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June 09, 2010 01:02 AM UTC

Petitioning Candidates

  • by: Dan Willis

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

10/9/10 UPDATE: Three more have been finished, all were sufficient:

Jane Norton

Joel Judd

David Casiano

This Friday is the deadline for the Secretary of State to certify the Primary Ballots. That means all candidates’ petitions will have to be verified by that time.

So far only one is done.

So I guess we can expect a flurry of announcements the rest of this week about who made the ballot and who didn’t.

Amber Tafoya (D-HD4) turned in her petition nearly a week before the deadline and has been deemed sufficient so she will be on the ballot.

We are still waiting for sufficiency (or insufficiency) statements for the following people:

(submitted 26 May):

Jane Norton (R-Sen)

Steven Barton (R-CD1)

David Casiano (R-HD44)

(submitted 27 May):

Joe Gschwenter (R-Gov)

Walker Stapleton (R-Treas)

Mark Hulbert (R-SD16)

Renee Blanchard (D-SD33)

Joel Judd (D-SD34)

Jennifer Coken (D-HD4)

Blake Harrison (D-HD7)

Mark Mehringer (D-HD7)

Raymond Keyawa (R-HD59)

Petitions have to be checked in the order they are submitted. I am not sure what order they were submitted except to say which day they came in on.

But, as you might imagine, the Norton, Gschwenter, and Stapleton petitions will likely take a while since each one probably has at least 20,000 signatures to go through. Random sampling is not used on candidate petitions.


19 thoughts on “Petitioning Candidates

  1. …of getting on the ballot?  Anyone have a good guess?

    Also, if Coken gets on the ballot, it seems like a very crowded primary in a small election.  

    Also, is Judd trying to challenge Guzman (sp?)?  What about Frangas, did he try to petition on for the senate race?  

    Many thanks for any answers……..

    1. Joel Judd is  running for senate SD34 against Guzman (Guzman appointed by vacancy committee when when Sandoval stepped down after winning City Council race).  Frangas also ran for the city council seat.  Because you can only have one active committee at a time he closed out his senate run at that time.

    2. I had hoped the HD4 race would be a one-on-one but it looks like a 3-way. I spoke to Coken a few days before the deadline and it sounded like she plenty enough to get on the ballot.

      My gut tells me this will favor Dan Pabon. But I have seen Coken campaign and she may be able to overcome it. I honestly don’t know Amber Tafoya that well.

      1. and I love her/

        She takes the underdog’s side and is willing to fight, even when she knows the chances are she will lose.  At the same time she knows that sometimes you have to cut a deal.

        Pabon is smart.  I met him a few times during the ’08 campaign.

        The only thing I know about Jennifer Coken is how the county caucuses and convention went in 2008.

        1. It says a LOT that Amber was able to get her petitions in a week before everyone else in the game.  She is absolutely a fighter, with lots of years’ experience at the state capitol fighting for basic Democratic values.  One of her greatest hits is the domestic violence bill she helped to pass.

          She’s the only one of the three with real legislative experience.

      1. Statewide cadidates need 1500 from every congressional district. Holtzman’s problem was he was shy in CD’s 1 and 2.

        Joe G was using a paid circulating company (I saw some of their circulators). Presumedly they would know the thresholds and obstacles and would target the signature gathering efforts accordingly.

        I don’t remember who handled Holtzman’s signature gathering, but they clearly did not put enough people on the ground in Denver and Boulder.

  2. Do the solicitors have to be registered in the same party as the candidate for whom they are soliciting?

    Do the solicitors have to be Americans?

        1. who swooned during the “Shock and Awe” phase of the invasion of Iraq because they were so gosh darned overcome with emotion watching our guys vaporize people who had nothing to do with the mass murders of 9/11.  Those are the kinds of people you can count on to collect signatures and go to Pro-Life rallies.

          1. It only takes a willingness to stand out in the sun and keep saying the same thing over and over again (“Are you a registered voter?”) for hours on end.

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