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June 20, 2010 09:33 PM UTC

Hick can't seem to get out of the weeds...

  • by: Ellie

(Please note: I updated the link to the Post poll.   – promoted by Middle of the Road)

“Poll: Hickenlooper has fight ahead with either Maes or McInnis in gubernatorial race”

I would have thought CoPols editors would have been jumping on this or the senate race this morning.

Poll: Buck, Bennet lead in U.S. Senate primary races.

Evidently not.  

I know how hard Scott and Lori campaign so I thought it was interesting to read:

Hickenlooper is only narrowly leading McInnis in the metro area and significantly lags behind him in the rest of Colorado. McInnis appealed the most to regular churchgoers, men and white voters, while Hickenlooper received half the Latino vote.

Hick obviously isn’t doing as well in his own backyard or with half the Latino vote.  Interesting isn’t it?


72 thoughts on “Hick can’t seem to get out of the weeds…

  1. ….that the DP points out that the race is within the margin of error.  

    Maes doesn’t have the coin, regardless of anything else.  McInnis has lots of baggage and Failure To Disclose events in his history. He is far more the incumbent than Hickenlooper, even if he isn’t in office now.  Oh, “Lawyer Lobbyist” will bite Wadhams in the ass this fall.

    Hickenlooper has what???? He kept Denver afloat, took a firm salary cutting helm when he started.  Nothing major that I can recall. He also has a record of hiring very clever people and running very entertaining, clever ads.

    Four months to go…..

    1. Maes is still so “popular” (not in good terms) with forums and news sites I visit.  He has no chance to win, yet is this popularity helping or hurting him?

  2. Not sure whether you’re implying that they didn’t like this news (actually they would like the Bennet part, just not the Hick part), or that they’re too slow on the draw… but c’mon, you posted shortly after 12pm on a Sunday; I mean, congrats on being quicker on the draw than the Pols editors, but try not to strain your shoulder patting yourself on the back.

  3. I guess we have known it for a while but this AM’s poll in the Post confirmed that Romanoff is done.  Regretabbly due to his combination of bad choice of races and bad timing he may be really done in terms of any political future in Colorado.  Will he run for Denver Mayor along with the other 20 peope running? Will it matter if Hick can get going?

    1. a fat lady singing. If you are right on Aug. 10th…so be it. But let’s wait until Aug.11th to write the obit for the Romanoff campaign. OK?

        1. So Bennet is not even spending his own money. During Sunday morning news shows they were running a clean energy add for Bennet. Sorry do not recall the exact group that paid for it but ran during Meet the Press.

            1. This has been obvious for a while.  You can disect your polling data and it won’t mater this much.  I do agree that I like to read all the demographics behind polls. But again 53% to 36% with 60 days to go and Romanofff has no money?

            2. Rasmussen and this poll parallel pretty close.  So you can’t attack it too much, at least not now. We’ll see in the future, but maybe it did tell the truth when it did it’s last polling.

    2. which is a better respected robopoll company.  If you have problems with robopoll, then you might think twice before you talk about how great of news this is for bennet.

      1. Somebody didn’t get their talking points today.

        From The Greeley Tribune yesterday.

        Romanoff campaign manager Bill Romjue questioned the poll’s validity because it was an automated poll.

        Seems it is your candidate that has a problem with automated polls so it’s good to hear you, speaking on behalf of the campaign, confirm that we can all now ignore Rasmussen’s auto polls.


        1. I’m not sure if there is another way to tell you that.  It isn’t exactly the hardest argument to envision.  

          I mean every other time a robopoll has come out that’s shown Romanoff is the stronger candidate vs. Buck or Norton, people have been quick to dismiss it (people like you for instance).

          Didn’t you get tired of the trib once everyone in N. Colorado stopped respecting you MotR and no one wanted quotes from you anymore?

          1. PPP showed Bennet ahead.

            Only Rasmussen more than once  showed Romanoff ahead of Bennet. ANd we all dissed Rassmussen- either for the timing or their mystery method.

            1. Not surprising.  Perhaps you graduated DPS when Bennet was there?  You took 3 words out of context.  “every other time a robopoll has come out that’s shown” would be my statement.

              In other words, whenever a robopoll was favorable to Romanoff everyone dismissed it.  A robopoll that shows some astronomically high margin for Bennet?  You’re all over it.  I mean I’m not surprised by your blatant double standard, but I thought I would correct you regardless.

          2. Didn’t you get tired of the trib once everyone in N. Colorado stopped respecting you MotR and no one wanted quotes from you anymore?

          3. Rasmussen isn’t problematic because it’s a robopoll, it’s because it has a shitty reputation for accuracy and weighing its likely voter model in unusual directions.

  4. …the only question is this: will McInnis have any cash after the Primary?  Between his burn rate and failure to come up with a persuasive message, McInnis seems stuck in the mud.  

    Hick has nowhere to go but up.  

    1. The odds are the money will come and the earned media.  

      I once advised a candidate for the state senate to let me go for broke on his media buys in the primary.  He had $50 after he won but he won against all odds and his local papers endorsement of the other guy.  He raised the money and won (by a slim margin admittedly) in the general.

      I don’t think this year is that much different here in Colorado.  McInnis will have the money.

      1. McInnis will have the money and it will be a fight to the finish between McInnis and Hickenlooper.  It should be interesting to watch regardless.

    2. That’s not the biggest worry for McInnis, even though a lot of money will need to be spent on ads in the next few months.  But he’ll pull through.  I think both candidates (meaning hick and mcinnis) have a lot up their sleeves regarding strategy and finance in the next few months.  Personally, I like McInnis.  But what am I, the only one with that opinion on Colorado Pols? =]

        1. But I believe I don’t have to take cheap shots or call people names to make my point which is:

          Hick has shown very little progress and if I were on his team I’d be worried about those metro numbers.  

          1. I am dismayed you considered that a cheap shot. It wasn’t my intention to insult you.

            I was actually trying to complement you in that you are always so polite and friendly.

            Misguided?…well I thought that was a very mild way of expressing my disagreement with you on your choice of gubernatorial candidate.

            Under any circumstances, I regret that I have offended you and I certainly beg your pardon.

    3. has his primary just about wrapped up.

      Why should he be wasting his TV $$s trying to win the general right now when:

      A. He doesn’t know who his opponent is

      B. 98% of CO is more concerned about I70 vacation traffic up to the mountains than November elections.

        1. Hick is letting the other side paint him harshly, with no opposite message.  Any good will he came into the race with is being tarnished.

  5. when you let the RGA define you, instead of doing it yourself. I see no reason why Hick should be doing this poorly, other than the fact that he hasn’t responded to any of the “Same stripes” ads on air.

    I think his campaign is relying too heavily on direct mail too. It would be a big mistake to wait until October to get anything up and running on TV–while relying solely on mailers and web stuff until then.

    1. With the mood of the voters coming a little more in focus with this poll, I believe the campaigns will start rolling out more targeted messaging.

      Not that Hick’s campaign will go negative, but they can narrow down to:

      1) reminding voters of Hick’s achievements,

      2) why the GOP/Tea Party agenda isn’t going to help the average voter.

      Innoculating against the GOP’s message of simply pandering to or intensifying voter anger is going to be important.

      1. Hick has stayed pretty positive.  He even turned the tables with the whole “Stripes Campaign” the GOP put out.  But that doesn’t mean he’s going to stay positive this whole ride.  There is a point where his humor will turn more defensive I think.

    2. Hick needs to get up on air. I don’t understand the delay. RGA has been running ads now for a couple of months straight and it seems like every poll is saying the same thing–that Hick isn’t gaining any ground. It’s almost July. When do polls start meaning something?  

      1. if he was losing within the margin of error to McInnis, but was crushing Maes. The fact that a virtually unknown candidate in Maes is beating Hick in this poll too (within the margin of error, but still) is telling.

  6. The Colorado Renewable Energy Society and Delta-Montrose Rural Electric Association held a great two-day event at the Montrose Pavilion Friday and Saturday.  Lunchtime event was a McInnis v. Hickenlooper debate on energy [not just green energy].  One problem:  McInnis didn’t show and sent a surrogate.  Hickenlooper answered every question thoroughly and often to applause; the McInnis surrogate punted on every question, saying “I don’t speak for Scott, we’ll have to get back to you on that.”  There was a man in the lobby outside the auditorium that was a long-time, conservative Republican from western Colorado that went off on the McInnis camp for Scott not showing up, shouting some rather unkind words about the Congressman.  The only thing that would have made this exchange more entertaining would have been the presence of popcorn.  

    1. This is Ellie’s time to shine with good news for her beleaguered favorite and you have to go and give a boots on the ground reality report.  She is probably going to be accusing you of slanted bias on this one because you failed to add that Scotty is a swell campaigner who works hard to burnish his image with the Tea Party extremists.  It “appears” from your post that McInnis blows off events where he has to stand next to Hickenlooper and explain himself and his love affair with the Tea Party.

  7. She didn’t want to know policy, just names.

    Hickenlooper – she found that name too funny to vote for.

    McInnis – she first thought I said Guiness “like the beer” and was all for him. But when I corrected her, she thought McInnis wasn’t good.

    Maes – when I then said as in a-Maes-ing, she loved that. She’s ready to vote for him (except that shes a Dem).

    I’m sure come primary day she’ll put in a bit more effort (I hope). But there are people who are this shallow in their selection.

          1. I didn’t push her to vote in the primary because she supported JFG (I supported JP) and she didn’t. But she did vote in the general, and even went to Obama’s appearance in Ft. Collins.

            My guess is she might vote in the primary and will definitely vote in the general.

  8. was the sentence where they said that “it appears” that Bennet is ahead because of his money which continues the lame stream media narrative that it is his money and not his incumbency or popularity that gives him the lead over Romanoff.  Maybe it is his money that is making a difference but it appears the Post did every little to find out if there are other factors involved that Romanoff can counter.  All in all it looks like he should have taken the job offer.

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