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June 02, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Bremer Makes Ballot in CD-5

  • by: Colorado Pols

Republican Duncan Bremer announced that the Secretary of State validated 1,267 signatures to allow him to make the primary ballot in CD-5. Bremer’s campaign says that no outside signature collection firms were used.


16 thoughts on “Bremer Makes Ballot in CD-5

  1. Who has higher name recognition, Bremer or Lamborn?  This has become a very different race than 6 weeks ago, and I think name ID will come into play.  I am figuring that Rivera clearly has more name recognition than anyone, but he has a lot of people who have a negative recognition of him.  I am guessing that Crank has the lowest ID of the above mentioned candidates (quit getting tied up in a tizzy Crank folks, its just one part of the puzzle and I am not saying that your anointed son is not competitive).

    Aside from the hack staffers who seem to have checked their brains at the door, any thoughts?

  2. Hey Robert, welcome back. I saw Duncan speak yesterday, and he was passionate, almost angry as he spoke. I think he is a true gentleman, and a good guy. Does he really have name ID outside of El Paso? Don’t think so.
    Is Lamborn still in the race? Haven’t heard much from him lately.

  3. I got a little fed up around the time of the assembly with the smear and no brain attacks on this site so I took a break until it cooled off.  I much prefer hearing well thought out views about the candidates over the “my candidate is the best and everyone else is stupid” posts.

    I don’t see Bremer having much ID outside El Paso unless it is through his brother.  Many people I have talked to have not made the connection, so I would not see voters outside El Paso as knowing it either.  I don’t think any of the candidates have ID outside El Paso so the playing field will be fairly level except that Crank has more infrastructure in the outskirts. 

    This is going to be a really interesting race now that there are 6 folks on the ballot.  I think Anderson may have killed Rivera’s chances because they will split the liberal vote.  My guess is that whoever surfaces as the leader between Bremer, Lamborn, and Crank by early to mid July will be our next congressman.  That will depend largely on who has the best campaign setup, funds, and who screws up the least.

  4. Catherine,

    Bentley Rayburn strikes me as a good man, and I think he would make a great candidate under other circumstances; but this is not his race. 

    Rayburn surprised everyone by getting into the race in the first place.  While he did change the dynamics of the race a bit, I don’t think he can pull off more than a 5-10% showing in the election.  He has little to no grasp of the local political climate at this time, and it comes across when he speaks.  This comes from not being from the district and he simply can not fake that he is.  He is a general and that will appeal to a few people, but it also turns off a lot of people that a general thinks he should be able to step into politics with no prior experience. 

    I’ll repeat that Rayburn seems like a decent person so this is not a personal attack, but this is really not his race.  He might be the right guy for another seat down the road.

  5. Catherine, Bentley Rayburn seams like nice guy, he presents well with his ramrod straight posture, and talks a good game, but nobody really knows who he is.

  6. If Rayburn draws as much as 3% I would be surprised.

    Think about who votes in a primary.  Practically none of them know Rayburn.

    This race is between Crank and Lamborn, with the former having the edge, because of Joel Hefley’s endorsement.

    If Rivera were smart, he’d drop out and work to get the nod as Lt. Governor candidate.

  7. I think Rivera would have a chance if Anderson had not made the ballot.  I could see one of the two of them having a shot if the other were not in the race. 

    I dont think Hefley’s endorsement will pull as much weight as the Crankites think.  The biggest problem Crank has is Crank.  He is ashamed of his primary occupation (he made over 200K as a lobbyist) and someone is going to make political hay out of that before August. 

    Lamborn is probably the strongest right now despite his disappointing showing at the assembly (I thought he would win by 5% minimum).  If he continues to fundraise well, he will probably be the man to beat.

    I personally believe that most people on this site have underestimated Bremer.  They guy is smart enough to not be in the race unless he thought he could win.  Unlike Rayburn, he knows the political climate and is making his decision based on more information.  He pulled a pretty big stunt in getting El Paso papered with his signs ahead of the other candidates, and he is probably head and shoulders ahead of Crank in name ID.  If he has been raising funds, he will be a player come July and August.

  8. robert, I have seen Crank speak and I don’t get that he is ashamed of his former occupation of lobbyest.  I mkes it clear that he wll not run from that and that he is proud of the work that the company that he lobbied for does…i.e. fit helicopters for med-evac applications for us in war zones.  It seems that his name rec is improving as well.  He seems to have more quotes in Gazette articles than any other candidiate, and more blurbs in “on the stump” section.

  9. If Crank is not ashamed of it, why does he not list it on his bio?  Many people would find Lamborn’s 12 years as a politician as a turn off, but he has embraced it now because he is proud of it.  Crank touts working for the Chamber, but he made over 200K through other means.  He is ashamed of it and does not want people to think of him as a lobbyist.  He will turn off a lot of voters by being ashamed of his profession.

    You are right that his name ID is on the rise.  I was approaching this from the perspective of who started with more ID.

  10. I have heard Crank speak on a number of occasions and not once has he so much as mentioned the work he has done as a lobbyist. I can certainly understand how we wouldn’t want to walk around with his title printed on his forehead considering the negitive connotation the public has with men in his line of work, but if he isn’t able to defend his work as a lobbyist- what business does he have in Congress?

  11. Silver, when you refer to the blurbs in the On The Stump column I have to refer you to last Saturdays edition where his campaign was the only one mentioned for the Walk For Life march.  Then, after I got to the Walk, only Bremer and Rayburn were there for the actual walk.  So press isn’t everthing when folks can see your actions.

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