who had publicly endorsed the Democrat in 2004?s general election for State House. The group declared victory when two-thirds of their ?targets? failed to get re-elected at this year?s county assembly.?


?This suit is an outrage on two fronts. First, the idea that the State Party has exclusive rights to the commonly used terms Republican and GOP is ludicrous,? said Dan Green, grassroots coordinator of the group.?


?Secondly, the State Party has not lifted a finger to go after ?Republicans for Salazar,? ?Republicans for Matsunaka,? or the numerous other groups who make a mockery of our Grand Old Party. Does the State Party support these Democrat activists???

The Caucus also defends its First Amendment right to operate, organize, and speak out against what it sees as a betrayal of Republican values within the party.?


?We are protecting the rights of all Coloradans by defending this suit. How irresponsible to use the donations of Republicans across Colorado to attack us, while they can?t get their own State Assembly in order,? added Green.?


“State Party Chairman Bob Martinez is simply releasing his pack of lawyers to intimidate grassroots activists who disagree with the way he is coddling Democrat activists within the GOP.? The time is long overdue for a new Chairman to step in who is more concerned about electing Republicans than about silencing conservatives.”?


The Caucus has already prevailed in an investigation by Mesa County DA Pete Hautzinger, and in a campaign finance complaint to the Secretary of State, which was filed by someone named in the letter as a ?Democrat Activist.? The group called both inquiries ?a cynical abuse of valuable taxpayer-funded time and resources.? The campaign finance complaint was dismissed by an administrative law judge in April.?


?With every attack on us, we?re only getting stronger, and raising more money,? said Green.?

Non-profit grassroots lobbying organizations, which cannot expressly support or oppose candidates for public office, are not governed by the Secretary of State or Colorado?s restrictive campaign finance laws.?


97 thoughts on “I’m More Republican Than You Are

  1. I think the posting on this website has missed the whole point.’
    The State Republican Party is infinging on first amendment rights by going after a straw man argument of trademark name.

    The real issue is that the Party through its lawyers (who only stand to benefit $$$$) are in danger of placing a chilling effect over everyone’s free speech.

    It really cast a cloud over our party.

  2. This isn’t about the Mesa County Republicans. It’s about the bumbling state party attacking conservatives and harboring Democrat supporters. If the Party loses this suit, Martinez will HAVE to go.

    That said, the Mesa County Republicans actually seem to be fighting over how LIBERAL they are, not the other way around.

    Between the dangerously liberal Matt Smith and Josh “I vote conservative but am too gutless to stand up” Penry, and a huge contingent of R’s supporting D’s, Martinez should have had Lois Dumm resign.

    Democrats are smart enough to have bylaws that call for the ouster of D’s who support R’s. Wake up, GOP!!!

    What dopes!!!

  3. I have to agree with you there GOP, by bringing this suit, the party is treading in some dangerous water.  It’s a bad thing for the party to be squelching free speech.

  4. I thankfully applaud the state party’s efforts to rein in the extremists who think they alone own the R party. Perhaps, but only perhaps, this effort will stem or maybe even reverse the tide of Colorado R’s leaving the ranks because of the straying  from the core values and instead being distracted by polarizing and unwinnable social agenda issues. Someone needs to tell those Mesa Co. idiot R’s that last man standing doesn’t work in politics…

  5. It’s my party too:  Free speech is free speech. Next time the party goes after someone’s right to speak, it could be yours.

    Don’t be an idiot.

  6. The first amendment is a blanket that covers everyone’s right whether we agree with them or not.  The party is attacking that right, and that is not only sets a bad precedent, its just plain bad PR.

  7. Hey Christie Whitman,or whomever you are: Did the CRC say that they are the only ones allowed to exist? No, it’s you RINO socialists who say that.

    R’s are leaving the party due to sellout leadership who only pretend to believe in the 1st, 2nd, Amendment, free market, etc. – then they stab us in the back like BUsh’s Farm Bill, Drug Plan, and McCommie-Feingold “campaign finance reform.”

    Be a nice Democrat and go join your brethren! Be intellectually honest with yourself! Hard to do for a liberal, I know.

  8. MOREOVER, you have no idea what you’re talking about. The Colorado Republican Caucus has never mentioned social issues, except to say it supports the GOP platform.

    Are you purporting to be one of those traitorous R’s who does not support it?

  9. Clearly, “It’s my party too”  doesn’t know what he is talking about and needs to go somewhere and think about it for awhile.

    BTW, The conservatives are the ones who’ve been winning seats while the Moderate R’s have consistently lost seats. 

    One other thing It’s my party, the party is made up of about 20-30 principled conservatives.  If the party estranges many of them (which, so far this season, they’ve been pretty successful doing),
      why, I imagine that they will probably choose not to vote this fall and that will spell disaster for the Republicans. 

    Bottom line: Love em or hate em IMPT, the Republicans need the conservative and the liberal element in our party to win.  The problem for the party is, that up until now, the party could count on the conservative vote, but they could never count on the liberals.  So why are they risking the alienation of the conservatives?

  10. Nowhere did I say the conservatives aren’t welcome. Big tent MEANS big tent. Your collective myopia, not only for the vision of the R party but also for the country, is damned scary. Your strategy has not been protecting free speech but guerilla warfare within “your” own party. We, the moderate “RINOs”, are not going away no how much you wish it. Get used to it or leave the R’s and form YOUR own party.

  11. “the party is made up of about 20-30% principled conservatives”

    That’s about right.  Conservatives are only about 20-30% principled compared to normal people.

    Ann Coulter is even less.

  12. Apparently your big tent includes the Democrats.  When a majority of Republicans vote for their choice to represent them – the RINO’s cry like babies and join forces with the Democrats.

    Then they cry like babies because they are in the minority.  Go figure.

  13. Hah hah Ralph Nader.

    I have three things to say to you:

    Billary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Harry “Abramoff” Reid.

    Good luck with a “principled” lineup like that.

  14. I was originally on the side of the Colorado GOP on this, but the rebuttal makes a good point: in order to successfully prosecute this trademark suit, the State Party will have to essentially say that it sanctioned “Republicans for Kerry” and other organizations.  And while I’d like to be in the courtroom when Martinez utters that admission, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  The alternative is to admit that ‘Republican’ has lapsed into the public domain and is no longer a valid trademark.

    I think I’ll start “Republicans against the Republican Party” once this settles down…

    And for you “free speech” and “first amendment” defenders, the Republican Party is not a part of the government; as a private organization and theoretical holder of a trademark on their name, it is their right (and, under trademark law, their responsibility) to prevent the COGOP Caucus from assuming that name.  No-one is being forceably silenced, but if the party considers the name deceptive, they have the right to enforce their trademark.  So, no 1st Amendment case here…

  15. So in order to be a “normal person” one has to be a screaming liberal?
    Christ, I’m moving back to Arkansas and see if we can get that Confederacy movement going again………..

  16. You liberals here posting PROVE that you don’t give a DARN about free speech.

    In every nation, as proven in the laboratory of human existence, there are some who would take away the rights of others to speak and act according to their conscience.

    You would take away rights of groups like the CRC, and individuals like Ann Coulter (who, by the way, is dead-on in labeling widows who denigrate their husbands’ death like a bunch of Cindy Sheehans).

    By force and murder if necessary.

    You would have found a home in the KGB, the SS, the Stasi. Oh, don’t be angry or ashamed, own it. You have the right. Our forefathers, largely God-fearing conservatives died for that right.

  17. PJ shows that he actually cutting summer school with his potty talk. Meet me at Happy Hour at Jax downtown – I’ll have some oysters in between washing your mouth out with soap.

  18. And you have proved how gullible you truly are to talking points instead of facts.

    think for yourself, not Ann “with an adam’s apple” coulter

  19. Delay is OK. On Rummy, Rove et al, your point is moot. Cunningham, yes, was dirty.

    The Dems MO is to lie. Ever hear them campaign on gay rights, mass, publicly-funded abortion and higher taxes? No.

    They have to lie to get their collectivist agenda across.

    Plus, let’s stay on point on this thread. The State Party and doofus Bob Martinez is going after his fellow R’s for them exercising their opinion that Democrat activists shouldn’t hold GOP positions of authority.

    That is SO SIMPLE, even you libs can understand. Can’t you?

  20. Notice it took Gecko three minutes to figure out the Billary line?  Truly a southern………probably a victim of home schooling.

  21. BM believes himslef to be the Republican Party, much like Bruce Benson used to.  They do not want anyone to go against their authority, as they see it.  It is an insult to grassroots, and although I personally do not support the ColoradoGOPCaucus, I support thier existence to be a voice. 

    Funny, campaign of lies…why are we in Iraq?

  22. Psss, Pssss, right wing nuts…..Bob Martinez is a Democratic plant in the GOP……Wayne Allard is a Potted Plant…..and then, of course, there’s Shrub in the White House…..end of today horticulture class.

  23. It was a calculated move by neocons, a club to which I do not belong, to establish a beachhead for a Western-style government institution in the face of worldwide Islamic radicalization, a phenom the EEEvil Americans are NOT to blame.

    But, back on point, yes, Owens, Benson, et al are the kingmakers, so they believe. Martinez is a mere pawn. They need to go, even if it leaves R’s in the minority. The moderates in power deserve to get their clocks cleaned.

  24. Let me tell YOU something about unity. Bob Beauprez wrote the book on it without ever so much as picking up a pen. Beauprez understands what it takes to unify a party!

    He understands that people need to stop looking and talking about the issues, and united underneath principled…conservative…values that he’s disclose as soon as he’s elected to office.

    You all just need to stop being divisive by talking about the issues.

  25. “It’s time we had a FRANK DISCUSSION. Let me tell you what we need to do. Sit tight and I’ll tell you all about it. Listen to me. This is not a discussion, it’s a lecture.”

    I’m leaving my seat.

  26. Is this really an issue of whose more conservative?  Or is it an issue of a group of conservative members getting together, forming what looks to be a de facto 527 without the financial support, and putting the “Republican” name on it.  The reason why the State Party is going after this is because this group has no elected leaders, no known stated leadership, yet they are attacking Republicans.  What if George Soros gave a couple of million to a 527, called them “Republicans for Truth and Justice” and then begin to attack other Republicans as “too liberal” or not conservative, just to play the Party against itself.  Did any of you think of that?  It doesn’t help to have Phantom groups using your Party name, so yes, the State GOP has every right to ask them to cease using the Republican name in their mailings.

  27. The 527s are supposed to be separate, so-called independent entities (I know, I know, stop laughing) apart from a political party.  It’s kind of risky business using the party name as part of the 527’s name.  Regardless of what you may think of it, Trailhead had the smarts to leave off the Republican name.  Ditto for the Dems’ 527, whatever the hell it’s called…….

  28. Hey dummies. 527’s advocate for or against candidates; that’s why they are regulated so easily and that’s why they have to disclose donors.

    The Caucus, according to its website, is operating as a 501c4, which does not advocate or disclose. That’s what most of the such groups in the nation are, at least before the 527 craze came about.

    Besides, free speech allows one to say whatever they want short of yelling “fire” – especially if it doesn’t have to do with election to PUBLIC office.

    Try becoming informed about the law and the group you’re talking about, you’ll appear to be much smarter.

    The republican Assembli

  29. Put it this way, you think every college kidws that wants to start the “Radical Republicans” – or more likely, people who want to start “Republicans for Choice” or “Republican Samoans” should kiss the party’s hind quarters first?

    Man, tell me if you ever run for office so I can get to my bunker!

  30. Let me tell you how conservative and principled Congressman Beauprez is. He wrote a polite but firm letter to the Colorado delegation asking them to vote against cutting funding to Fitz Simmons hospital that’s in his district. 

    The Congressman then sat there silent during the voting, (articulating clear Colorado values I’m sure) in his head while Congress cut funding to his district. He didn’t even have to vote on it because HIS LETTER said it all.

    While Congress voted against his letter, his silent demeanor and Colorado, Colorado, Colorado values, sure sent a strong statement…oh yeah and his letter too. He let them off THIS TIME, but next time he just might vote, or talk, or do something other than just sit there.

  31. “No, it’s you RINO socialists who say that.”

    “Be intellectually honest with yourself! Hard to do for a liberal, I know.”


    Two reasons why I will never call myself a Republican!

    Gecko:”Christ, I’m moving back to Arkansas and see if we can get that Confederacy movement going again………..”

    Music to my ears!  BYE!  😉

  32. the comments on this site suck

    it used to be full of intelligent insiders, now we get immature name calling and no analysis beyond partisan talking points

  33. “Christ, I’m moving back to Arkansas and see if we can get that Confederacy movement going again………..”

    That’s the best news I’ve heard all day.  Colorado just got a bit happier.  See ya, Gecko!

  34. I don’t have a problem with the big tent Republican Party. I do have a problem with ones who want to be in the tent, and then step out of the tent to endorse Democrats and expect to be welcomed back in. Either your in the tent or not. If you can’t decide, register unafilliated!

  35. At least back home in Arkansas we didn’t suffer you fools gladly.  Those were the real salt of the earth folks.  You Denver liberals could learn something.

    Not enough cross burnings out here.  I’m going back home where the grass is greener.  See ya.

  36. Just heard on the radio that a Paccione campaign staffer is shoving dog feces in the mail box of Congresswoman Musgrave.  Hilarious, very sophomoric and might be the very end of Angie.

  37. Apparently it was a Great Dane / Saint Bernard hybrid.  They had to get a CDOT crew and some HazMat people, and they’re still cleaning up Marilyn’s mailbox.  So sad.

  38. To so carelessly shove feces into a mailbox is appalling! I am appalled!  I’M APPALLED!! The careless disregard for the disbursement of feces is something that should unite candidates across the board. 

    I urge all candidates to join together in a “Ferious About Feces” campaign to acknowledge the growing problem of feces throwing, tossing, and misplacement.

  39. I want these ad hominem attacks about me, Pappy Beauprez, and my side lover Marshall to stop immediately! I will not tolerate any more ad hominem attacks!

    If you haven’t figured it out in my posts, I really, really, REALLY hate ad hominem attacks. SO KNOCK IT OFF!!!

  40. The party can’t get anything but bad image out of this thing. What gives? I’ve donated plenty over the years.

    There’s this, then there’ the $100k donation from State Party to the Nevada Repubs while Bobbie B was at the helm…

    That’s it. I’m telling W on those guys.

  41. Hey, does anyone have the address of these Caucus renegades so I can send ’em a check to beat up some RINO bigwigs?

    How much is Martinez willing to spend? Let’s all pitch in and watch ’em squirm.

    The State Party actually has very little to do with winning elections when the time comes, but their downhill slide does have an effect on morale and the overall trend.

    Rob “I can use photoshop” Fairbank and Ted Halaby weren’t exactly the dynamic duo, but Martinez’ incompetence is over the line – it’s dereliction of duty.

    And I don’t mean the kind of doody that Paccione is engaged in.

  42. Jeepers creepers Tancredo Watch I never knew you were that sensitive to vicious attacks considering what you post on your blog.

    Fall of the Roman Empire is a tad mellow dramatic don’t you think. 

    Why don’t you take your own advice.

  43. Getting back to the original story above, Larson was bad on many issues. No tears were shed, except by the libs that liked to see him vote for their crazy bills.

  44. Here’s are serious questions for you squish haters…what scares you so much about moderates? Do you fear that your line of thinking can’t stand up to honest questioning from others so you demand allegiance to your way or else it’s hit the highway? Or do you not believe that people can share core values but differ on how they are applied in policymaking, such differences to be settled by reasonable discussion and persuasion rather than name calling and exclusion?  Seriously, it would be great to know how your minds think…assuming they do.

  45. Trucky Dick your not very bright.  Not every political organization has to have “leadership”  It depends on their bylaws.

    Furthermore, an individual has every right to spend money in order to speak out on an issue.

    This is about FREEDOM OF SPEECH BABY!

    Yours and mine.

    If your not offended by the party trying put a lid on free speech, you should be.

  46. I don’t hate the squishes.  They just water down the party and make it stand for nothing at all.  As the old saying goes… if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.

    Unfortunately, My party too, when people have a choice between mush heads like you and mush heads like the Dems – they choose to not get involved at all.  Then the power you so desperately want to yield for your own self interest will be as elusive as it is today.

    You really need to examine why you hate people that actually stand for something other then their own selfish motive.  Perhaps it is because you find yourself so lacking and it stands in sharp contrast to your pathetic life.

    I suspect it is a form of jealousy.  And yes, I too wish you could think like a conservative.  But, I think common sense isn’t so common – but you can continue to dream big.  Right?

  47. Agreed, Lauren. He’s going to be missed by alot of folks on both sides of the aisle.

    We’ve got a guy in our district, Senator Steve Johnson, who takes alot of grief, too. I have no idea why. He’s given our district excellent representation and I’m saying that as someone who disagrees with him as often as I agree with him. He’s a class act but he doesn’t answer to the party chairs or elites. Rather, he truly does what he thinks is best for the people in our district and he takes an inordinate amount of shit for doing so from the Larimer County GOP.

  48. Can I have everyone’s attention for a moment?

    Many of you may have received my mea culpa regarding the mess I made of the Republican assembly in Colorado Springs.  If you haven’t sent back your reply forms, please do so as soon as possible.

    One more thing, Don’t tell my friend Bob, but between all of us,


    It’s okay to come out, I promise the party won’t go after you.  We never have before.  We only go after organizations that threaten our power base internally.

    Bobby “the uniter” Martinez

  49. Hey Squish Hater – try re-reading your post and figure out if you really said anything at all. What you don’t get is moderates don’t hate conservatives and actually share the values of true conservatives who focus on fiscal and governmental restraint. But, I’m curious…what self interest and selfish motives do “mush heads” have, in your humble opinion, and how is your own any better for the party or the state or the country?

  50. Generally it is about your overgrown ego.  Your need to hear yourself and the hope that others will think you are an “intellectual.”  That, and while you and your ilk claim to be “fiscal” conservatives you consistently get poor marks by fiscal watch dogs like Colorado Union of Taxpayers – Club For Growth etc.

    You just claim “fiscal” conservatism – but you are always willing to cut a deal to line your own pockets.  Even if it means raising our taxes. 

    You aren’t fooling anyone but yourself.  And finally, if you couldn’t figure out my last post just look around you at all the people laughing their asses off because you got slapped so hard and you don’t even know it.

  51. Hey Its my party too, are you admiting your a squish?  Let’s see if I can say it so that you can understand it. 

    Squishes don’t stand for anything.
    Squishes water down the party.
    Squishes hurt the party.
    Squishes don’t stand for anything…

  52. “Middle of the Road”–

    I can tell you why Steve Johnson takes so much shit.  A few years ago, conservative extremists started trying to take over the party in Larimer.  They tried to get rid of everyone they didn’t like, including moderates and conservatives who didn’t go along with their plans.  They’ve got some heavy hitters backing them, and they’ve been pulling a lot of nasty shit to try to get their way.  Steve Johnson is one of the few guys who’ll stand up to these assholes.

  53. Commander Simons:

    I can tell you why conservatives are sick and tired of you squish pukes. 

    Because the Republican electorate, for the most part are sheep. 
    You guys come along, run for office, quote Reagan in your speeches and tell us your “fiscal conservatives” and then you vote however the hell you want once your in office.

    You don’t give a shit about our platform.  Hell, you probably have never read our platform.

  54. It’s as I feared…you who claim to be the only real R’s can’t raise the level of dialogue above 3rd grade name calling.  Never mind. It may take a while, but we’ll take back the party because we’re sick of what you’ve done to it and what your politics mean to Colorado. Thanks anyway.

  55. Hey PJ. You get an “F” for your knowledge of the Republican Party (American Political Government #101).  The moderate wing (RINO’s) of the Republican Party weren’t those who were against slavery.  They were once known as WHIGS!!!  It was the WHIG Party that dissolved because they wouldn’t take a stand (either way on the issue of slavery).  Sound familiar???

    When the WHIG Party dissolved into nothingness, many went what would be discribed ast the Democrat Party of today.  Others joined the Republicans.  Wish that the RINO’s would go with their majority, the Democrats.

    Problem is that they wanted to get into office in areas where the Repubs had the numbers.  So they walk and talk like conservatives to get in office, and then vote liberal once in.  The only thing saving their butts is known as incumbentcy and the establishment’s distain for primaries.

  56. I’m submitting Steve Johnson’s name right here right now as the haxt to get pasted on all the disgusting bills he’s signed.

    He voted, for example to close the window on paternity suits to EVER be opened up, even if the cheating wife admits she pretended a kid was the husband’s for just the few weeks it takes for that window to close.

    Now the guy is FORCED to slave for the rest of his life to support some other guy’s kid. That is scum, conscripting men as slaves to fit a politically correct, “all women are victims” mentality.

    Take a look at – where Johnson gets the Single Biggest Idiot on Earth Award. It’s well-deserved, and Larimer needs to find a real Republican to primary him next cycle.

  57. And what do you mean, you’re going to “take back the party”? You never had the party. You would have called the Christians who financed and morally supported Lincoln’s war on slavery as divisive and “Name callers.”

    The killing of the least among us (see what horrible things say when a child survives an abortion at ), the deification and expansion of the single mother class (at the expense of the children), the teaching of “tolerance” toward gay sex in our classrooms: Those are the family values of “Moderate” Republicans.

    Please, please openly run on your real platforms, Steve JOhnsons and Mark Larsons of the world. Oh, wait, you mean you have to LIE like liberals do about their platform?

  58. Hey, “No, it’s not your party,” give it up and spew your liberal, anti-religion, anti-family venom elsewhere. There are still enough of us who believe in the value of the family and in the values of a man named Ronald Reagan.

    Go join your buddy Howard Dean and your liberal pals and continue to try to bring down the party of Lincoln and the party of Reagan.

    My bet is on us conservatives winning.

  59. Here’s some hypocrisy for you.  The same people who are advocating not being called on the carpet for Democrats, RINO’s were actualy the one’s who in days past called for the ouster of a Republican for supporting a Democrat.

    In the late 1980’s a long-time Republican, and African American by the name of Ella Mae Bransom was brought before the El Paso County Republican Exuctive Committe by such stalwart Republicans as Ed Jones, Bob Gardner, Carley Johnson, Sarah Jack, to name a few, because she could not support the Republican.

    If it was good enough then to remove a Republican for supporting a Democrat, why isn’t it now?  If it is agains the Republican Party Bylaws to serve as an officer, such a Vice Chairman Larry Liston, and to actively campaign during a primary for one’s opponent, whe didn’t Bob Beauprez do anything? 

    Either we are a County and Party of Rules and Regulations or we are not.  Seems that we have become a party of convenience rather than conviction.

  60. …who can see the Gipper spinning in his grave over people like its not your party.

    Reagan worked so hard to create not just a party, but a climate of optimism based on capitalism and economic advances.

    And some clown armed with the latest DNC talking points thinks he can bring down the legacy of Ronal Reagan?

    Keep trying, its not your party, you have a long way to go before you convert this conservative to your liberal nonsense.

  61. There’s only one solution:  Moderate Republicans should leave the GOP.  The Taliban wing of the party, which is dominant and will be for a long time, has gone so freaky that your average person would not want any part of it.

  62. Ditto on the good riddance to Larson. Johnson is another one that should leave GOP leadership.

    Wonder if putting dog shit or anything for that matter in a mail slot is a federal offense?

    What is the scoop on mailboxes and the law?

  63. You’re ALL missing the point.  The underlying issue is not which faction controls, or should control, the party.  The real question is how to deal with Republicans who actively and publicly work to undermine Republican candidates.  In the last cycle Rinos shot down Bjorklund in Mesa County and Conservatives torpedoed Ramey Johnson in Jeffco. That’s two of the three seats we needed to hold the majority in the House.  Add a couple of the other seats which fell to Republican fratricide and you start to see the point.

    If Republicans of any stripe want to win back a majority in the legislature they will have to accept and support some Republican candidates that they may not like.  A Larson, Johnson (Ramey or Steve)or Bjorklund should still be better choices than turning control over to Romanoff and Fitz Gerald.  And That’s the point.

  64. Posted by No, It’s not your party 
    Now the guy is FORCED to slave for the rest of his life to support some other guy’s kid. That is scum, conscripting men as slaves to fit a politically correct, “all women are victims” mentality.

    Wow. I am stunned. Can you possibly pull your head out of your ass long enough to consider the child? OMG!

    So, some man who has been “Daddy” for a child their whole life suddenly becomes the shit under his shoes.  Very nice…

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with “all women are victims”.  This has EVERYthing to do with trying not to harm innocent children.  Perhaps YOUR kind of mentality only regards children as innocent while STILL in the womb.

    Your posting is just despicable.

  65. Don’t twist my words, mental midget. I said he’s been daddy for a short time – “for the few weeks before that window closed.”

    Moreover, why shouldn’t the REAL dad of that kid support the kid? The whoring wife of the poor innocent child is the one that caused the problem, and you want to enslave the cheated-on husband for that?

    You are sick, and it is YOU who needs to consider the child. Or perhaps you’d rather lie to the child, and have the kid be devastated that the mother never tried to involve his real father in his life.

    And hey  “Make your own party” – weren’t you addressing the liberal “It’s my party too”? I’m on your side, railing against the libs here, and the destruction of the family by the vision of the anointed liberals.

  66. If you read “no, it’s not your party”s post, he/she is defending the family against the destruction against it and against fathers wrought by the courts. Even many women realize it’s not good for the children, and yes, Steve Johnson did vote for a terrible bill, destructive to families.

    The conservative position is for:

    a) fathers to be responsible for their own children

    b) fathers to have equal time in the unfortunate situation of divorce or out-of-wedlock birth

    c) fathers not to be viewed by the system as cash cows and weekend police/, or as a nice trinket to dangle in front of the kid once in a while

    d) STOPPING the insanity that provides ONLY women with safe houses, free legal, no-probable-cause-restraining orders (try getting one of those as a man – you’ll be laughed out of the police station/court)

    e) STOPPING the double standard that assumes the man is an abuser, a rapist, and alcoholic, a rage freak, etc., while the mother (EVEN IF SHE IS ONE OR ALL OF THOSE) is treated as a saint

    f) The FACTS are, kids – especially boys – do BETTER in every measurable way with a single father than with a single mother (if those parents are roughly equally capable of raising the kids)

    Blast away, PC folks, but those are well-researched facts you won’t hear on PBS, NPR, or the MSM.

    Loving a child involves dropping your aganeda and looking at how God designed the family.

  67. Oops should have finished my posting name as “No, its not your party is right”.

    Sorry, “No, it’s not your party.”

  68. Thanks for the clarification, dude/chick/other. At least SOMEONE here is making sense.

    Back to BM (I mean Bob Martinez), what’s he saying about the suit? Nothing, apparently, because he is chicken doodoo, and knows he doesn’t own the word “Republican.”

    Maybe the State party will have to pay those kooks at the Colorado Republican Caucus damages. That would be kinda funny!

    Irony is its own reward.

  69. Watching you morons chase your own tails is pretty amusing. Did they base the movie Dumb and Dumber on you two? “No it’s not your party” – that is when you and your buddy get your name right – it doesn’t take a shrink to notice you need to spend some time in therapy to work out your issues over ex-wives, women and whatever else ails you. Good luck!

  70. That’s it, “it’s still”…nice and easy, just breathe, everything’s OK, nothing needs to be fought for, it’s all going to be OK, you just let things take care of themselves, and relax.

    Repeat after me, slowly – I am a well-reasoned moderate…I am not an extremist….everything is okay…the status quo is the way to go…blogging with these fools is beneath me…I don’t even need to vote…I am nothingness…I feel the weight of my body as one with the couch…I am reaching nirvana…I will stay here in perfect balance by staying out of politics altogether………

  71. Somebody’s nasty divorce is coloring his politics.

    I respect the social agenda Republican’s right to exist, participate, and vote the way they believe, I just don’t happen to agree with their emphasis.  If a person believes in small government, fiscal responsibility, low taxes, and rejects nanny legislation, where do you suggest we go?  We sure wouldn’t fit into the Dem platform and Libertarians currently have no major party status or power.  If we leave the party, your victory is short lived and the Dems take over.  So we both lose.  Shouldn’t we find a way to co-exist?

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