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August 05, 2019 05:09 PM UTC

Colorado House Republicans Fundraising to Recall Polis

  • by: Erik Maulbetsch
(Everybody on the gravy boat — Promoted by Colorado Pols)
Patrick Neville "Take Back Colorado"
House Republican Leader Patrick Neville is using the statehouse GOP caucus fund to promote another recall effort, this time of Colorado Gov. Jared Polis. Neville didn’t pull any punches in his email soliciting donations:
Take Back Colorado logo
Governor Polis has unleashed the most radical and overreaching agenda in Colorado’s history. Chip in now to support a recall of Jared Polis and help us take back Colorado!
Neville sent the email via Values First Colorado (VFC), which also operates “Recall Colorado,” an entity dedicated to recalling Neville’s Democratic colleagues in the state legislature. Take Back Colorado appears to be an “entity” in name only; there is neither a political committee nor a business of that name registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. VFC’s enthusiastic support of statehouse recalls caused some concern among corporate donors earlier this year. Both Xcel Energy and Noble Energy issued statements saying they intended their 2018 donations to VCF to be used to elect Republicans in November’s general election, not recalling Democrats from office. Following those statements, Neville created a new political committee, “Recall Colorado,” presumably to separate recall funds from VFC’s regular election work. The committee’s lone campaign finance report filed on July 15 shows no money raised or spent over its first 30 days. VFC also filed a campaign finance report on July 15. Top donors include the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association ($10,000 on June 12) Farmers Insurance Group ($5,000 on June 13), Ralph Nagel of Top Rock Investments ($5,000 on May 9), and United Health Group, which also gave $5,000 on May 9. The report also revealed VFC’s largest expenditure: $18,000 to Rearden Strategic for “Digital Marketing.” Rearden is owned by Patrick Neville’s brother Joe. That family connection has already raised eyebrows among Colorado press, leading 9News’ Marshall Zelinger to ask party chair Ken Buck if he thought it appropriate for the Neville family to profit from recalls. It’s unclear how much money VFC has spent on Take Back Colorado so far, but at the very least it has created a logo, built a donation page on its fundraising site, and generated an email.
The email promoting Take Back Colorado is very similar in format and wording “Recall Colorado” emails sent by VCF. The logo is identical except for the addition of the words “Take Back.” The same disclosure, that “Take Back Colorado is an entity operated by Values First Colorado and is “Paid for and authorized by Values First Colorado,” appears at the bottom of the message. A phone call to VFC’s registered agent Joe Neville requesting comment was not immediately returned.


6 thoughts on “Colorado House Republicans Fundraising to Recall Polis

  1. Oh, man. This is getting confusing. The chair of the local Dismiss Polis group, Sheronna Bishop, says the recalls are not a Republican effort…or at least, not the one she represents.

    In an article in last weeks Citizen Telegram, she explained that "There are Democrats, unaffiliated, independents, Republicans, conservatives…registering to be a part of this effort"

    Carrie Couey, chair of the GARCO Republicans, claimed "neither the local or (sic) state Republican Party has endorsed the recall efforts".

    OK…this situation, upon careful evaluation, most closely resembles a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Is there any astute Polster who can 'splain all the connections and the disconnections? It seems to me, the non-partisan claims are specious, and arguably so. Is there ANY prominant Dem on board ANY of these recalls?

    1. Good question, Duke. To answer it, from my lurking on the various recall facebook pages, I have yet to see any prominent Democrats on board any of the recalls. There are plenty of unaffiliated and fringe party people, but most are card-carrying Republicans.

      It may be different in Pueblo, where there are some libertarian Democrats. But since Polis is libertarian, they'd probably like his policies.

      1. We lurk on the same pages. If you get a chance go to the Resist page and watch them eat their own over Trumps Red flag stance. It's a feeding frenzy. 


  2. "clusterf***??”  Hey Duke. Tell us how you REALLY feel !!!

    Seriously, I have to agree. And it's not just a "c.f.," it's beginning to resemble the classic Abbott and Costello routine: "who's on first?" 

    My vote for state and local elections in 2020 is up for grabs. Patrick Neville, who failed to "man up" and take some responsibility for the biggest Republican ass-whupping in decades last November, isn't doing ANYTHING to get this registered Republican's vote.

    How about it, Patrick? Give me a reason to vote Republican in a year. And kindly don’t give me the typical “god, guns, and abortion” b.s. Let’s talk some real issues, like education, transportation, roads, jobs, renewable energy. I may not vote Democrat, but my vote may just sit at home.

    1. I wouldn't hold my breath for that, CHB. More likely, they will have concluded that they lost running milk-toast RINOs at the top of the ticket like Walker Stapleton and Mike Coffman. Better double down on the insanity next time….

  3. That photo makes Patrick look like he's auditioning to be a TV evangelist. Are they grooming him to replace Pat Robertson when the old fart finally kicks off?

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