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September 05, 2019 08:51 AM UTC

Speaker To "Address Threats of Transgender Ideology"

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Seriously? – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Denver’s Catholic Archdioceses, Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute, and Catholic Charities are sponsoring a Sept. 10 event called “Made this Way: Male and Female,” featuring anti-transgender activist Emily Zinos who “helps parents and educators identify and address the threats of transgender ideology,” according to promotional materials.

“Join us for an incredible evening of timely and relevant information, equipping you to understand and dialogue effectively on the topic of the Transgender Trend,” states the event’s online registration page.

Zinos is the Project Coordinator for Ask Me First MN, which has ties to the Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family, the anti-LGBTQ organization based in Colorado Springs.

Another featured speaker at Tuesday’s event, Dr. Patrick Lappert, is billed as an “Alabama-based plastic surgeon and deacon in the Catholic Church,” who will “provide revelatory insight into transgender surgery.”

Zinos has written about “activist parents” who, she alleges, forced their transgender children on her school.

“Widespread discrimination, unemployment, homelessness, and violence are just some of the issues transgender people face on a daily basis,” states the website of One Colorado, which defends the rights of transgender people. “One Colorado is devoted to ending discrimination and violence against transgender Coloradans through education and advocacy on the state and local level.”

One of the organizations sponsoring the event is the Denver Catholic Archdiocese’s Respect for Life Office, which among other things, compares abortion to slavery, claiming that the “growing scientific and moral truths, will prevail as they have in other societies when human beings realize something is truly wrong.” The entity opposes the death penalty and euthanasia.

Another sponsor, Catholic Charities, mostly runs multiple programs for people in poverty, including food pantries and aid programs, and an anti-abortion pregnancy center.

The third sponsor, the Centennial Institute is the public policy arm of Colorado Christian University, running the annual Western Conservative Summit. Trump was a speaker there in 2016. In recent years, the organization is perhaps best known for campaigning against legal and illegal drugs, like marijuana (but not alcohol) and magic mushrooms.

The event takes place Sept. 10 at St. Thomas More’s McCallin Hall, 8035 S. Quebec St., in Centennial, at 6:30 p.m.


16 thoughts on “Speaker To “Address Threats of Transgender Ideology”

  1. Catholic Charities does some great work; they should stay the heck away from politics, especially far right-wing politics that leads to discrimination and hardship for some of the very folks they try to help.

    According to National Coalition for the Homeless, 30-43% of homeless people are LGBTQ, including many transgender people. LGBTQ Youth are at risk for being rejected/ ejected by their parents, and transgender people are  in danger from violence on the street.

    1. MJ/KW: I'm breaking my quiet pledge not to post for a while to reply here. Catholic Charities WILL engage in politics because that is part of the Church's "long game" that it has played for 2,000 years. Why do you think the Church quietly supports allowing millions of staunch Catholic migrants and asylum seekers from Latin America into the country?

      If the Church has its way, enabled by compassionate individuals in the US, those people will settle here; raise their kids in the Church (who supported them in getting here as opposed to the right wing); and will be grateful to the Church patriarchs. Most of these migrants are poorly educated and will follow the Church teachings, at least for a couple generations. A possible goal: raise up millions of hard core Catholics who will support the Church patriarchs against the growing secularism in the country.

      Bear in mind that, already, over 500 Catholic controlled and operated hospitals will not provide needed medical services for women that "violate" the Church's "rules of ethics." Abortion is just the tip of the iceberg. In years ahead, access to birth control, separation of church and state, gay marriage, protection of transgender peoples' rights, sex education, true religious freedom, will come under increasing assault if concerned lovers of true freedoms don't stay alert.

      You think it is a coincidence that the Church is partnering with radical right wing evangelicals for this event? Guess again. Leaving migration out, they share many of the same goals.

      (Sources: recent articles & LTEs in "Free Inquiry" and "Church & State" magazines.)

      1. And that's not all

        Centura Health Corp. last week abruptly terminated Dr. Barbara Morris, 65, a geriatrician with 40 years of experience, who had planned to help her patient, Cornelius “Neil” Mahoney, 64, end his life at his home. Mahoney, who has terminal cancer, is eligible to use the state’s law, overwhelmingly approved by Colorado voters in 2016.

        “In recent years, the radical right has gotten traction with the argument that religious peoples’ constitutional rights are violated if they have to follow the same law as everybody else,” said Robert Rivas, a Florida lawyer who serves as general counsel for the Final Exit Network, a nonprofit group that promotes right-to-die causes. “When you look closely at what they are saying,” he said, “it turns out they really want to be empowered to force their religion on others.”

        Officials with the Archdiocese of Denver said they supported Centura’s efforts to uphold church doctrine.

        I just checked and even though my wife and I both have living wills, I fear they would not be honored, since our provider, Kaiser Permanente, would likely admit us to another Catholic hospital, St. Joseph, whom I suspect would impose their religious views upon us in case of a lingering, terminal condition.

        1. Mr. Doby: you are right to be concerned about your living wills. I also am a Kaiser client and also have a living will. Would my notarized legal document; fully legal in the eyes of Colorado law; be ignored or invalidated based on somebody else's religious dogma? Who knows.

          1. My father found himself in a Catholic hospital facing being hooked up to machines in a nursing center for the rest of his life.  He decided that he had had enough and chose to be taken off life support.  Fortunately our first call was to hospice and they took over all care until he passed.

            At one point I had to help a Catholic Dr. out the door of his room by his elbow while he tried to convince my father the evil he was committing.  His passing was the most peaceful and courageous event I have witnessed.

            1. “Praise the Lord!  Our (hospital’s) god has revealed unto us that your father has not yet entirely exhausted all of his insurance/coverages/assets/other family resources, and that allowing him to pass in this blessed financial condition would be an unforgivable sin!  Praise the Lord!”


          2. Why wouldn’t it be?  All kinds of religious exemption claims by “professional” individuals (cake bakers, pharmacists, county clerks, employers, wedding venues, etc., etc.) for what would otherwise be discrimination, are now considered as valid . . . 

            “ . . . Sorry buddy, your living will ain’t in my holy book or included in any of the personal revelations the one true god has made to me in my dreams! 

            In short, my god knows and he personally told me you aren’t allowed, so there!”


            See also:

            Mississippi Event Hall Refuses to Host Interracial Wedding, Then Apologizes





      2. You may be right , CHB, that right wing culture wars, together with support for immigrant populations, are part of the American Catholic Church's "long game". I wouldn't know.

        But I do know some individuals in the CC organization. These people are genuine Christians who truly care about immigrants. They are doing needed work that few others can be bothered to do. CC also funds and staffs an entire spectrum of social service work.

        I suspect that the left vs right dialectic within the US Catholic Church (and other churches) will continue to intensify. There will be schisms and denunciations.

        Generational change is happening.The Catholic and evangelical youth I knew did not discriminate against their gay friends, so they departed from their parent's teachings. The women will access abortion and contraception, when they need it, at the same rate as their secular sisters. They still need access, whatever the Fathers say.


        1. Think you're missing parts of my point, MJ/KW.  Yes, you may know very compassionate people at Catholic Charities. Do they call the shots? Likely not; that role is reserved to the patriarchal bishop or archbishop. Your friends get out of line; they're gone.

          "the women will access abortion and contraception when they need it….." But if it's not there for them thanks to religious zealots, what do they do? Interesting article, by the way.

          I can see new books on the horizon, as takeoffs on Booker T. Washington's magnificent "Up From Slavery." I see "Up from Catholicism" or "Up From Fundamentalist Christianity."

    2. My guess — someone in the Catholic hierarchy wanted to sponsor the talks and went looking for money. The Archdiocese oversees Catholic Charities, and the "Charities" brand was chosen as a "co-sponsor" of the event.  I went to Catholic Charities' Denver website:  two tile advertisements of the event (with no details), no press release, no effort to link it to their 7 Ministries.

    1. They will discriminate against transgender folk but apparently they're protective of transvestites.

      At least as long as they spend Saturday afternoons seated in a dark closet listening to some tortured parishioner on his knees spilling his guts about his transgressions and begging for forgiveness.

  2. This crap in a day and age when the same fools are cheering on corporations and businesses that avoid civic responsibilities and duties because they claim to have religious beliefs??? . . . 

    . . . because they were “made this way,” perhaps??? 

    “Male and female, and male and female corporations, created he them; and blessed them, and called their name AdamCo Worldwide, Inc., in the day when they were created and/or incorporated.”

    . . . maybe it’s only OK if you happen to be of the one “one true church”??!

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