Recall Organizer Agrees that Garcia Isn’t Doing Anything Unexpected As Pueblo’s Senator

A leader of the effort to recall a Pueblo Democrat, who’s the leader of the Colorado Senate, got some simple but tough questions from KOA radio hosts Aug. 21.

Appearing on the station’s Good Morning Colorado show, recall organizer Susan Carr said Colorado State Sen. Leroy Garcia (D-Pueblo) isn’t representing his district, in part because he voted for tightening safety and environmental regulations on the oil and gas industry.

But under questioning, Carr admitted that Garcia is doing what you’d expect a Democrat in his position to do, once elected to office.

KOA HOST MARTY LENZ: Susan, did you vote for Leroy Garcia?

CARR: No, I didn’t.

LENZ: Okay. And this is why I ask this question, because, to me, from [the perspective of] a recall effort, I can understand if you and other people on this petition voted for him, and you’re like, “Wait a second! We voted for this guy, and he’s not doing what we asked him to do.” But the fact that you didn’t vote for him, and he’s doing things that are opposite or counter to what you believe, to me, the recall effort is like, well, elections have consequences, right? So if you don’t like him, you vote him out of office instead of trying to do a recall.

CARR: Sure, and I would understand that. It’s just that the people here in Senate District 3 simply don’t think that he’s up there in Denver doing what he was elected to do.

LENZ: But he won with a pretty overwhelming majority, in that area.

CARR: Yes, he did.

CO-HOST APRIL ZESBAUGH: And he’s doing what a Democrat would probably do in that office, right?

CARR: Yes, he is.


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  1. kwtreemamajama55 says:

    The Pueblo recall organizers are the poster kids of cluelessness. The reason these gun heads shouldn’t be armed is that they keep shooting themselves in their feet.

    Leroy Garcia voted with the gun heads on the red flag bill, and on not prohibiting +30 round magazines in 2013. And I was mad at him about those votes. Granted, the rest of Garcia’s votes have been mainstream Democratic good policy- but the rest of his votes are not the grievance stated on the recall petition.

    So if you want your legislator to vote with you, don’t punish him when he does. It makes sense to everybody else in the world —except Pueblo recall organizers.

    Of course, all of us understand that this is just another naked attempt to have a do-over of the 2018 elections in which Democrats took the statehouse and governorship….it would be so refreshing just to hear one recall organizer admit it.

    • unnamed says:

      One of the recall organizers against Galindo all but admitted that they would have tried to recall her even if she voted differently on SB 181.  So, these numb nuts aren't the first to admit they have no rationale besides wanting a do over.

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