Hickenlooper buys $850,000 of TV time

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Just-posted press release:

Support for Hickenlooper for Colorado Results in $850,000 for Fall TV Ads

Hickenlooper for Colorado supporters in May enabled the campaign to reserve $850,000 worth of advertising time on television this fall, the campaign announced today.

A significant amount of those resources came, once again, from an overwhelming response to email requests for contributions. Their efforts mean the campaign will be able to deliver to voters John Hickenlooper’s message of job growth and economic development for Colorado.

“We pledged to supporters that every dollar raised from our email effort would go to purchase time on television,” Hickenlooper for Colorado campaign manager Mike Melanson said. “Because of the enthusiastic response from those emails, we were able to reserve $850,000 of ad time when it really matters. We can’t say ‘thank you’ enough.”

Financial reports due Wednesday will show continued support for John led to another $380,841 in contributions during May. The campaign’s aggressive media purchase, along with a $123,000 mailer led to $1.138 million in expenditures during the month with just over $130,000 cash on hand.

“We began this race a year and $1 million behind, so we knew every possible dollar would be needed for delivering John’s message to voters,” Melanson said. “The moves we made in May will stretch every dollar this fall, and ensure we’re talking to voters when it counts.”

Finally, with more than $36,000 in online contributions responding to our emails in the final days of May, Hickelooper for Colorado is able to answer the question on everyone’s mind:

Yes! Mike is smiling.


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  1. bjwilson83 says:

    “John Hickenlooper’s message of job growth and economic development for Colorado” vs. John Hickenlooper’s actual record of job destruction and chasing businesses out of Colorado.

    Have at it guys.

  2. DavidThi808 says:

    Under the Democratic Bill Ritter administration my company has been hiring – most every month so far this year. And sales are better than they’ve ever been before.

    So if you’re going to blame the Bush recession on Ritter, then he gets to take credit for the increasing jobs we’re seeing now.

  3. njmarsh says:

    Unfortunately John, while TV is nice it is not as good as actually meeting your new constituents.  And may I ask where these TV spots will run…Denver?  Good because he won’t win over any votes he doesn’t already have there.  Take a hint John, there is more to the state than just Denver so if you want to make the most of it get out of your nice sanctuary city of Denver and try to tell the farmers on the eastern plains and southern valley or the business people in the mountains how much better your higher taxes will make them and how you know how to spend their money better than they do.  Then see how well that works.

    • BlueCat says:

      who exists in an alternate universe.  In this one, he’s about to become Governor Hickenlooper with lots of support from his many friends and admirers in the business community.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Extremists who imagine themselves in the majority claiming that their extreme hate filled positions are going to bring in the moderates because no one wants to pay taxes.

      Note to extremist:  Good government happens everyday from the dedicated officer who stands his ground in a tense standoff to the elementary school teacher who takes time to work with a dyslectic student.  Our roads are maintained and our water protected because of good government.  It is crappy hate filled fools who think that the majority of voters in this state want a toxic brand of government like the Bush Administration which favors the rich over the poor and running things into the ground to obsess about divisive social issues.  Good luck selling that pile of shit.

    • parsingreality says:

      The votes along the front range, the majority of which will go to Hickenlooper, are more than enough to offset any R leaning votes on the Western Slope or the Eastern Plains.

      Sad, in a way, but true.

      Denver and its ‘burbs IS the 800 pound gorilla in Colorado.  It’s not like everyone in Aspen watching the nightly news hasn’t been learning about Hickenlooper for the last eight years.  

      • njmarsh says:

        Yes it is true that for sure Hickenlooper will win in Denver and Boulder counties.  The difference between this election and the 2006 election is that McInnis enjoys more support in Douglas, El Paso, Arapahoe, and Jefferson counties than did Beauprez.  Couple that with support in Western Slope counties (that Ritter carried if you remember) and the added votes there that Republican’s did not win last time around shapes up very nicely for a guy who has been around the state and is known statewide rather than one who stays in Denver.

        • parsingreality says:

          …Denver, Boulder, most of Jeffco, lots of Arapahoe (not so Repub anymore,) Larimer, and the population center of Weld.  

          That’s just to warm up. Pueblo will go Hickenlooper, too.

          Remember, it was predicted that Ritter, being Denver D.A., suffered from the same defect.  JH is MUCH more known around the state than Ritter, and we all knew who won in 2006, don’t we?  John also just has a very likable personality, and his political ads have reflected that sense of humor.  Sadly, one reason GW got elected and reelected.  McInnis and humor are two words seldom connected.  

        • ThillyWabbit says:

          Show me a poll that has county breakdowns for the gubernatorial race. You’re full of crap.

  4. Half Glass Full says:

    What do the Republicans really have on him concerning jobs? He’s done a great, responsible job managing Denver’s budget. He stood up to the unions when they wanted unreasonable wage increases during a recession. He has been an effective manager. And Denver has done better than most places in weathering the recession.

    I’d love to see from BJ and other critics some SPECIFICS on policies Hickenlooper took that have actually, demonstrably led to job losses. As opposed to simply trying to say “He was the mayor during a recession, so he’s responsible for all jobs lost during the recession.” That’s like blaming the fireman for the fire.

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