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August 05, 2019 07:25 AM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.”



33 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. I wonder if Senator Gardner and Representative Tipton will support President Trump's call for a federal extreme risk a/k/a "red flag" law…….

    1. It was a good one, CHB.  Thank you. I’m the Minnesota lake country at a family reunion (moms side) with most of my 57 first-cousins!  They are a very prolific bunch of Irish ☘️ Catholic dairy farmers!  Good times (bolstered by the presence of  a certain ‘Mr. Jameson’ 😳)

  2. Well, we have a winner . . . 

    . . . Potential mass murderers are, of course, the mentally ill who are too easily influenced to violence by video games and the internet . . . 

    . . . by not, certainly not, by any of that shit that flows non-stop from out of every orifice of a stable genius, racist president (. . . who they paraphrase, quote, and emulate) ?!?

    It’s going to be a long, long damn week . . . 


    1. At a rally in May, Trump asked, “How do you stop these people?” A follower in the crowd responded, “shoot them.” Trump laughed and pointed.


      Also, related;





    1. I knew that had to be BS that Negev was peddling. Only Republicans would list someone’s affiliation as “Democrat Party.” And the white supremacist killer had “liked” a photo of guns spelling out Trump’s name in Twitter, and the racist “manifesto” was posted on reddit’s 4chan a half hour before he began his massacre in El Paso. He also told arresting officers that he had wanted to “kill as many Mexicans as possible.” The FBI is investigating all of this evidence, and the terrorist will be charged with a hate crime. 

      So the killer was (in his mind) showing his allegiance to racist right wing talking points promoted by Trump and other “leaders”, not on some bogus “antifa” crusade as Fox pundits would have it. Nor was he a Democrat. 

      Yes, Negev got owned. He won’t admit it, though….😏


  3. Oh I will own up to to it mama. Can't believe everything you see on the internet. Glad to see you return to your finger pointing grave dance original self you masked when you thought he was one of yours.  Remember when it didn't matter what party he was from? I didn't think so. 

    What about that other guy in Dayton?  Not hearing you dispute his voter registration data I provided. I would be happy to be owned on that one as well. 

    Just for fun I'll donate $20 to Planned Parenthood or any anti gun group of your choice if you can provide credible evidence the El Paso shooter was not a Democrat. 

    1. Go ahead and read the article Ph linked to – it has a screenshot of the murderer’s My Life profile. It says “pending” on his political affiliation. That’s not a Democrat. 

      Since the Dayton shooter screenshot was provided by the same ct promoting , lying source, dollars to donuts it’s false, too. You can use the same Internet Archive to look up the original Mylife profiles- I don’t really care enough about his voter reg to go through all that.

      The El Paso murderer hated “Mexicans” enough to shoot them, he told his buddies on 4chan he was going to kill some people, and why, repeating phrases about “invasion” used in every Trump speech about immigration. He “liked” a meme spelling “Trump” out with guns.  Do you know any Democrats that talk or behave this way? I don’t.

      Youre not going to donate to any organization I choose, nor will you keep your word, no matter how many reasons or arguments you’re presented with. Your goal is, as always, to keep the conversation about guns aimed at targets you select….. Not cooperating. 

      1. Actually I will provide documentation to prove I am a man of my word I believe you are unable to provide the credible evidence. The manifesto had more reference to climate change and anti corporate rhetoric than Trump pumping, and if you intend to credit the Manifesto as reliable he states it is not in support or due to Trump. 

        I'm not asking you to cooperate, I'm betting you that you can't support the statement you made that the El Paso shooter was not a Democrat. 

        I'll make it $50 to Moms Demand Action. I have the webpage up now. Surely the satisfaction of pwning a gun nut is worth supporting your statement.  

        You would do it for free if you were confident….

        Oh and the source of the Dayton shooter is the voter records – you can see the site at the top of the image….

    2. Manifesto appears to be the work of the El Paso shooter … in it,

      The writer discussed fears of an influential Hispanic population in Texas that would make the state a "Democratic stronghold" and said "the Republican Party is also terrible," because the party is pro-corporation, which can lead to more immigration. "

      Newsweek chimes in:

      Public records show that Crusius had a residence in Allen, which is about 650 miles away from El Paso. The records indicate that Crusius registered to vote in 2016 but does not reveal his party affiliation.


    3. You can't believe everything you see on the internet.

      Then why did you post it? You made no attempt to verify or vet the source. Some web-sites are trust-worthy, some are just bullshit. You chose to repeat BS from a source with a history of lies.

      Intentional deception is propaganda. You are a dishonest piece of shit. Now that you have been exposed as a right-wing shill, NOTHING you post is worth discussing.

      Go away russian troll-boy.

        1. You posted stuff retweeted from Hoft’s Gateway Pundit  conspiracy site. Nothing from my links. 

          Answer some simple questions. 

          1. Do you think the families of the victims care about the killer’s political party.?

          2. Why are you and the right wing nuts like Holt lying their asses off about it? 

          3. Why should anyone believe anything you or they say, considering they are proven liars?

          I haven’t bothered to research the Dayton killer. However, the website you show is not the official Secretary of State site: it’s a privately owned voter record site. Anyone can buy a CD of the records and post it online; the owner can edit it, people who claim the voter has died can edit it, the voter can edit it, or presumably someone pretending to be the voter can edit it.

          It’s not reliable. Same goes with the Twitter account which supposedly shows an Antifa affiliation. Twitter accounts can be faked and hacked. I’m simply not willing to put in the time to “prove” anything to a proven liar.


          1. Mama, your link to the guns that spelled Trump had the image in it. I screenshot it and reposted. 

            1. No I don't. If you remember correctly, it was you touting political affiliation before the dead were cold. My posts were in response to yours. 

            2. I have no idea who Holt is I have never seen the site until the last link. I posted the image I found on your link – just like you

            3. It seems odd you would spend so much effort on the El Paso killer and not the Dayton. Curiously odd. 

            I will be the first to admit I am wrong and in this case I was. Do your happy dance and gloat all you like. I will do your homework for you :

            The El Paso shooter is Republican. 

            Here is your donation:


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